outfit: one button unbuttoned

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I have a particular soft spot for clothes in dull under-saturated colors. They mix and match well with the other traditional neutrals in my wardrobe.

This is one of a few things I bought on my recent trip to Uniqlo. Initially, I was attracted to the color only, then decided to give it a try, not actually expecting to like the shape on me, but to my surprise it worked out well. Sometimes you really don’t know if you’ll like something until you try it on, which is why I still appreciate the occasional visit to a brick and mortar store. I like that it has an A-line shape, without looking too much like a stiff pointy ‘A’. It has a nice drape to it and falls away from the body, which will hopefully keep me well ventilated this summer. Seems like the summers keep getting hotter and hotter, doesn’t it? (We better get prepared…) I especially have to make an effort to buy hot weather clothes for my move back West this year.

Like my ochre top, this muted brown color (or if I was mixing paint, I might call it “raw sienna”), pairs nicely with faded greens. Every time I wash these chinos, they look even better, as the dye along the edges fades away, they look more interesting as they age and become more distressed. I’m actually grateful I bought these pants originally 1 size too big, because after all that washing, and shrinking, they fit just right now. Just a side note: in my experience cotton canvas chinos always shrink a little, so I like to buy them a size up. Like my other Uniqlo shirt, this shirt has a slightly oriental quality about it too. To add emphasis to it, I could button it all the way up, but today I decided to keep the top button open for a more relaxed style. I’d probably never unbutton it further because I think it’d lose some of its charm.

These little details are decisions I make on a whim whenever I get dressed. I’m usually in a mad rush every morning to get to work on time and if you can believe it, I actually don’t spend that much time fretting over what to wear and how to wear it, but I do spend a lot of time making intentional decisions about what I add to my wardrobe and like to take the time here to reflect on it. This is what I call fun, lol. I’m always so amazed and grateful you all aren’t bored to death already.

In other news, I really enjoyed the article Elaine posted about APC founder Jean Touitou. That guy’s grumblings about fashion is always so on point. It’s true. There is so much fantasy coming down the runway. Somebody has to make clothes real people actually want to wear. I feel that way about blogging too. Somebody’s gotta blog about style in a way that real people can relate with, without all the narcissism and sexy-aspirational-bull shit that is all over the traditional fashion blogosphere nowadays… And this is why I cringe whenever I say that I blog — it’s this association I don’t like.

[outfit: Uniqlo linen blend brown top, *Madewell straight chinos, old Everlane day flats (with elastic band removed and vibram rubber soles added), *Dagne Dover midi tote]

Addendum:  After writing this post, I got a news alert about Kate Spade’s apparent suicide.  She was only 55 and left behind a 13 year old daughter.  It’s all very sad.  I don’t own anything by Kate Spade, but know of her through an NPR How I Built This episode that I listened to a few months back, which I really enjoyed and found her to be really savvy and inspiring.  The news alerts came out during a psychiatry conference I was attending today.   Somebody mentioned it out loud and we all took a moment to talk about suicide, which unfortunately is something that affected all of us in that room at one point or another.  Someone mentioned how this is a reminder that severe depression can affect anyone, even those who are seemingly well off and successful.  Someone else commented on how severe the depression must have been to leave behind a child in that way.  Suicide always leaves behind a trail of pain for all those surviving.  I don’t have much else to say other than to express my sadness over it and that I hope anyone out there who is going through something similar will hold on and reach out for help because things can get better.

6 thoughts on “outfit: one button unbuttoned

  1. That is really sad about Kate Spade. Depression is no joke, no matter what anyone says. It’s really sad that there’s still such a stigma against people who have depression or hide it because they are afraid of what others might think if they knew.


    1. Yeah, it’s sad. But I think there is some progress being made. In some circles, at least, it’s totally acceptable to let it be known that you go to therapy, which of course doesn’t necessarily mean one is depressed or has a serious mental problem. Although stigma is a huge issue, I’m less concerned that people feel they have to hide the problem than I am about people simply not getting any treatment. One can still hide their problem if they choose, while they get help for it.


  2. This top looks good on you too! The model photo on Uniqlo’s website for this one wasn’t as bad as for the other top you got, though their website makes it really hard to get a good sense of this item.

    The article about Toitou is pretty cool. I like his harsh take on social media and Instagram, haha, as someone who doesn’t fully understand but still manages to be highly skeptical about the platform.


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