outfit: very un-“it girl”

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Birks 2.0…

Here I am in Nordstrom’s again.  I live only a few blocks away, which could be a very dangerous thing… But, given how paralyzingly slow I tend to shop for clothes I feel I need for work, this could actually be a good thing.

I came back today to pick up work pants that I purchased on Monday that wasn’t available in my size at the time.  I had my size shipped to the store.  It was delivered two days later.  This delay gave me enough time to find the same pants available cheaper online using the Eileen Fisher promo code that Grechen shared today (“FALL2018” for $30 off; thanks Grechen!).

To get the price match, I took a screen shot of the online shopping cart with the promo code applied and showed it to the customer service department.  The Nordstrom’s employee said he wasn’t sure if they normally price match promo codes.  Lucky for me, his manager was not available to answer that question, so he said he would do it for me just this one time.  That was very nice of him.  I have a feeling though, that if you made the effort to get a price match of a promo code in person, and you were polite about it, they would allow it most of the time.

I snapped this OOTD pic while in Nordstroms, mostly to share my new Mayari Birkenstocks with ya’ll.  I’ve owned the Arizona Birks for the past 5 years but lately they just haven’t been working for me.  My narrow feet tend to slip around in them and not feel as stable and supported as they should.  Plus, I hate that I have to shimmy my feet under the suede straps (which are floppy and collapse when not in use; this is not a problem with the leather versions, btw).

birk birk

During my break, I spent about two weeks in the Dallas area.  I asked the BF who is from Dallas, to show me the malls in the area, not to really shop-shop, but just to observe how dead or alive malls are these days (this is a strange interest of mine).  Anyway, while at The Willow Bend Mall, I found these Mayari’s at Dilliard’s, and tried them on, on a whim, and actually really liked how stable and held in my feet felt in them.  They are, for the record, really really ugly.  I think they are probably uglier than the Arizona’s.  And definitely less trendy than the Arizona’s.

I hesitated to buy them, especially after a random 85 year old lady at Dilliard’s said to me as I was trying them on “I had a pair of those in the 70’s, but I just had to throw them out.  They were just so ugly!”.  I didn’t ask for her opinion.  She just felt compelled to share it with me.  LOL.  Oh well!  I walked around in the store with them on for a good 15 minutes, trying to decide if I should get them or not.  Eventually I was like “Fuck it, who cares!” and ended up buying them– a pair of sandals that were too ugly for an 85 year old lady!

I’m glad I bought them though.  I’ve literally worn them daily since and felt very comfortable in them for hours-long walks while travelling in Europe.  My mom has a pair too and she also thinks they are more comfortable than the Arizona’s.

…These sandals are very un-“it girl” of me, I know.

When I got back to blogging this week, I had a sudden urge to change the name of this blog.  Sometimes the name sounds really stupid to me.  And it’s meant to be ironic, of course.  When Cait Flander’s changed her blog name from “Blonde on a Budget” to simply “Cait Flanders”, I thought that made sense and felt right.  I wondered if I should do the same.  For “Dr. It Girl”, I particularly didn’t like the word “girl” in it, because I don’t identify with that, but then I came to appreciate that the term “it girl”, has a very specific meaning– a meaning which is the exact opposite of what I aim to represent here, ie. my frustration with all those trendy “it girl” style blogs out there was in part what compelled me to start my own version, that is hopefully more down to earth.   I needed to remind myself of this to be OK with the name again.  So for now, and probably for a long time, the name will stay the same.

[outfit: long hooded cardigan gifted from Mijeong Park, Elizabeth Suzann harper tunic, PACT leggings, Mayari Birkenstocks, Target tote bag]

11 thoughts on “outfit: very un-“it girl”

  1. Congrats on surviving your cross country move!

    Birks aren’t very pretty and i rarely find a style that suits my feet (too wide, to narrow), but I did fall in love win a style that isn’t very common recently, and it was a revelation comfort wise. I didn’t like the colour or material but I’d definitely look for them should I need a new pair of sandals in future. I think the Mayuris are quite cute!

    I’m not especially keen on my blog name either but I feel like I should embrace my blogging choices, warts and all. It’s the same with my old posts. At least my blog is anonymous!


    1. Ohh, I’m so curious which style of Birks you are referring to. Hopefully will see a pair on one of your future outfit posts if you find it in the right color. I like your blog name! But I hear you on embracing it, warts and all.


      1. It’s the Birkenstock Yao! I have wide feet and these ones accommodate them nicely (I find the Arizona tapers at a weird angle for me). I definitely had a revelatory “wow” moment when I put them on, like FINALLY I’ve found Birks that work for me.


  2. I think the Mayari is a very attractive style, too. It’s one of my favorites. Arizonas look horrible on my feet but I think the Boston clogs are beautiful and I could wear them every day with everything.
    I like the predominantly grey outfit here. Can’t wait for long cardigan weather!


    1. The Mayari’s have definitely grown on me. It’s funny because I say they are “ugly” but I don’t actually think they are, if that makes any sense. Boston’s are cute. I had a pair but they tend to slip off my feet when I walk so I sold them on Poshmark. Too bad. =)


  3. Hear you on the blog name questioning! For the record, I like Dr. It Girl and think it works as the counterpoint to the “It Girl” blogs you referenced. I just changed mine though because people were starting to think my name was Ethel…


    1. Aw, thanks! I like both the old and new name for yours! You swapped one elegant name for another, without changing the ethos of your blog. And I’m so glad you are also back to posting too. Love hearing from you!


  4. Funny, I love the Mayari sandal. In my opinion, it’s one of Birkenstock’s more flattering designs.

    And I also like your blog name. I think it’s a nice juxtaposition of having a demanding career that is typically seen as serious while also being thoroughly interested in something typically seen as frivolous.


    1. Aw thanks. I’m glad you like the shoes and name. The Mayari’s initially looked strange to me, but now I like the style more than the Arizona’s. The frivolity is half the fun, and helps balance things out for me. More people should do it, I think.


  5. I’m going to join the chorus of Mayari fans! I am 5’3 and take a size 9-9.5 in most shoes, and the more delicate styling of the Mayari and Gizeh are a welcome change! I was surprised to learn the Mayari and Gizeh and a few other styles don’t share the same footbed per size! The 39s I have in the Mayari (2013) and Arizona (1991!) are now on the verge of being too small (my feet grew half size with pregnancy), the 39 Gizeh’s are perfect, and the 38 Boston (clogs) are just fine, even with socks. I love Birkenstocks and have since middle school (see date of Arizona purchase). And they feel so good. Hey. If you love it, love it, and what’s right for you might not be right for me and that’s just fine – it’s clothing and shoes, after all! I think they are super cute, though.

    Blog names are so hard. I knew I wanted to write about what I felt compelled to write about, and didn’t want to paint myself into a corner. And almost ten years later, I’m still pretty happy with my choice. I like “Dr. It Girl”, though I’ll admit my brain reads “drit girl” and originally “dirt girl”, haha! But I love your blog and think the name conveys your writing topic and style well. I think if the need to change it is compelling enough, you’ll find the right change. DrMichellesWardrobeThoughtsBlog is a little long. 😉


    1. I only learned in recent years that women’s feet get bigger with pregnancy! Gosh, that’s so not fair. I didn’t know the footbeds were different shapes until you all talked about it here. I’ll have to try more styles to see if there is an even better fit for me. Thanks! And lol, I always read “Drit Girl” in my head too!, which is maybe why I sorta cringe at the name sometimes. But it’s a minor thing.


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