outfit: sorry, I’m not getting dressed this week


This is what I wore two weeks ago (when it wasn’t so damn hot).  Sorry guys.  I lied when I said I’d be back to my regular posting schedule this week.  My last day at work was on Friday (I’m officially unemployed now) and since then, I’ve been working from home on a research project (that’s entirely voluntary).

Because I’m working from home and it’s been a hundred degrees out and really humid, and our AC unit can’t seem to keep up with the heat, I haven’t been motivated to get properly dressed this week, and don’t have much to show ya’ll here.

But I still wanted to post something and decided to show you a picture of a ribbed sleeveless top I bought at Uniqlo back when I was in LA a couple weeks ago.  I didn’t have anything to wear on the plane after I discovered most of the clothes I packed had stains on them.  I bought this shirt as a replacement for a top that had to be thrown out.

During this trip, I also threw out my ThirdLove lounge bra.  That bra ended up being a total piece of crap.  It stretched out a lot and very quickly.  It was basically not functioning as a bra anymore after only 6 months!  I’m actually wearing it under this shirt and as you might be able to discern, it’s not really holding me up and in, in the way I prefer.  (I still love their famous 24/7 bra though).

Back to this Uniqlo top.  I really like the detail at the neckline.  It has a pleated and raw edge appearance but actually the edge is not raw.  I’m not sure how exactly to describe it.  But I do like when knits have unexpected details like this.  I like that I can wear this top to work and on weekends, but it probably won’t get any action until the temperatures drop below 80 again.

In other news:  Did anyone else read the Racked article about Zozotown coming to the U.S.?  It’s a Japanese company that makes custom clothing.  They mostly carry basics like T shirts and jeans.  I’m really intrigued by the idea of custom jeans, especially at the low price point they are offering (under $100).  I’ve already registered to get a zozosuit delivered to me in their roll out campaign in the U.S.

I’ve always struggled with finding jeans that fit.  My shape doesn’t fall neatly into any conventional category.  My waist always seems too large for jeans that fit my hips and legs.  And brands that tout inclusive sizing tend to focus on women with large hips and butts.   Nobody ever talks about the women with large waists and small hips, lol.  We need jeans too!  But anyway, I’m not sure how ethical their factories are, and based on their price point for custom clothing, I suspect it’s probably not very good?  I try to be conscious of the ethics behind the brands I shop to a reasonable degree, but as you all know, I’m not entirely strict about it.

Anyway, maybe when things cool down a bit, I’ll post more outfits, but until then I’ll be hanging out, unemployed, in my bike shorts and tank top, sipping on can after can of ice cold La Croix, lol.   What about you?  What behaviors do you fall into, to cope with this heatwave?

Hope you all are off to a good summer!

[outfit:  hooded cardigan gifted by Mijeong Park, Uniqlo UV cut cotton knit top]


5 thoughts on “outfit: sorry, I’m not getting dressed this week

  1. That Zozo article is fascinating. People basically wear cgi suits to have clothes made! Amazing! I thought of Andy Serkis in behind the scenes clips from Lord of the Rings when he wore a similar suit so they could accurately cgi Gollum in the movies. The idea of making size-free clothing is very forward thinking, but I suddenly wondered if everyone might end up dressed like the cast of Star Trek Voyager.
    It is damn hot out. I’ve had to get dressed for work, but it’s a struggle because the office is freezing and outside is a soupy, hot swamp.


    1. I’d totally down for a Star trek like style future lol. I really hope their jeans are of good quality and not just fit. My old workplace was like that too.. sometimes I’d walk outside for a few minutes just to warm up.


  2. Oh wow, I had not seen that Zozotown article and it sounds absolutely fascinating. I’d be curious about trying it, though am generally not in the market for jeans or tees at the moment.

    This heat wave’s been awful! I deal with it mostly by staying indoors.


  3. That top looks great, despite the bra! I’ll have to take a look when it comes out for Australian summer. As for how I deal with that—I don’t think I wore pants once and have amassed a hilariously numerous, but necessary mini-wardrobe of loose knee-length black dresses for every temperature and occasion.


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