outfit: blue, green, and kinda blue

OOTD 4 26

fashion rules say blue and green should never be seen together, but conceptually i liked the way these two pieces work with each other.  both are made from heavy duty cotton canvas and have nearly identical color values with visible fading from multiple washes over the years.  i felt conflicted about the outfit as a whole though, mainly about the ankle socks being so prominent but i didn’t have time to second guess it and just went out the door.

here i am with the new google pixel 2 phone in the color ‘kinda blue’.  the phone is so pretty.  love the straight edges and minimalist boxy design.  this baby is lightning fast.  the fingerprint reader is like 10x faster than the one on the iphone and the voice activated assistant responds insanely fast too. i’m going to get a clear case for it to preserve its beauty, but if and when i get tired of the ‘kinda blue’ color, i’ll switch to a black or white cover. at least that was my rationale when i chose this funky color.

is it me or is this mirror selfie much more sharp than my usual photos? i think the camera is far superior, but maybe just in comparison to the old iphone.  i’m using the google bluetooth earphones too.  i like the discreet, non-flashy design, and how the buds feel more secure being tethered together with a fabric covered wire. i’ve been able to listen to podcasts while walking around my apartment while my phone is sitting in the other room.  the bluetooth range is really strong and it never cuts out. so far so good.

[outfit: *old trademark shirt, *cuyana scoop neck silk tank, *madewell straight chino, HOPP oxfords, *dagne dover midi tote]

10 thoughts on “outfit: blue, green, and kinda blue

  1. Hooray for your new phone! Not sure if you’ve talked about it on here before (sorry if you have!) but what do you think of the quality of the Cuyana silk (vs. Everlane, Grana, or similar)?


  2. I think blue and green is a fabulous combination. Reminds me of beaches, with blue skies and blue green water. Any combination found in nature works as far as I’m concerned.

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    1. Agree! I picked blue and green as my two “non-neutrals” to focus on in my spring capsule.

      I’m growing increasingly annoyed with my 6S+. You’re making the Pixel more and more appealing. I’m also having sticky-key issues with my Mac and it’s full because of DropBox and photos and photo management is a NIGHTMARE.

      Lots to think about!


      1. The sticky key issue is not going to get any better either unless you are willing to cover it in rubber at all times.. as for the pixel, it’s the most minimalist of all the Androids, there’s no bloat ware. And there’s unlimited photo storage to the cloud until 2020. It’s a big decision but anger at Apple customer service helped me make the leap. Good luck!


  3. The new phone’s camera seems to be great! I know the pixel is supposed to have a better camera than the iphone, and it appears to be the case. Maybe I’ll consider switching next time around. I’m extremely unimpressed with how slow my iphone 7 is now, at barely 1.5 years old.


  4. I’ve never heard that fashion rule! I think the look works for all the reasons you articulated.

    Congrats on the new phone, I hope it works out for you. For what it’s worth, I got my phone case from Carved and have been really happy with it functionally and aesthetics-wise. I worry with clear case that dirt will get in behind the plastic and be hard to keep clean. But the phone is a really pretty color, I understand wanting to preserve that! It’s so funny to me we buy phones and then immediately cover them up. It’s almost a design flaw, that they are so fragile.


    1. Oh yes clear cases yellow over time…I had one for my old phone. The yellowing is subtle though. And they are really cheap so I don’t mind replacing them every once in a while. I’ll have to look up carved when it’s time to replace my case. Cases are annoying but I do like that cases allow us to customize our phones.. If phones were shatter proof everyone would have heavy identical phones.


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