outfit: red stripe ( + I’m back!)

ootd 9-3

Hello! (from the other side!)…

We finally made it to California! It was a long journey, moving across the country by car and all, but I’m grateful we made it back safely.  Our plans to move into our new apartment and start working this week got derailed when the renovations to our new apartment got delayed at the last minute and when the HR department at my new job lost some of my paperwork.  As a result, our things have to stay in storage and we will not move into our new apartment for another week.  In the meantime, we are staying in a complimentary furnished apartment nearby.  And my job won’t start for another two weeks.  It’s not what I expected would happen, but it is kind of nice to extend my vacation a little longer and ease into things a bit here.

There’s been so much change, and so much to talk about, I don’t even know where to start.  But why don’t we just start with what I always talk about here:  my outfit!

I did some serious shopping this past month to beef up my professional wardrobe and to prep for a warmer climate.  Today, I walked through Bloomingdales looking for some simple business casual professional clothes.  I must have scoured every rack in Bloomingdale’s and could not find a single thing I liked.  Nothing even close!  The clothes from ATM this season are awful.  James Perse had some stunning ribbed dresses, but I’m not on the market for that right now.  Other than that, where are all the simple classics these days?!   Almost every thing else had some kind of ugly embellishment or cut-out on them.  I was also looking for some comfortable ballet flats for work to replace my worn out Everlane day flats, but could not find a single pair in all of Bloomingdale’s.  It’s crazy.

I had better luck at the nearby Nordstrom’s because they carry Eileen Fisher, Vince, ALC, and Reformation.  Reformation at Nordstrom’s is a new thing, by the way.  The sales associate told me they are selling really well at Nordstrom’s and will most likely be continued at there permanently for that reason.

For the record, I admire the brand’s ethics, but generally don’t like the styles at Reformation.  I think they skew kind of young and too “sexy” for me, but I did like a few casual tees that I touched on the racks.  I ended up buying this gauzy – linen blend collared shirt with red stripes.  I especially adore the single thin red stripe on the collar.  That’s such a nice little detail that makes a big difference.

ootd 9-3 reformation top red stripe linen

It is a bit sheer, but not too sheer.  This picture was taken in the fitting room. Next time I wear it, I probably wouldn’t wear a dark colored bra with it.  It’s got a dry textured feel to it which I really like.  I’ll probably wear this casually on weekends, semi tucked into wide legged jeans.  It’s a bit too casual for work.

I did end up buying several things for my professional wardrobe from the Eileen Fisher section at Nordstrom’s, which I’m super excited about, but my phone died and I wasn’t able to snap any photos for you guys.  We also don’t have a full length mirror at our temporary apartment, so more outfit photos will just have to wait.  Thanks for your patience with me!

But anyway, it’s good to be back to posting here.  I’ve been having lots of fun catching up on all the posts from the peeps on my blog roll too!  It’s such a treat to read a ton of posts all at once.

[outfit:  Reformation linen top, Lemaire twist pant, DV sandals, Baggu crossbody purse]

4 thoughts on “outfit: red stripe ( + I’m back!)

  1. It’s good to see you back! Sounds like the moving process has been a bit eventful, but having an extra bit of vacation and a complimentary apartment to stay in for a while until everything finally falls into place sounds like a pretty good situation, all things considered! (I’d be particularly fond of the extra time off…)

    Definitely know what you mean about Reformation’s general look being too young for me. I first heard about the brand maybe around 2014 or 2015, when they were pretty new and their dresses had been seen on some celebs. I was really excited about them because of their stated focus on sustainable/ethical manufacturing, but, well, there was no way I could wear most of their clothes. Their dresses are particularly bust-unfriendly.


    1. Haha thanks Xin. The consolation prize is not bad for sure. Their dresses are not forgiving to busty shapes and are generally too body con … But it’s really not for my or our demographic I guess, except for a few pieces.


  2. I love how ‘California’ your outfit already looks! : ) and I’m very glad your blog is back.

    I completely agree about Reformation — I like their ethos and what they’re doing, but I think it’s too femme-y for me to pull off. The collared shirt you got is so great though.

    If you’re up for it, I’d love to hear about how you tackled the move itself — packing, organizing, and eventually, moving into your new place! Best of luck as you settle in.


    1. Thanks Kate! I’m definitely still dressed for vacation/cali… and maybe won’t go back? But I like my serious NYC style clothes too… I’ll make sure to give some details about the not so easy move too in some future post.


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