outfit: faux socks

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I experimented with faux socks today…

…which means I took a pair of long socks and cut the bottom half off, keeping just enough to keep my ankles warm. When wearing anything heeled with socks, my feet slip forward and squeeze my poor toes.  Sans socks, the friction from my bare feet keep them firmly in place.  Luckily things didn’t feel too swampy. I like the texture of socks better than bare feet in boots, so it’s a bit of a trade-off, but I think it’s worth it to avoid all that pressure over the toes.  This will only work while it’s still chilly, but that’s ok because I won’t be wearing boots when things warm up anyway.

I’m starting to think about hot weather shoes that I can wear to work. I destroyed multiple pairs of sandals over the last couple of years.  Summer sandals don’t seem to last me very long. After 3-4 months, they are obliterated. The soles get worn all the way down, straps break, water damage, mold growth.  NYC streets are really hard on them.  I’m down to my last pair, and those shoes look a bit worn and they sometimes pinch my pinky toe, so I should probably look for a more comfortable replacement soon.

I’m imagining the ideal summer work shoe to have a low heel, preferably a wedge or block heel.  Something that will let the toes breathe, with otherwise modest coverage for the office. There’s a lot of decent looking comfort shoes that meet this criteria except the soles always have some sort of hideous curvature that screams “comfort’ or worse: visible branding all over the place. Gah!

But anyway, today my right deltoid muscle decided to cramp up.  This has never happened to me before.  I’m thinking maybe it has something to do with my workouts. Raising my arm above the shoulder hurts.  It seemed to happen so suddenly.  It could also be stress related.  I tend to get muscle cramps when I’m stressed.  Yesterday, I worked from 9am to 11pm, then today I worked from 9am to 7pm, and it takes me like an hour to commute to and from work too.  I think I’ll let myself skip Barre3 today and take it easy.

On a positive note: I’m really looking forward to the nice weather tomorrow.  It’s going to be 70 degrees.  That makes me so happy, I might even cry!

[outfit: old zara coat, old zara knit sweater, jesse kamm ranger in size 6, HOPP boots]



6 thoughts on “outfit: faux socks

  1. I wonder if youre experiencing what is referred to as “cold” or “frozen” shoulder? I learned about it sitting in on a chinese medical intake last year. The patient couldn’t raise her arm above her head (or even at 90 degrees) without obvious discomfort. She didn’t know how it had started, speculated she slept on it wrong. The Doc had a chinese therapeutic approach, but WebMd has this to say: https://blogs.webmd.com/pain-management-and-migraine-relief/2008/05/frozen-shoulder.html

    Anyways, if thats not whats going on with you disregard … it just sounded familiar.


  2. That is a sharp looking outfit!
    When you say you cut the socks, did you make them into ankle warmers? I don’t think that’s a thing, but that would be a great idea. Did the socks roll up at all where you cut them?


    1. exactly, I cut below the heel. The heel cup bunched up, but they never rode up beyond that. so unless you were looking closely into my boots, you couldn’t tell I was not really wearing socks. i think next time i’ll cut them right above the heel cup.


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