outfit: day/night special


Since, I’ve been slightly MIA this week, I thought I would post two outfits again!

This first outfit is what I wore out to load up on a cappuccino and to walk the dog this morning. I go back and forth about whether to keep these jeans. These are my APC japanese denim pants that I’ve had for a few years now, but I don’t like how low the rise is on me and how they feel slightly tight when I sit down. For these reasons, I only wear them about once every few months. But I’m sort of attached to them and working hard on busting out that hole in the knee, lol. Keep? Or no keep? We will see…


And this is what I wore to go out this evening with some co-workers. I received a teaching award from the department today and thought I’d celebrate by wearing something a little more special, so I broke out a necklace that my ol’ friend Joy bought for me while she was in Lebanon. It’s got an interesting safari zebra striped pattern on it and adds a pop of interest to this otherwise plain outfit. It always feels so special to wear gifted jewelry as it makes you feel close to the person who gave it to you even when they live far, far away =(. Sorry folks. I’m feeling a bit sentimental right now after watching the new season of Queer Eye. I love Jonathan more and more each time.

More life updates. I’ll be on the road in August and then traveling for a bit, so things might feel sparse here come summer time. In preparation for it, I bought that new “mover” backpack from Everlane in the charcoal gray color and I really like it, but haven’t tested it out yet. I also bought a pair of those olive colored slouchy chinos in size 2, but they were too tight. I tried on a size 2 in the store last year, and it fit. So either I gained weight or those pants got smaller. I sent them back and didn’t order a larger size because I felt the legs would be too wide on me in the larger size. Oh well!

While we are on the topic of Everlane, did anyone see those new baseball caps they rolled out recently? They are fine and good, EXCEPT for the prominent visible branding on the back of the cap. WTF?! I noticed a prominent Everlane tag on my backpack as well and was very displeased with it. But I won’t cut it off because I might want to resell it one day. I hope Everlane doesn’t go down the road of putting their name on everything. I already bought your damn stuff, don’t make me advertise it for you. I think they are off the mark on what their customer base wants in this regard.

Some other things on my radar lately, that Elizabeth Suzann Clyde dress! Grechen’s recent post reawakened my desire for them. I’ve been thinking about them for months off and on, and was almost ready to buy them but because of the lag time, I realized it would arrive while I’m moving/traveling so I will just have to wait til autumn. They are really expensive, but I think it will be worth the price because like the Clyde pants, I’m likely to wear it to work frequently. Those huge pockets are gold for carrying around my pens, pager, and notes and it’s understated enough to wear very often. I fluctuate between wanting the flax color vs. the black one, but most likely in the end, I will get the black one, because who are we kidding, I tend to play it safe.

All right peeps. I’m entering this weekend with a little pep in my step. See you all again soon!

[outfit 1: Which We Want stripe top, APC japanese denim (old), Dr Marten z strap sandals; outfit 2: French Connection ottoman dress, Gifted necklace from Lebanon, *SAS suntimer, Baggu crossbody]

7 thoughts on “outfit: day/night special

  1. I felt the exact same way about those baseball caps. Seems like branding is creeping into their line.. Really hope they don’t take it too far!


  2. Would love to know what you make of the backpack! I need a new one and was going to pull the trigger on an Osprey one but the affordability of the Everlane is so tempting and making me think twice. Everlane branding has nothing on the branding of sporting goods…. (The Osprey logo is such an eyesore!)

    I’ve been dreaming of an ES Clyde jumpsuit for months and have been hoping to score one secondhand but waiting for a Tall size to land is like waiting for lightning to strike. May cave eventually.


    1. My first impression is that it will be just fine for light travelling but not good for serious travelling if you need the weight of your bag to be distributed well. Also not much in terms of compartments. But for a non rigorous trip to Europe it’s fine…


      1. Thanks! I’ll sit on this for a while…it’s nice to have a backpack that doesn’t look so “backpacker” but specialised bag makers know what they’re doing I suppose.


  3. I randomly browsed in last night from Temporary Housewifey, and I have to say that I love your blog. Love your style, your outfits, your article recommendations. Can’t wait to start following regularly!


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