outfit: almost

This is almost what I wore to work today.

I usually start my day with brewing a cup of coffee, then bringing it back to bed. I like to read the morning news as I sip on my coffee. About 15 minutes later, I’m fully awake and start imagining what I want to wear to work. This outfit was the first iteration. It looked great in my imagination and great in real life too, but it didn’t feel appropriate for work. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little bit of “you” for what you represent professionally. And that’s Ok. I changed into pants and a light sweater instead, an outfit you’ve seen me in a million times so I won’t bore you with it. I’ll save this outfit for going out on a weekend. This feels very rebel-school-girl-turned-art-teacher, doesn’t it? Me likes.

And now for some good wardrobe news. I wrote an email to HOPP about the boots and Eree, the designer emailed back, saying she will be getting a return of the boot in my size and will hold it for me. Super excited about that! I think having a dressed up ankle boot will open up a ton of outfit possibilities for me at work again. Since this will be my last real winter, I will be selling my APC heavy duty crepe boots to make room. This closet is always evolving… Sometimes I worry I’ll run out of things to say here, but that hasn’t happened yet.

[outfit: ES Harper, *jil sander pleated skirt, *cluse watch, pact leggings, Vietnam socks, HOPP oxfords]

10 thoughts on “outfit: almost

  1. I really like that Jil Sander skirt. It’s more versatile than I would have guessed; obviously it can go to the office, but it also looks casual with the ES top – that would be a perfect weekend outfit! Congrats on the boots. It’s nice to hear that HOPP’s entire team is focused on customer experience. Pretty impressive to hear back from the designer, vs. an automated response.


  2. Yay on boots! Ask and you shall receive. I emailed Lauren Manoogian about the sweater I wanted but that was sold out, the rep got back to and found a stockist who had the one I wanted in stock.


  3. “rebel-school-girl-turned-art-teacher” – this is how I want to dress all the time, but most days I’m too lazy to strive for the look consistently.

    I love how you’ve styled the ES top. I see it so often styled with trousers and wonder why people don’t try it with skirts.


    1. i think people traditionally imagine tunics as going only w trousers/leggings.. but they definitely are nice w fitted skirts too. been into the trouser, fitted skirt, tunic combo lately.. its a lot of layers, but looks cool, i think.


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