outfit: on repeat this summer

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I’m still barely getting dressed these days… and almost had no outfits to share with y’all this week…

…But today I was so excited to find these much anticipated new Hopp sandals at my doorstep!  Eree from Hopp gifted these to me, but honestly I would have probably bought them on my own anyway.  As you may already know, I already own two other Hopp shoes, and 3 shoes from their parent company SAS, and love them all and wear them all the time.  I’d been stalking these sandals, and similar sandals, with those beautiful minimalist toe ring designs for quite some time.  This pair though, is really unlike any other sandal I’ve seen before.  Here’s a close up (excuse my feet… I need a pedicure!).

hopp sandal.jpg

I love the monochrome, the pebbled leather, the stitching at the seams, the platform.  It’s all so well thought out, as are all Hopp shoes.  I’m wearing my usual size 9 here, but if you have long ish toes, you might want to size a half size up.  From the pictures online, I was a little worried these shoes might be too wide and the strap too loose, but actually they fit just right width-wise with a little wiggle room (my feet are on the narrow side for reference). (edit: after wearing the shoes for some time, I’d probably recommend going a whole size up and only for people used to toe rings or flip flops).

It’s still quite hot outside.  Accordingly, I’m barely getting dressed these days.  I’ve been basically wearing some version of this outfit everyday.  I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of these linen shorts from Uniqlo, ie. 15 wears over 30 days, lol.  They feel light and breezy and the elastic waist band makes them a dream to just slip on and off.  They look a bit like mom-shorts, but who cares!  I might not wear much else this summer, so please excuse the less frequent posting.

As for life updates.  I’m still enjoying my short retirement from work.  I’ve been preparing for our big move, and have been slowly packing our things into boxes.  We plan on using a moving company that dedicates its services to people who are moving from NYC to California (CA Movers Express).  Since that’s all they do, the shipping is quicker and cheaper too.

I also started taking a swim class and I’m making a lot of progress there.  It’s been a great work out too.  After each class, I feel so accomplished and completely worn out physically.  My instructor was a psychology major in college and since finding out I’m a psychiatrist, he’s been using a lot of psych mumbo jumbo, and adding some bravado to his teaching style, which I find slightly annoying!  I always feel conflicted about telling people I’m a psychiatrist, because I see how their behavior changes the minute I tell them!  I just want to be treated the same as everyone else (ie. don’t worry, I can’t read your mind!).  But anyway, he’s a good instructor nonetheless and I’m learning a lot.

The bane of my  existence right now though, is trying to write this journal article.  The topic I’m writing about is heavy (a new category of child abuse and it’s consequences on mental health). I’m struggling to express my ideas in a coherent manner, and the pressure to get this thing finished is another thing.  Times like these, I’m glad I don’t normally have to do any formal writing for my daily work.  Clinical writing is much easier and doesn’t have to be “good”.  In fact, it’s often bad writing, and should be bad for efficiency’s sake.  You folks in medicine will know what I mean.  I don’t know how people who write under strict deadlines do this type of work day in and day out!

I hope you all are enjoying the summer so far.  Stay cool and see you all again soon!

[outfit:  Maison Margiela cotton-linen top*, Uniqlo linen shorts, Warby Parker prescription sunglasses, HOPP wedge slides gifted for review]

6 thoughts on “outfit: on repeat this summer

  1. “a new category of child abuse and it’s consequences on mental health” – something about this phrase made my mind go to immigration and child detention facilities. Am I on track? Please disregard if that wrecks your anonymity, I was just curious if my radar was sound.


    1. That’s certainly a new form of child abuse, or maybe not so new, but at least getting a lot of attention right now, which is awful and probably causing lasting consequences. But no, that’s not what I’m writing about. What I’m writing about is not new at all.. it’s just newly described. But I won’t get into it.. it’s too much for this arena…

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