outfit: hand-me-downs (+ being able to fit into my Kamm pants again)

ootd 5-15

This is what I wore today.

I’m wearing a chunky cardigan that I originally purchased as a gift for the BF.  The BF gave me it to me after it shrunk from being in the dryer for too long.  I love this cardigan.  It’s got such nice proportions and doesn’t look like anything else I’ve seen before while being pretty nondescript at the same time.  And because it belonged to the BF, when I wear it, I feel a connection to him when he’s not around.  I think this is the only thing in my closet that belonged to him.  Too bad it generally can’t go the other way around, lol.

And here I am wearing my Kamm ranger pants.  It’s been a long time since I’ve worn them.  Honestly, because they started to feel a bit tight at the waist around the holidays.  And you can always tell when Kamm pants are too tight when the white buttons bulge out.  I’ve been trying to eat healthier lunches at work in the past couple of weeks and I think that brought my weight a little bit down, and now these pants fit a lot better.

As an aside, I find that it’s much easier to eat healthier lunches than dinner.  I haven’t changed my dinner habits much at all.  But at work, I’ve been sticking to the salad bar and veggie hot food at the hospital cafeteria.  Work is so busy these days, it doesn’t actually feel that painful to eat nothing but veggies (with a healthy dose of legumes) for lunch.  Dinner, on the other hand, is my reward at the end of the day, so I pretty let myself have anything, minus dessert on most nights.

What about you?  Do you own any hand-me-downs? Or have any tips for eating healthy?

[outfit:  Steven Alan Albert cardigan (BF hand-me-down), *Eileen Fisher linen shell top, Jesse Kamm pants (size 6), *SAS suntimer sandals, *Dagne Dover midi tote]

7 thoughts on “outfit: hand-me-downs (+ being able to fit into my Kamm pants again)

  1. That’s such a lovely cardigan (and its backstory too). I wouldn’t be able to tell that it was a hand-me-down, since it seems to fit so well. I still have a very worn wool cardigan of my dad’s, from about 35 years ago, that I unearthed and claimed in high school. My parents were always confused at why I wore such a ratty thing; everyone my age loved it.

    I also find healthy lunches easier! It’s so nice to have dinner—at home or out—without worrying about whether there’s enough veg or whatever.


    1. Love the story about your dad’s cardigan. I think there should be a trend in fashion called dadcore. There are definitely some things in my dad’s wardrobe that I would wear. He has an old knit cardigan that my aunt made for him 20 yrs ago that I would like to inherit one day, lol.


  2. That cardigan looks really comfortable. My wardrobe is so vastly different from my husband’s there is no way we could wear each others’ clothes. He is a straight up tee-and-jean guy and he’s also 6 inches taller than me. I could wear his tees, but not for work so wardrobe sharing doesn’t work for us.
    I agree it’s a lot easier to eat healthy for lunch. Every Sunday my husband does food prep for the week. We eat the same thing almost every day for lunch and have for several years in a row. It’s really boring and his coworkers even make fun of him for his meals, but it works for us. We do have dinner staples we have almost every week to two week period. However, lately we’ve been splurging and will go out or order Uber Eats/Door Dash once a week.


    1. My BF is very tee and jeans too, 100%. This cardigan was actually out of his norm (since I bought it for him lol). I keep telling myself to get into food prep, but haven’t mustered up the motivation to do it yet. I wish there were more examples out there for ethnic/asian style food prep. The standard american food prep menus I’ve found online are so boring.


  3. While I was clerking in an area that didn’t have any good nearby takeout lunch options (I’d definitely rather eat the same boring quinoa, chicken breast, and sauteed kale dish every day rather than spend 8 dollars on a terrible sandwich), I was very good about cooking/eating relatively healthy food. I tend to default to eating the same lunch almost every day regardless, so it wasn’t too hard.(The rest of my dietary composition was a complete mess though, because my commute plus workday was so long and my eating schedule was entirely thrown off…) I definitely also need/want my dinners to have more variety and be more interesting, especially if I’m going to have boring lunches.


    1. New York is full of areas that have no good lunch/breakfast food. It was shocking initially, as I used to think New York was about limitless options. That’s definitely not the case unless you happen to be near a prime location.


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