outfit: this is america (+ some links for your entertainment)

ootd 5-13

This is what I wore today.  The weather has been dreary this weekend, but I could still get away with bare ankles and sandals.  Not complaining!

Hope everyone is having a good Mother’s Day weekend.  My mom lives across the country so I didn’t get to see her but did send over a big box of assorted nuts and an additional container of her favorite nuts, pistachios.  This year she specifically told us not to send her flowers.  She doesn’t really care for luxury or fancy things either, and seems to have enough clothes and jewelry to last ten lifetimes, so the best I could think of was nuts, lol.

Did anyone else hear about the class action lawsuit against Apple for the Macbook Pro keyboards?  It’s maddening how silent Apple has been on this issue and it makes my blood boil whenever I think about how the AppleCare tech said that my keyboard issue was a rare occurrence, while blaming me for not taking better care of their “premium product”.  I signed in to change.org to sign the petition asking Apple to change the keyboards (they now have over 19K signatures). When I logged into change.org, I was creeped out by how the website auto populated my Facebook photo.  WTF?! I cancelled my Facebook account ages ago.  I think it’s time to sign into Facebook to do the ultimate deletion.  I hate Facebook!  And Apple!

Unfortunately the class action lawsuit doesn’t cover the Macbooks, just the Macbook Pros.  I sent a message to the law firm that is representing the plaintiffs to give them my two cents and to request that Macbook users be included too.  I don’t expect much to come out of this.  Class action lawsuits never lead to any gains.  But I do like that more attention is being brought to this issue.  Apple is royally fucking up and losing the trust of its customers along the way.  A beautiful design is no good when the damn product doesn’t function.

On a positive note:  I thought it was worth sharing a few New Yorker articles that made me laugh out loud this week, that might be worth using the limited number of free articles you’re allowed if you don’t subscribe:

Have you watched the new Childish Gambino music video yet Everyone seems to be obsessed with it, as they should.  It’s so, so good! There’s lots of youtube videos analyzing the symbolism in the video.  I like this one here.  As I was reading articles about the video online, I realized that the art director of the video, Hiro Murai, happened to be one of my classmates in college!  I minored in painting, and we were in some of the same art classes.  Another classmate in those same classes was Andrew Huang who’s created all those cool Bjork videos.  I am so impressed with what they’ve both accomplished.  I went to USC for undergrad. A lot of graduates from USC go on to work in the entertainment industry and seem to do pretty well, it turns out.

There’s been a flurry of good/relevant music and music videos being produced lately.  Maybe the political climate will inspire artists to produce more compelling work.  This might be the only bright side to this huge mess.  Have you heard/seen any good music/music videos lately?  I’m always looking for things to listen to/watch, so please share.

[outfit:  hooded cardigan gifted from Mijeong Park, Eileen Fisher jumper dress, Everlane crossover sandals]





8 thoughts on “outfit: this is america (+ some links for your entertainment)

  1. I’ve tried bangs two times in my life. Each time, I regretted it. Looking back at it, I was probably going through something at the time I decided to do it. That being said, there are plenty of women who look great with bangs, but they tend to be the ones who stick with it for a long time. Thanks for sharing that article. It had me laughing too.


    1. I’ve had regrettable bangs before too. Every so often I think maybe I could do it again. Some people have obviously nice bang friendly faces..others like myself kinda questionable.


  2. My husband is obsessed with that song and that video. He loves Childish Gambino! I watched and it really is a great piece of work.

    Also we’ve been watching the season of Barry on HBO and it is fantastic in so many ways. But also really disturbing. A couple of the recent episodes are also directed by Hiro Murai. It’s worth checking out the series, but the episodes he directed in particular are really disturbing/moving.


    1. Ohh I’ll have to check it out. I hadn’t listened or watched much of his work but this video is making me more interested. Also want to check out Atlanta the TV show too. Hear it’s good.


  3. I watched that video the other day too and agree, it’s really good! Also I like how the pockets of your cardigan are kinda droopy. It’s unique in that way. I’vebeen thinking about a long cardigan myself…


    1. I had owned a long cardigan before but I think it opened up a lot of outfits options in my wardrobe. Might be worth it if you don’t already have one.


  4. The New Yorker links are great. I also relate to the one about bangs. (It’s been a while since I made the mistake of getting them, but I’m definitely one of those people who always regrets it shortly after taking the plunge.)

    The one about credit card fraud alerts reminds me that I haven’t had a single fraud alert “false positive” since before I started law school, despite traveling frequently, using my credit card everywhere, and shopping from a rather eclectic range of places, and in erratic amounts, including some very large ones. I’ve always thought that meant the fraud alert algorithms were very sophisticated, but in actuality, now that the same pattern has been seen with a couple different credit card issuers (Citi, Chase, Bank of America, and American Express), it probably just means I shop a lot, so nothing is surprising. Meanwhile, K got a fraud alert for a single small purchase from Bloomingdales recently, from one of the credit card issuers I also use!


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