Shifting gears from my usual outfit posts today.  This week, I had an unusual amount of empties all at once.  I always like reading these types of posts, so thought I’d share some of mine too.  There are a few things I’ll re-purchase and a few things I’m never going back to.

  1. Anessa sensitive skin sunscreen (from Japan).  I really liked this sunscreen but it was expensive and is now hard to find.  I think they discontinued it.  It can only be found on eBay these days. I’ve moved on to using Elta MD sunscreen, alternating between the tinted clear and the non-tinted clear version.  I also have the “daily” formulation but I’m not a fan of the texture and scent and delegated that one to the BF (who has much lower standards for skincare and was totally satisfied with it, lol).
  2. NARS duo blush/bronzer.  I’ve had some version of this for the past 8 years.  The color and application is unbeatable for both the blush and bronzer, however it tends to crack and the packaging on every single one that I’ve owned has broken apart when dropped.  On my recent trip to Ulta, I realized they stopped making the duo combo and I didn’t feel it was worth it to buy the blush and bronzer separately, especially because I hardly ever wear make up.  Instead I decided to move on and bought the only decent bronzer/blush combo palette I could find at the It Cosmetics counter.  The colors aren’t as good as NARS, but it was the best, ie. most no nonsense and natural looking face colors I could find at Ulta. I also liked the size and convenience of having everything in one palette.
  3.  Kristen Ess shampoo. From Target for only $10.  Bought this after I read about it on Racked. I have mixed feelings about this one.  I like the performance of this non sulfate shampoo.  The packaging is also really beautiful, but I think they really over-did it with the scent.  I have a weak nose and thought this was much too fragrant and sweet smelling.  It smelled somewhere between bubble gum and school glue.  It doesn’t linger in the hair though, so I don’t mind it that much. Luckily, Target sells an extra gentle version which has less fragrance in it.  I’m going to try that next.
  4. CeraVe PM.  I’ve already re-purchased this one.  It’s a great no non-sense lightweight moisturizer for both day and nigh. I think maybe my skin is slightly clearer because of it.
  5. Stila stay all day eyeliner.  I just finished my 4th one.  It’s my holy grail eye liner.  It really does stay all day and does not smudge or cause raccoon eyes.  Several months ago, I decided to give the Kat Von D one a try, which performs almost as good.  I’m almost out of the Kat Von D eyeliner but won’t be repurchasing because Stila is the clear winner in performance for me.  I also don’t like that Kat Von D seems to be spreading paranoia about vaccines.  For that reason, I don’t think I’ll ever consider purchasing any of her products going forward.  Her comments spoil the brand for me and the decision not buy her stuff is easy when there are so many alternatives out there.

When I was at Ulta, I also picked up an SPF tinted lip balm in nude from Pacifica.  It’s got mineral sunscreen in it which I would normally avoid because of the white cast, but they tinted it with a pinkish color that mixes with the white coloration of the minerals to create a natural milky pink color on the lip.  It’s a win-win, a subtle nude color and SPF in one.  Skin cancers often affect the lips and its one of the areas I often forget to protect, so I’m glad to find spf 30 for the lip  that I will actually want to use.

As you might have noticed, I’ve been getting really lazy about posting my outfits lately.  Maybe because I’ve been wearing the same thing every day this week?  I’m starting to realize I don’t have enough clothes for the peak summer heat.  I thought I did, but I find myself struggling to dress for the heat and work at the same time.  Last year didn’t seem quite as bad. Maybe my wardrobe is too small?!… I have to start getting my act together!

In other news, have you guys heard of coco pink princess?.. the 7 year old Japanese style icon / instagram star?  You have to check out her instagram and this Vice video about her here. She’s so adorable! And so fully expressed stylistically.  She’ll make you smile.  It sure helps that her mom runs a vintage clothing store and she lives in one of the most fashion forward cities in the world too (Harajuku, Japan).  Hope you enjoyed!




6 thoughts on “Empties!

  1. Love Cerave PM and Elta MD tinted! I actually tried the Elta MD AM moisturizer too which many have said is exactly the same as Cerave PM and pretty much agreed. Will stick with Cerave because it is cheaper and gave the Elta MD AM to my husband for similar reasons, LOL! Will check out the Pacifica; I recently got an Alba SPF 15 lip balm but it has a weird bitter after taste. My new favorite thing is sunscreen powders in the brush applicators for daily touch ups, very necessary for me because I live at high elevation. I like the Ilia Moondance one but am considering trying the Colorescience one (though very expensive) or Brush on Block (which is refill-able).


    1. good to know about the elta MD AM.. now I won’t waist my money on it. The pacifica is good if you have a light-medium complexion. It smells a bit like coconut oil and has a hard consistency. I like it. Never even thought of powder SPF, but now I’ll check it out next time I happen to be at a beauty counter.


  2. I’m also having a harder time with summer dressing than usual, even though I don’t think the temperatures have gotten that extreme yet. (The humidity though, has been particularly icky.) Most of my sleeveless work dresses are okay, they’re synthetic blend, but mostly sleeveless or short cap-sleeve, and a little bit relaxed-fit and not too heavy. Some of the things I used to wear in summer, (all-synthetic pencil skirts and short sleeve polyester tops) and didn’t mind before definitely don’t work for me now.

    I’d been thinking about trying the Kristin Ess shampoo, I’ll probably start with the Extra Gentle one in hopes that it won’t be too scented. I’m not normally that sensitive to scented products, but the smell you’re describing sounds unusually weird and not pleasant.


    1. Summer is rough in NYC, especially because of the subway stations and packed trains. Then huge fluctuations once you get to the office. I also realized I don’t own any summer work dresses anymore. Not sure how that happened… and I can’t seem to find something I love either. Definitely go for the extra gentle. The scent is weird, but probably less weird if less intense. I’m not sensitive to scents either so if I felt that way, it says a lot.


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