outfit: cradled and comfortable

big news everybody!

(my shift key is still broken guys, so please excuse the all lower-case)

i finally own a pair of hopp boots in my size! i met eree kim in person today to pick them up.  she was really nice.  hopp is still very much a small business, and like a lot of brands just starting out, it’s basically a one woman show right now. it was interesting to hear her talk about struggling to keep up with demand for her shoes because of the upfront costs required to make them.  i think she’s going to be very successful. she seems passionate about what she’s doing and more importantly she makes quality shoes that respects a woman’s style sensibilities and the anatomy of her feet at the same time.  it seems like such a no-brainer, but for some reason this has never been done well before.

long time readers will recall how i’d been waiting for these boots to become available since last fall.  there’s a reason why they’re always sold out.  they are the most comfortable heeled boots ever, period.  i’m normally a size 9, and the size 9.5 fit perfectly.  my feet feel cradled in them and the best part: they don’t make my feet look ginormous like a lot of boots do.  women who are size 9 and above know how hard it is to find boots that don’t make our feet look like monstrous clown shoes.  they’re the perfect minimalist boot. i can see myself wearing them to work everyday.  i haven’t owned ankle boots since i sold, first, my rachel comey mars booties, and then later my everlane heel boots.  i loved the look of both of those boots, but the soles felt rock hard; they felt very constricting and always made my feet hurt after just a couple hours. no matter how cute they were, i never ended up wearing them because of the pain.

the hopp boots looked promising, but when they were sold out last fall, i became disillusioned with the whole idea of finding a good pair of heeled boots, or heeled anything, and simply gave up looking for another pair.  non-monstruous flat boots in my size were even harder to find (i’m picky), so i gave up there too. without proper work appropriate ankle boots though, i wasn’t able to wear cropped pants throughout the winter, and that’s like 70% of the pants i own; it’s been a struggle to dress appropriately for both the cold and work. but anyway, i’m relieved to finally have a pair of heeled boots that i’ll actually want to wear. i’m going to ask the cobbler to add rubber vibrams to the bottoms to make them last longer.

in other news, i added one more thing to my work wardrobe this week:  a midi 100% cotton ribbed dress from the No. 6 store by LA based designer Miheong Park.  The no 6 store was near eree’s work place so i decided to pop in to check out this very specific dress that i had been stalking online but wasn’t quite sure about.  i love it.  there’s two big functional pockets that don’t get too distorted when my phone is in it. i can see this dress layered over pants, under cardigans, coats and scarves, etc.  it’s fitted but not too fitted. i feel put together but still very casual and comfortable in this.  and it looks great with the boots.  omg, can you believe it, i’m wearing midi and maxi dresses now! what has this world come to?


next on my wardrobe to-do list: replace old worn out black socks with organic cotton ribbed socks in a range of colors. i ordered a 3-pack by maggie’s organics from amazon for starters.  i’m digging the whole idea of using socks to add pops of color to otherwise monochrome outfits.

[outfit:  miheong park ribbed cotton dress, hopp zip up boots, cluse watch*]



19 thoughts on “outfit: cradled and comfortable

  1. Love this outfit! And I’ll have to check out these boots. Totally agree about size 9 looking like clown shoes if not careful. And don’t get me started on clogs for this size!


    1. Thank you Christina! Let me know what ya think if you do end up getting one. Clogs are tough too in our size. I have a pair but they are open back so it’s more forgiving than a full shoe.


  2. They look so good! I had a really hard time finding boots that looked ok on my size 10 feet too. The problem is a lot of boots get really wide at that size or the pointed toe starts looking comically pointy, adding like 2 inches of length that’s just empty space. I like how yours is almond shaped.. elegant but not too constricting. I like that you never forget your own comfort when talking about clothes. Thanks!!


  3. The boots look so chic; they don’t telegraph “comfort shoes” at all (not that there’s anything wrong with that)… and it sounds like you’ll be able to wear them for years. It’s also really cool that you met the designer and have that connection now every time you wear the boots. I hope she continues with her business! It sounds like such an uphill battle; I am in awe of anyone like that with the ambition and determination to make a small business work.


  4. Hooray for getting comfy boots! Your enthusiasm about these is infectious because now I’m curious about them.
    Your whole outfit looks awesome. The dress looks very flattering and it’s got that perfect blend of easy-to-wear and office-friendly.


    1. thx! this is a size small. and its a little more fitted around my waist than on the models. i tried on the extra small too and thought it was just a tad too clingy for me.


  5. OK–no 6 is sold out, but I found a boutique in Minneapolis that carries it. I’m debating between the S and the M then–I’m 5’7″ and probably a shell larger than you. Typically a size 6 US, very occasionally a 8 US with super design-y items… any thoughts? Would the XS fit you perfectly were it not for personal preference? (Was it too tight or just a little clingier than you typically wear clothes?)


    1. I’d go for the medium then. I think it’s meant to be somewhat loose. It’s already tighter on me than the way it’s modeled. But it does stretch a lot so if you like form fitted things go for small.


  6. Hi Michelle, I was persuaded by your thoughts on the Hopp boots and prepared to wait out the black in size 10 to come back in stock, but their customer service informed me they will be no longer making the boots! Such a bummer!


      1. Thanks, I have my eye on the oxfords. They actually they just emailed me a size 10 came back in stock!


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