outfit: sun time!

ootd 2018-04-28 at 2.12.16 PM

the bf and i spent this saturday morning doing laundry together.  we don’t have a washer and dryer in our building so laundry is an ordeal and requires two adults to get it done efficiently.  not going to miss this when i move to LA!

i’m celebrating the upcoming warm week by ironing all my wrinkly linens.  i usually don’t mind linen wrinkles but there’s something satisfying about starting the day with a freshly pressed linen garment even if it’s going to inevitably get wrinkled again.

ootd 2018-04-28 at 2.12.43 PM

it’s finally warm enough to wear sandals to work.  last week i realized i didn’t have a single pair of work sandals left in my shoe collection.  i’ve literally demolished every single one into disrepair.  that book i’m reading  the sum of small things is full of statistics on women’s shopping habits by region of the country and it’s not surprising that women in nyc spend the most on shoes.  we walk a lot here and all that pounding on pavements quickly wears them out.

i was stalking these sas suntimer sandals on poshmark for probably a year already.  they check all the boxes for me.  conservative enough to wear to work.  comfortable and no nonsense.  of all the sas sandals, i think these look the least like comfort shoes.  the soles have about a quarter inch of cushion, and they are covered in a smooth leather material with pin holes for ventilation.  my feet and ankle feel very stable in them.  i would have paid full price if i had to, but they are all over poshmark for a fraction of the price.  i only paid 25 dollars for these.  score! =). the nice thing about sas is they keep making the same shoes year after year for decades so if you find one you like, you can always find them secondhand in excellent or new condition.

for a while i was considering similar sandals from the no. 6 store, but when i saw them in real life, i felt that the soles were too thin under the toe bed.  i’m not going to pay over 300 dollars to be in pain.  no way jose!

i’m also looking forward to seeing what HOPP shoes comes out with this spring.  from their instagram, it looks like they will be coming out with a high cut flat shoe.  they’re gonna most likely be a hundred times more comfortable than the everlane glove shoes.   i own a pair of everlane’s first generation glove shoe and i’m not sure what i want to do with them this spring.  last year i wore them a lot but was constantly burdened by the swamp feet they produced.  i think even with the ventilation pin holes they’ve added to the new ones, swamp feet will still be an issue in the toe box.

i’m so excited for the warm weather.  i don’t think i’ll have to buy much more clothes because i already have so much linen and loose cropped pants to wear to work.  yay! after spending so much on a phone and computer, i am so relieved to not have to spend more on clothes.  my thinkpad, or as the bf likes to call it, the ‘thinkdad’ (because it’s a laptop that your dad would buy) has not arrived yet.  it comes on monday and i’m so looking forward to having a proper keyboard once again.  maybe i’ll write longer blog posts with it.  we’ll see!

[outfit: atm slub tee, black crane carpenter, sas suntimer sandals*]


4 thoughts on “outfit: sun time!

  1. I read aloud your first paragraph to my husband sitting here with me. We so feel the laundry pain because we lived it for ten years. We would either walk three blocks to the laundromat or spend the day at his parents house doing laundry and we hated it. Will your place in LA have laundry amenities? Now that we have a house laundry isn’t an issue, but I am still so incredibly thankful for my washer and dryer.
    Those sandals look really nice. Unfortunately I can’t wear open toed shoes where I work because I have to go into the factory several times a day.


    1. I’m glad you understand the laundry pain LoL. Most apartment in Los Angeles have washer and dryers, so yes I do expect to have them after the move …I think my quality of life will improve significantly. My work place also has a rule against sandals but all the psychiatrists break that rule in the summer. Could you keep a pair of flats at work just for those factory trips? I might do that at my next job if the dress code is strict.


      1. I could, but wearing my nonslip shoes without socks is gross since they are awful rubber things so it’s just easier to wear shoes with socks in my office. I’m on the shop floor fairly often these days due to my job transition as well.


  2. Hi, I found your blog through Invincible Summer! I used to live in NY and totally agree about the shoe point. I’ve never worn out shoes like I used to in NY.


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