outfit: linen on linen (+ furniture talk)

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Hey guys!  I’m back to getting dressed today.

I’ve been MIA lately; I’ve been holed up at home agonizing over getting a draft of this manuscript out.  I finally got it started and once I got going, the writing just sort of flowed.  The hardest part was getting started.  Now that that’s done I feel like I can sort of breath again and get on with the million and one other things I have to take care of before our big move.

Lately I’ve been barely getting dressed and hardly seeing the day of light during this awful heatwave, but today I was forced to get dressed for a meeting I had with the statistician I am consulting with for this research project, and this is what I wore.  Linens from head to toe.  The heat was still so unbearable as I waited for the subway to come.  And as soon as I got home, I got undressed and went straight back into bike shorts.

But anyway, I’m in a good mood today because the statistician was really impressed with our results and study design and expects that we can get it published in a high impact journal.  For the next two weeks, I’m sort of off the hook with working on the project so I can  get back to enjoying my brief retirement from employment.  In August we will be going cross country and travelling to Europe, so I expect that things will be pretty quiet here in the month of August and maybe into September as well.

In other news: we received the floor plan to our new apartment and I’ve been having lots of fun planning out the interior design of the space.  For those who don’t know me, I love interior design and can spend hours upon hours studying interiors for inspiration.  Of course I’m thinking a lot about the functionality of the space and what type of sensual experience I would want to experience at home as primary, with aesthetics as a secondary but important concern.

I’m thinking about large cozy rugs in every room, neutral skin tone color palettes, furniture that is raised above ground to to create a sense of lightness, ease and good energy flow.  I’m imagining a healthy dose of wabi sabi in the ceramics and tableware, and a mix of Dutch-French mid century modern for major furniture pieces.  There are some really affordable mid century pieces in Target’s new Project 62 line, but lots of reviews point to poor quality in some of the furniture, but there are still some good finds if you are selective about things, like this mid century bench for example.  I’m imagining using it as a bench near the entrance to use for putting shoes on and may double duty as at the dining table to expand seating when guests are over.

For inspiration, I really like the feel of the interior of this house from the Remodelista blog, but think our space will probably be not as minimal.  I’ve been browsing Joybird’s website for big ticket furniture, and really like their idea of a reversible sectional sofa.  In the past I’ve stayed clear of sectionals because they are big clunky and limit your options for furniture arrangement but whenever I am in one, I find them so cozy and relaxing especially when sharing seating with one other person for long movie nights, etc.  The reversibility of this sectional gives you options for arrangement and the comforts of a sectional.  It’s the best of both worlds.  Functionality should win in my formula, so I think we’re gonna go with this sectional after all.

We are going to put a bit more effort into our next apartment than we did with our current apartment.  We always viewed our current apartment as temporary so we never really invested in good furniture.  I’m glad we didn’t because we will be able to shed a lot of our things by reselling them on craigslist, and be able to start with a clean slate in LA.

This post ended up being much more about home decor than clothes this time, but I guess that’s where my head’s been lately.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!

[outfit: uniqlo linen top, elizabeth suzann tilda linen pants, eileen fisher katniss mules, baggu crossbody]

6 thoughts on “outfit: linen on linen (+ furniture talk)

  1. I love those sandals, and yes to linen on hot days as the only option!

    That interior is so gorgeous, thanks for the link.


  2. Those shoes really are amazing.
    Isn’t the heat lately insane? I’ve felt like we’ve been swimming in soup lately.
    I’ve yet to find something from the Target series that really stood out in the furnishings. Most of it looks good from a distance, but up close I’ve noticed quite a bit of shoddy construction. I think Target is trying to compete with places like West Elm that have that retro, mid-century looking furniture market covered, but the craftsmanship isn’t nearly as good. Hopefully the bench is an exception and is made well.


    1. What a shame. I havent seen any in person yet, but did read a lot of reviews warning of poor quality. I think it’s great that they are “modernizing” the selection but too bad it’s crappy up close in general. I think for important pieces like beds and sofa I’m gonna go with joybird for that reason.


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