outfit: for the real world


If I had to explain what this blog was about, I’d say it’s about getting dressed for the real world. 

Staying true to that notion, here I am, dressed not to impress, in my sweat shorts and tank top for a day of hot weather and running errands.  We were out of town over the weekend, but I’m home today, using a vacation day to take care of some things on my to-do list.

I’m wearing a bralette from Lively, which a friend had recommended.  I own 3 of them.  They are all really comfortable, but I only find the longline bralette supportive enough for me.  I’m wearing the nude/black one today.  You can sort of see the black trim of the bralette, which is nice for casual days like today.  Mysteriously though, a few black stains appeared out of no where on the nude fabric.  I’m not sure if the dye on the black parts spread onto the nude parts or if dye from something else I wore transferred onto the bra… who knows.

But because they are so comfortable and actually hold things up, I do want to buy another one of their longline bralettes, but think I’ll go for the black or navy version to avoid the weird staining problem.  I’m also going to try sizing down to the extra small because I find that the bands loosen up too quickly for me (not just with Lively bras, but with all bras) and then the whole bra starts to shift up my back.  Bralette sizing is tricky.  I wished they were sized according to the band and cup like traditional bras.  But that would make too much sense, right?

If you have any recs for good supportive bralettes, please share!

[outfit:  *Splendid cotton tank, *James Perse cotton sweatshorts, Dr. Marten’s z strap sandals]






4 thoughts on “outfit: for the real world

  1. I like those shoes! I hear you with the bralettes. I have a few from Target, Calvin Klein, and one from Pansy. They all seem to stretch out pretty quickly, shift around and don’t really keep things in place. The ones from Target lasted the longest though.

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  2. Huge fan of true and co. bralettes! They pull over the head, but I like that. I like the skinny strap version a lot if the normal scoop has too much coverage. They are super comfortable.

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