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WIWTW = what I wore this weekend.

It’s been a while since I posted.  Sorry guys!  To make up for it, I thought I would share two outfits this time, of what I wore on Saturday and Sunday.  Today I headed back to the Microsoft store in Manhattan to return some software I didn’t actually need, and decided to walk around that area (5th Avenue – aka. tourist shopping mecca) to do some last minute gift shopping for a friend and the BF’s upcoming birthday.  Along the way, I stumbled upon Uniqlo’s linen collection.  I’ve actually touched and contemplated buying the same linen garments on three separate occasions, but today I felt ready to finally buy them already.  It’s starting to get hot and I need more hot weather appropriate work clothes.  Plus, I wanted to buy some more linen and cotton clothes that would be easy to mix and match for traveling to Europe and moving across the country this summer.  I really like this 3/4 sleeve linen top.  Of all Uniqlo’s linen (as a very thorough shopper, I’ve touched them all), I like the texture of this shirt the best.  It’s got a soft washed feel to it with nubby little irregularities.  I don’t think the picture on the website does it justice, so here’s a close up in direct sunlight.


The design is subtlety oriental in it’s simplicity.  I love how the sleeves are cut straight without any tightening or buttons along the hem.  I also love the simple white buttons, the dropped sleeves, and the tiny pleat in the middle of the shoulders.  Well done Uniqlo!

And here’s what I wore on Saturday.  This is some typical stay at home attire for me.  I look sort of like a peasant girl here, lol.  Everlane has come out with more colors for these crossover form sandals.  I’ve had mine for about 1 year now, and if I were to do it all over again, I would not buy them.  The main reason is that the soles are covered in leather, and let me tell you, that leather will get knicked and start to peel all around the edges of the sole.  It will look ratty and gross in no time.  Unless you are going to exclusively wear these sandals at home, I would not recommend them.


I’m still loving these Tilda pants though, but probably don’t wear them enough.  I’d probably wear them more if they had pockets.  But I’ve come to terms with the fact that some items in my wardrobe just aren’t meant to be work horses.  The thing I love about these pants is how they stretch out and get all wrinkly with wear, then bounce completely back after a round in the washer and dryer.  The linen also stays remarkably clean.  For some reason they never get stained and look just as good as new.  Here’s a close up for those wondering.  The weave is very tight and the pants are fully opaque but probably as lightweight as linen can get when they are this opaque so they still feel breezy.


Now for a little life update.  This past week I’ve been processing some bad news about my future job.  Instead of one person leaving, as I had thought, there are actually two people who are leaving (on a team that would have been 3, including myself), which leaves me with very little support to say the least! I was told the two people leaving were moving out of state to be with their respective partners.  The contingency plan is to have one other psychiatrist fill in while they scramble to hire someone more permanent.  This was such terrible news!  The departure of those two people catapults me to the position of director of the service, which means more pay (yay) but it is still something I would prefer not to have happened.  I could freak out about it (and I did).  But what the hell.  It is what it is. I’ll have to rise to the challenge and just try my best.  And if things are terrible, I always have the option of finding a new job, and in my field, there are plenty of positions available.  This past week alone, I’ve gotten at least one phone call every day from a job recruiter looking to hire me.  It’s getting annoying actually, but I guess that’s a good problem to have and I should be grateful.  Anyway, it took a few days for me to process all of this, but I think the wave of stress has subsided and I’m in a better head space about it, which is a reminder that 90% of stress is usually stuff we create in our minds… and this is why I have a job, lol.

Hope you all had a good weekend.  Are you psych’ed for the summer?  I am 😎.   I’m excited to share more summer outfits with you guys.  Stay tuned!

[outfit 1:  Uniqlo 3/4 sleeve linen top, *APC olive shorts, Baggu crossbody bag; outfit 2: *Organic by John Patrick cotton tee, Elizabeth Suzann Tilda linen pants (xs), Everlane crossover form sandals]


11 thoughts on “outfit: WIWTW

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  2. When Uniqlo gets something right, they really nail it. I’ve got a few Uniqlo items that are staples. I also love the sleeves on that linen shirt.
    The Tilda pants look so nice and comfortable! It’s really a shame they don’t have pockets because otherwise I’d consider getting some.


  3. So sorry all of this had to happen about the new position but you have a wonderful attitude about it. No position is perfect and if you like the people and the location, it really work out (and if not, you never have a problem finding something new).


  4. Wow, so many change with your new position in such a short time! I don’t think anything comparable could happen in the law firm context, unless, er, something happens between hiring date and start date that throws into question whether joining the firm is a good idea at all (i.e. an entire half of a practice group leaves for greener pastures, taking all the business with them), and such changes would generally result in… less work, haha. With any disruption at the workplace, it always helps if there’s an easy way of getting out and landing on one’s feet. I get unusually and irrationally worried about worst case scenarios happening before I’ve spent an “respectable” amount of time (a year or more) at each of my jobs so far…

    The picture on the website definitely doesn’t do justice to that shirt! I do really like Uniqlo, though some of their model photos can be odd.


    1. Interesting. In my line, there’s never a shortage of patients and always a shortage of work force. Which means turnover of staff can be a major problem. Many other factors come into play though…. That’s true about uniqlos webstore. The photos are so bad.


  5. I’m really sorry about that bad news about your job. What a big wrench for them to throw into your plans. On the bright side, I’m really happy that you have a job in LA though, and proud of you for securing a great one, with a promotion before you even started! Really enjoying your content these days…my favorite posts in Feedly 🙂


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