outfit: nude or black? (+ apartment hunting in LA)


Sorry guys, I’ve been lagging behind on posts lately.

I’m back now, with a few new wardrobe additions to share. But first, some life updates. This is my very last week at work and so I’ve been busy tying up loose ends and sadly, saying goodbye to everyone at work.

I just flew back to New York from an extended weekend in LA. I was there for a wedding and to take tours of some apartment buildings for our big move in September. I wanted to get a feeling for apartments out there, and was not expecting at all to find an apartment so early, but miraculously, I did! I was able to find a great apartment at a decent price that’s both close to work and the beach. Last night, we took the plunge and submitted our application and paid the holding fee. We are very close to signing the lease barring any unforeseen circumstances. Fingers crossed!

I am so thrilled about the apartment. It wasn’t in the neighborhood I wanted to live in, but I had to be close to work, and decided to sacrifice my location preference on the East side in order to avoid soul crushing traffic. It’s still a great location though and I definitely can’t complain. I’m so excited to share with you guys how I furnish and decorate the place in the coming months! My head is full of ideas already. The apartment also happens to be walking distance from a West Elm, Bloomingdales and Nordstroms (a dream come true? or very dangerous?! haha).

ootd62718 2

Onward to these outfits. I picked up a few things at the Eileen Fisher store today. I recently tossed out a few tops and a striped dress after I discovered major coffee stains on them. I then realized that I barely have enough clothes to wear to work now, and decided to be more pro-active about shopping again, which is what led me to visit the EF store in Manhattan.

I’m wearing the system tank dress that I bought in size small. This was my 3rd time trying it on. And I loved it each time in the past, but for some reason convinced myself I didn’t need it back then. Today, it passed a certain “need” threshold, and so, finally I bought it. I’ve always loved how simple this dress is. It is the only long dress I’ve tried on that graces the body and has a fitted appearance without actually being fitted. I’ve never felt comfortable in body clinging-type fitted long dresses, but do love the way they look on other people. Just not me. I also like that I can wear a real bra and “granny” panties with this dress, without worrying about straps showing or VPL.

I’ve been doing a lot of walking in my usual SAS work sandals lately and although those shoes are comfortable, I developed a blister where the shoe slightly squeezes my foot. I realized then that I should rotate between different shoes more often to avoid any one shoe from causing problems on my feet. I tried two shoes at Eileen Fisher. The nude mules shown above are to die for, seriously! I love its simple elegance and the way it curves and hugs your feet. So comfortable for what it is. BUT, I cannot be trusted to keep nude leather clean and had to back away from this beautiful color, opting for the black instead and trekked all the way downtown to pick up the black version from a different Eileen Fisher location that still carries them. I usually wear a size 9, and the size 8.5 fit perfectly. If you have wide feet though, I’d stay with your regular size. I haven’t photographed the black ones yet, but that’s coming soon!

In the second photo, I’m wearing the Juno platform sandals, which I had been stalking online for a long time. Aesthetically they can’t get any more perfect, but they are actually pretty heavy which causes the straps to sort of dig into my ankle with each step. I could imagine blisters forming and ankle fatigue with extended walking, so I had to pass on these.

While I was at the 2nd EF store, I was reunited with that short jumper dress I tried on a few months back but didn’t end up buying at the time. Today, it was on sale for about 1/2 the original price. I decided to seize the opportunity to buy it on sale and to add a much needed knee length dress to my summer wardrobe. Before today, I didn’t have any casual dresses that I could wear in the summer. How did I let that happen to my wardrobe?! lol. And BTW, I’m still dreaming of that Elizabeth Suzann Clyde dress with the giganto-pockets… But the 7 week lag time means it will have to wait until after I move to LA. This EF dress, with its pockets, will have to make do until then.

I’ll probably be back to my normal posting schedule next week when the busy-ness in my life calms down a bit. Stay tuned!

[outfits: Eileen Fisher system tank dress, Katniss nude mules, Juno platform sandals]

14 thoughts on “outfit: nude or black? (+ apartment hunting in LA)

  1. I need those mules in my life NOW! So exciting about your upcoming move. What luck that you find a place! That’s always so stressful when you are heading to a new place. Can’t wait to see!


  2. I love everything you shared today!! May I ask how tall you are? The system tank dress hits you at such a good spot.


  3. Wow, love those shoes, that dress! What good finds. I have to say for your measurements (same as mine), you always look much smaller than a 4-6. Good luck with your move, and congrats on finding a new place!


  4. Love that EF dress – my sister has it and I’m always envious when she wears it. It’s so versatile and effortless. Everything should be versatile and effortless.

    Congrats on finding an apartment!

    PS: Your Cerave PM reviews have inspired me to give it a go, since I’m just finished with my face cream.


    1. It is.. hope to get a lot of mileage on it for travelling too. And glad you tried the CeraVe. It’s very minimal and easy on the skin. Lmk how it goes.


  5. Yay for the new apartment! I’m so envious that you’ll be close to the beach, and it’s good to be near work too. (I cant even imagine what it’d be like to regularly need to deal with SoCal traffic. It’ll be good to avoid that.)

    Those mules are very cool. And wow for not having any summer casual dresses before. Those are totally all I wear on the weekends in summer!


  6. I’m thinking of going for that system dress in petite, and in navy/midnight. I’ve been mulling it for ages too, funny how one does that. I have gotten SO MUCH wear out of my other EF dress that I feel pretty confident that this would be a work horse too.


      1. cool, thanks for the heads up on sizing! there’s actually an EF shop here, and they carry petites, so maybe I’ll swing by sometime and try it on.


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