a few good links

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There’s been a poverty of good links lately, but here’s a few worth sharing:

  1. Passage des Perles wrote an excellent post on shedding “chub chat”.  It’s a thoughtful reminder of what’s wrong with commenting on other people’s weight and the negative effects of openly complaining about our own weight with others. I’m of course very much guilty of this too and will try to be more mindful of this habit in the future.
  2. I’m enjoying the new Men I Trust music video for the song show me how. We met the lead singer briefly at the bar before her first concert in NYC.  She ordered water, spoke with a French accent, and seemed extremely nervous.  I’m mainly linking this video because I love her entire outfit here; the high water wide leg pants, oversized canvas jacket, and comically sized tiny crossbody. It’s all very charming and ya get the sense that she is truly dressing for herself.
  3. I started listening to Cait Flander’s The Year of Less audiobook from audible.  I wasn’t initially thrilled about the idea of that book because I felt oversaturated with the whole ‘less is more’ self help philosophy.  But on a whim decided to listen to the audio sample and it peeked my interest.  It starts off with Cait delving deeply into personal issues, like her serious drinking problem, struggle with binge eating, and how she racked up 30 thousand dollars in credit card bills in her 20s.  I had read a few of her blog posts in the past, and really had no idea she had dealt with these issues, so it was interesting to see an entirely different side of her. It helps that I’m within her relative age group and can relate with some of her experiences. Her narration is subdued, which was refreshing in the sense that it didn’t feel pretentious or cheese-y. It feels like she’s just sharing her own personal story and experiment with living on less, rather than spewing out advice.  When someone purports to be a guru or simply acts like one, I’m automatically wary, so I’m glad this isn’t the case with Cait.  But anyway, I only just started listening and have actually looked forward to each listening session.


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