outfit: 4″ cuffs (+ why i’m switching from mac to PC)

ootd 2018-04-20 at 5.50.50 PM

I’m rocking 4 inch cuffs on my sleeves…

…inspired by Talia’s post about her double rolled 4 inch sleeves.

life and work has been a bit hectic lately.  during the week, i decided to take a day off to get some things done after a very busy two weeks, but on my day off, i unexpectedly had to accompany a friend to the ER for some throat issue she was having. thankfully she’s doing all right.  that morning it was cold out and i needed something that would be warm, easy, and comfortable, so i went for this outfit. i had a lot to juggle that day so i’m really glad i had these lounger shoes for the occasion.  i don’t really understand how i survived so long without lounge-y slip on type shoes.

sometimes i’m shocked at how little i know about dressing myself.  i guess it’s a learning process.  the arch support on the loungers are non existent which can make them feel unwieldy and floppy, but inserting leather pedag arch supports makes a huge difference in it’s all-day wearability.  i’m not too ashamed to admit that i pretty much wore this outfit 3 days straight.  it’s been one of those weeks.  at this point, i should really wash this ATM sweatshirt, lol, it’s getting dirty, but i don’t want to take it off!  lately, i’ve been so in love with the clothes that i’ve bought recently.  more so than in past years.  i think i’ve gotten better at recognizing things that i’ll actually want to wear. all the repeat outfits might make for a boring style blog though?  i’m so amazed and grateful that anyone has any interest in what i post here.

on a side note: you might notice that i’m still typing in all lower case.  the shift key on my macbook is still stuck and i’ve been in a battle with apple to get it fixed at no cost given it is clearly due to a design flaw in the new butterfly mechanism keyboards that are now standard on all new mac laptops. apple won’t admit that this is a design flaw, but it seems that their employees all know it is a problem given the over the top efforts they take to prevent their personal keyboards from getting stuck.

the genius bar tech told me that she uses an air gun to clear dust from her keyboard each and every time she closes her macbook.  wtf?! and the apple care representative told me he covers his macbook keyboard with a rubber skin at all times. who does that?!  but they won’t admit that their keyboards are sensitive to jamming with any dust or debris, yet everything they do says otherwise.

i got so frustrated with the apple care tech that the words “steve jobs would roll over in his grave if he heard you say that!” actually came out of my mouth, when the rep suggested that i should pay for a new keyboard and next time take better care of such a premium product by covering it with a rubber keyboard cover at all times.  please!  and what’s more ridiculous: if one key gets stuck, the entire keyboard needs to be replaced for over 300 dollars!

i’ve had this macbook for only two years, and its keyboard has given me nothing but problems from day one.  the trackpad also skips and is sometimes unresponsive.  My iphone is only about 2 years old, and it freezes all the time too.  and lately the keyboard on my iphone has been very glitchy. i mean yes, aesthetically they make beautifully designed products, but if their keyboards keep failing right out of the box, and i can’t use it unless i cover the entire damn thing in rubber, then i’m sorry, what is the point?  i am so done.

today i went ahead and purchased a google pixel phone and a thinkpad x270 laptop.  after 15 years of buying only apple computers and phones, i am finally making the switch to PCs and android.

what about you?  have you had any problems with apple products?  do you have any recommendations for a good cell phone and/or laptop?

[outfit:  atm sweatshirt, old everlane street fleece pants, allbirds loungers, *cluse watch]


13 thoughts on “outfit: 4″ cuffs (+ why i’m switching from mac to PC)

  1. I own an old MacBook Pro and it’s lasted me a good amount of time. I don’t like the feel of the new keyboards. There’s not much tactile feedback and now that I know there are issues with the keys getting stuck, I’m not sure if I will be upgrading to a new MacBook. It’s too bad because everything else about it is pretty darn good.


  2. The last experience I had with Apple was iPhone 6. I think the main problem I always had was the home button jamming. But ever since I moved to Android, I never looked back. I’m currently using Google Pixel and I love it! I haven’t had any problems so far.


