outfit: big softy


I wore this outfit over the weekend.  

I’ve worn this sweatshirt at least twice a week since I bought it back in March.  Before I posted this, I had to scroll through my outfit posts to make sure I haven’t worn the exact same outfit here before.  To my surprise, I had never worn this exact combination.  By the end of the day, I noticed coffee stains on both sleeves and in the middle of the sweatshirt.  With a little spot treatment with some Shout stain remover and a 24hr soak before putting it in the washer, the stains were 100% gone.  I’ve had pretty good luck with using Shout stain remover.  I think the key is to let it sit for a long time and then let it soak overnight.

My other ATM sweatshirt, the striped cotton-cashmere-silk blend knit one, is another frequent flyer, and for some reason, I have never needed to wash it.  I’ve worn it maybe 10x now without ever washing and it still smells totally fresh, even in the armpits!  And this is without wearing a base layer T-shirt.  It’s so strange because all my other sweaters get a little bit stinky after a few wears.  Maybe something about the fabric composition is able to resist holding onto odors even when compared to other 100% natural fibers.  There’s probably some marketing angle that could be had here!

Did anyone catch the Prince Harry – Markle wedding?  The BF and I watched it on Saturday afternoon.  We fast forwarded through the boring parts.  I watched it mostly for the fashion to be honest, but to my surprise I actually shed a tear when it became clear Prince Harry first laid his eyes on her.  I guess I’m a bigger softy than I thought. It was cute how visibly nervous he was before she arrived.  He seemed much more at ease when she was finally there.  What was he worried about?  That maybe she wouldn’t show up?!  Or was it just anticipatory anxiety/excitement?  I thought her dress was really elegant and subtle.  I might have wanted a little more embellishment myself, but that veil really made up for it.  And Prince Harry’s uniform was really badass, especially since it was all black.   Yohji Yamamoto would approve.

In any case, it was all so cute. I loved all the fascinator hats too.  We should bring back hats people!  Everybody looks better with hats, men and women.  I’ve never been a hat person myself, but I’ve always wanted to wear them regularly.  I probably don’t because I’m not comfortable with standing out from the crowd too much and wouldn’t want to be known as the “hat lady”, but I’d definitely wear them if everyone else wore them regularly.  A while back, I bought a Brooks and Boswell hat that was gorgeous but it didn’t fit my large head and to be honest, it would stand out too much in my neighborhood, so I wouldn’t have worn it much in real life.  It was one of those things I’d only wear in theory.

How about you?  Do you wear hats or would you like to wear them more often but don’t?  And what did you think of Markle’s wedding dress?

[outfit:  ATM sweatshirt, *Madewell straight chinos, Old Everlane day flats (with elastic band cut)]


8 thoughts on “outfit: big softy

  1. I really liked Meghan’s dress! I was a bit surprised, at first, by how understated it was (just because Kate’s dress was so different, and well, the only other thing I really had to compare it to was Diana’s dress, and that was from a very different time), but it was a good kind of surprise. It was so elegant look, and I liked the simple hair and makeup with the tiara. Meghan looked beautiful.

    I’m not a hat person, alas. My head is bigger than average, it seems, enough that most hats (outside of stretchy knitted winter hats) at the retailers I regularly shop at just… won’t even fit on my head at all.


    1. My reflexive reaction was to compare to Kate’s dress which I really liked. But even with that one I was surprised and had to adjust to the idea of something so covered up. Most hats don’t fit me too. That’s more of a barrier than what’s the norm today.


  2. I was surprised by the dress at first too, but it grew on me and I thought it looked really nice. As for hats, I admire hats on other people but rarely get a chance to wear them myself. If I go to the beach, I’ll bring my big rimmed hat, and will wear the occasional baseball cap. Fancy hats have just fallen out of style in recent decades and I think I’d feel too out there if I wore one, but I agree they do look very nice!


    1. Ooh yes I think I’ll have to adopt more hats to combat sun damage when I’m in a sunnier climate. Hats do feel more like a costume/fantasy nowadays…


  3. I loved Meghan’s dress from the get-go, though I think I expected her to wear something closer to her evening Stella McCartney dress for the ceremony. But both were beautiful! I suspect we’ll begin to see a lot more minimal dresses flooding the market soon.

    I own a fascinator, but only wear it once a year at afternoon tea with my grandmother (so it’s more of a costume than a wardrobe piece). I’d love for hats to make a comeback!


    1. Omg so jealous of your tea time fascinator worthy appointment with your grandmother. Sounds amazing. Never had a grandmother myself so I always fantasized about what that might be like.


  4. I have the opposite problem as you–I have a small head and so many hats just kind of float on me. I’ve always been pretty self-conscious about wearing them, since so many don’t seem to fit me. However, I’ve always wanted to wear sun hats for warm weather vacations, but they seem like such a hassle to transport.

    I’ll admit, I was kind of hating on the royal wedding, but I found myself sucked into it! I loved her simple dress and light makeup. It was very unexpected, but she’s going to look timeless, even 20 years from now. And when the choir sang Stand By Me, I’m not gonna lie, I shed a few tears…


    1. I’ll be on the market for a sun hat soon… If I find one that is foldable and NOT ugly, I’ll let ya know. I was sort of half hate watching it too.. the Cord and Tish coverage was good for that if ya haven’t seen it.


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