outfit: white t-shirt and jeans for a productive sunday


just a quick outfit post here.  i wore this classic combo on sunday, and it just so happens to be entirely pre-owned.  it was a sunny but cool day.  i had brunch outdoors, did some grocery shopping for the week, put my clean laundry away, finished reading a book, and made my favorite vegan meatballs recipe from the thug kitchen cookbook that paired really well with my holy grail spaghetti recipe.  later, i changed into bike shorts for barre3 at home, which by the way, i need to do more often!  i averaged twice per week in april, and i really should be doing it 3-5x per week.  what happened to my motivation? since starting an exercise program for the first time in my life this year, i haven’t noticed any physical changes yet, but i do notice that i’m less winded by the stairs in my apartment building.  that’s still progress! i’ll keep chugging along.  even 2x a week is better than the no exercise i was doing pre-2018.  it’s a new month, and time to be resolute about exercise once more!  but anyway, i finished the day off by making the final touches on a poster i’ll be presenting at a conference later this month. it was a productive day, all in all, and maybe this no non-sense outfit deserves credit for some of that. sometimes when i have a particularly good day or bad day, i ask myself if what i was wearing had anything to do with it, even a little, and i find that often times it does.

[outfit: *james perse tee, *levi’s 501ct, *sas suntimer sandals, *cluse watch]

4 thoughts on “outfit: white t-shirt and jeans for a productive sunday

  1. It’s a good outfit! Looks comfy and no-nonsense but also channels that effortless summer style. Light wash jeans + white tee are perfect together.


  2. Sounds like you had a good, relaxed weekend. I always enjoy when my weekends are pretty quiet, and I’m able to get some things done around the house.

    With regards to working out, I find that, when I’m able to work myself up to a 3-5x a week habit, I have an easier time sticking with it than when I’m doing 1-2x a week. Something about doing it more frequently really makes it feel like a part of my routine.

    I don’t think I notice when my outfit really contributes to a good day, but I definitely notice when I’ve picked an outfit that turns out to be really annoying, whether because it’s uncomfortable, something is fussy/won’t stay put, or whatever. That definitely ruins a day because I’ll keep thinking about it all day long.


    1. Maybe the trick is building up the momentum for working out. There’s probably a lot of other factors too. I’ll just have to keep trying and make adjustments until I find a routine that I’ll stick with… And I feel ya when an outfit gets annoying. For me, the worst is when a sock keeps running down the ankle, or pants that have to be lifted up all the time. It can ruin a day for sure. The absence of those annoyances is what a good outfit contributes to a day.


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