    1. ohh I have had many screen issues with the iPhone by never a home button issue. I’m really looking forward to the pixel and glad you like it. Seems like most reviews are positive so far.:)


  3. I’ve been using Macs since 1993, and I’m considering switching as well. I’ll be eager for updates on your experiences with your new laptop.

    I’m typing this on a mid-2011 Macbook Air, so I’ve had very good luck with my Macs, but the recent changes– primarily the lack of ports, keyboard, the iOS-ification of everything– has me considering a Windows machine seriously for the first time. There is some software that is unavailable for Windows, however, that I’m not willing to give up, so I probably will end up buying a Macbook Air that still has the full set of usable ports, old keyboard, and Magsafe adapter, but I’m annoyed I have to buy something slightly underpowered with old chips to get those features! If anyone knows a good Windows alternative to Devonthink that I have missed in my searches, please let me know!

    Also, any chance you used a credit card with an extended warranty to buy your Mac? It might still be covered if you did. It looks like some Citi cards extend the warranty by 24 months, and AmEx is either 12-24 months. A lot of people forget about those types of benefits, so it’s worth checking to see if you might be covered.


    1. I’ll have to check my credit card to see if I have that feature. My guess is no but thanks for the tip! There’s no new Mac laptops with the old keyboard so you will have to buy an old version if it’s time to upgrade. My old MacBook lasted me 6-7 years and I loved that thing. If you do get the new one, probably worth the AppleCare to replace broken keys since the chance that will happen is very high.


  4. Please review both when you can! My space bar on my MacBook is sticky and my HD is full but I’m having a hard time with photos and docs because Apple doesn’t drag/drop to off site storage like Windows can (I hate iCloud!). Similarly tempted.


    1. I hate iCloud too! Luckily my work gives me unlimited google drive storage and I have that sync w my MacBook. I’ll keep ya guys posted on my experience w pixel/thinkpad. It’ll be a big adjustment but feeling optimistic about it.


      1. I am increasingly tempted. My MacBook is now so full thanks to DropBox and Photos that it is affecting performance, but it’s not at all intuitive to figure out workarounds. My 6S+ is starting to get VERY buggy post iOS 11.


  5. I’ve been android since the beginning, although I’ve also always used a mac at work and at home. I like android for the ability to customize the interface. My last upgrade was to a note8 which is enormous, but I liked the option of the stylus pen, which I use occasionally, and it takes nice photos. It was supposed to be like a bridge tablet for me — big enough to do select work on but still a phone. So far I like it.

    My last phone, a Galaxy S6 I think? stopped receiving texts during the last few months of use, which was terrible, but it was almost time to upgrade anyway. I feel like most phones have about a 2 year life, which might be baked in from the start to line up with contracts, I have my suspicions. Anyway, I do recommend android, and in general I think Samsung phones are high quality. Have never had anything physically problematic with them, just software once they get older.


    1. Seems like all my iPhones develop major issues like 1.5 years into them, and definitely a lot of issues by year two. I’m hoping to get better luck w android so glad to hear you never had major problems. That’s promising!


  6. So annoying to hear that the keyboard issue hasn’t been resolved! It seems like newer Macbooks are just awful,or have a lot of big design problems. (I have no complaints about my current mid-2014 Macbook, but with a lot of changes they’ve made, I’m predicting that I will have to think seriously about switching back to PC when my current computer breaks.)

    I’m experiencing major problems with my iPhone too, around 1.5 years in, it crashes or freezes a lot now, and I don’t think I do anything that intensive with it. I don’t remember this issue with my previous iPhone (my first one I dropped in a tide pool while at the beach only a few months after getting it, so any issues I had couldn’t fairly be attributed to the phone itself, ha!).


    1. i’ve owned about 4-5 iphones now, and each one has become major lemons about 1.5 years into… the macbook keyboards are soo atrocious, i would highly recommend against buying one. and if you do, given how shitty they are probably best to pay the extra 300 bucks for applecare. the company will not admit that their keyboards have sensitivities and that to me is so infuriating. instead they blame the customer for breaking the keyboards .. my guess is there would be some legal ramification if they admit that. i get the sense that the company is run by a bunch of top dogs and people are afraid to speak up about issues like these.


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