outfit: pocket placement

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quick outfit post here.

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i’m wearing the same shirt again today. this time it’s buttoned up and on top of a fitted bodysuit. i’m not sure how i feel about the pocket placement on this shirt though.  the flap over the pockets stick out a bit and that looks a bit awkward over the bust.  i bought a similar shirt months ago in silk, which looked much worse than this shirt because the pockets caused the delicate silk to get clingy and crinkle up around the bust area.  this might work better if the shirt was loose fit or if i had a smaller bust.  lesson learned.  i don’t think i’ll be buying any more shirts in the future with large pockets and/or pocket flaps over the bust.  it’s not a deal breaker for me with this shirt though.  i still enjoy wearing it and love all the little thoughtful details christopher lemaire put into this design.  his work with uniqlo was really nice.  it’s all very modern and androgynous. you can still find a lot of it on the secondhand market for dirt cheap.

i’ve been getting the urge to iron all my clothes.  i noticed some wrinkles in my outfits; i normally don’t mind, but i happen to be in the mood for some crisper looks.  i thought about experimenting with starch spray, which i have never used.  i hear that it works nicely with cotton and linens to keep them crisp and wrinkle resistant.  the other night, i went into a martha stewart how-to-iron-linens internet worm hole.  it’s funny how excited she gets about these things.  she owns a super heavy duty iron with all these spray functions and says her favorite past time is putting on a 4-hour long movie while ironing her sheets! LOL.  maybe i’ll do the same.

[outfit: old zara coat, *lemaire/uniqlo shirt, *j crew ribbed bodysuit (baselayer), lemaire twist pants, levi’s thick blue socks, HOPP boots, *cluse watch, *dagne dover midi tote]

8 thoughts on “outfit: pocket placement

  1. Check out a steamer! They get the wrinkles out of your clothing without nearly as much work as irons. Handheld steams are even easier to maneuver than larger stand steamers.


  2. I find ironing clothes very calming – until I have too many to do at once and get tired of standing over the board. I’ll usually iron a piece or two throughout the week so I don’t have a huge load to iron on the weekends. Once you know how to iron properly it doesn’t take long at all.


  3. God, ironing sheets sounds like t-o-r-t-u-r-e!!!! I second the steamer suggestion though, although it is better for getting rid of wrinkles, not for making crisp pleats.


  4. I’ve finally started to iron recently since I use drop off laundry service and invariably stuff comes back with creases. A steamer isn’t enough to get those out so I had to admit defeat and move on to ironing. I have a mini ironing board that fits on my living room table and I iron while watching Netflix. I’m not good at it but stuff is wearable post-ironing.


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