outfit: pocket strength

ootd 2018-04-10 at 10.19.40 PM

This is what I wore to work today, under a big puffer coat of course.It’s the second time this week that I wore this. I felt really comfortable in it. The pockets came in handy to carry my phone, pager and pens. The weight of them didn’t drag at the neckline unlike what happens with lighter weight dresses. The pocket on my Harper tunic, for example, can only handle the weight of pens and paper.

How is everyone doing with their 2018 goals? I fell off track with Barre3 workouts in March. That month was sort of a disaster. I probably only worked out 4 times the whole month. In Jan and Feb, I worked out 4 times in one week! In April I’m trying to get back on track, trying for every other day.

I was getting bored of the same old moves in Barre3 but luckily in this week’s new workout, they added some new routines. I liked using the resistance band for sumo squats. I also really love using the ball for on the ground core exercises, but they rarely incorporate that in. Probably because they don’t want to scare away potential customers with the need to buy props. Dang capitalism!

I think I fell off track because work has been very busy these past few weeks and my responsibilities have increased when so many people are out sick or on vacation and the Jewish holidays. So by the time I get home, I’m already so tired. I think I need to get better at sleeping earlier each night too.

Maybe resolutions should be made each season instead of each year. Momentum seems to fade quickly after just a couple of months.

[outfit: mijeong Park dress from no 6 store, PACT leggings, old American Apparel men’s socks, HOPP oxfords, *cluse watch]

8 thoughts on “outfit: pocket strength

  1. Loving this dress on you. The texture is so wonderful. It reminds me of that ottoman fabric garment you got earlier this year. It’s great that the pockets are sturdy too!

    I totally fell off my efforts to work out. It wasn’t a clear resolution, but it’s something I want to do. But the magic of not making a resolution means it’s not too late to start up again?


    1. Thanks. The texture makes a huge difference I think. I can’t do most midi dresses but this one works. On workouts…Definitely not too late to start up again. It’s time to get back on track!


  2. That dress looks so good! It’s the right amount of casual and business. You could probably even dress it up for nice occasions. And yes definitely renewing resolutions every quarter or doing check-ins are he way to go!


  3. That dress is truly the dream, cut and pockets and all. I hadn’t heard of the brand, so thank you for my next round of idle browsing.

    Annual resolutions have always seemed bizarre to me, probably because I’m a visual thinker with time. Weekly increments really work for me: work-out plans can be tailored to my schedule and the weather (then if it doesn’t happen, another week is right around the corner). Also, I’m that person who hates buying equipment!


    1. It is a great dress indeed. It was sold out after I bought it. I think a lot of other people feel the same. I used to be better at weekly planning when I had a paper planner. I kinda want to go back to one. Same here w the equipment but this ball was only 9 bucks and it’s small and the work outs are so much more comfortable with it, so I’m glad I did.


  4. I started my year off with a list of goals that I hoped to accomplish in the short term (in practice, it felt like a list of quarterly goals, ha) and I’ve done alright with most of them! I don’t have much of a list for next quarter, however.

    My ability to follow through with non-work goals always takes a huge hit when things get truly hectic at work. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen too often at my new workplace, where the standards are high, but people generally just don’t think to make the same kinds of demands as at a large law firm. When I hear about what some of my law school classmates have endured (billing 2400, 2600, or more hours a year, when 2100 is already busy), I can’t quite believe it, because I’ve never had to deal with it myself.


    1. I think law is similar to medicine in terms of the insane work hours required. I’m lucky to be in a branch that is a lot less demanding of numbe of hours worked. But it’s still a lot. But I think the type of work is demanding on a mental level so time off is key. I don’t even know how I would quantify 2600 hrs a year. But I hear lawyers work insane amounts. New rules have limited hours physician residents can work to like 80hrs a week. Which is still brutal.


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