a few wardrobe updates + trouble with my macbook

ootd 2018-03-31 at 7.21.13 PM

happy spring time everyone!

today i have a lot of wardrobe updates to share.  but before i do that, i have to explain why i’m writing in all lower case. the shift key on my macbook is stuck and is pretty much dead.  the keys on all the new mac laptops with apple’s new butterfly mechanism are prone to getting stuck if any little piece of dust or debris gets lodged into it.  and because the design is so delicate and complicated under each key, they are extremely difficult to trouble shoot.  if one key is stuck, the entire keyboard needs to be replaced.  it’s a widespread problem that apple has been reluctant to address and quite frankly i am pissed off they are expecting me to pay over 300 dollars to replace the entire keyboard when it’s just one key that is stuck. even the repair person at the genius bar acknowledged that it was a very common problem and stated she routinely uses compressed air on her personal macbook before she puts the screen down every single day!  she advised me to call apple care and speak to someone higher up to see if i can get it replaced at no cost.  if they don’t cover the costs, i’m going to switch to a windows ultrabook type laptop for good.  and then i might even get rid of my iphone and replace it with a google phone because the main reason i pay extra for an iphone is for its ability to interface with my macbook.

but anyway, back to some wardrobe updates. i was in the market for warm slip on shoes that i could quickly take on and off to walk the dog or run quick errands, so i joined the bandwagon and decided to try a pair of allbirds loungers.  the bf bought a pair first and he seems to like them.  i chose the dark grey color to camouflage any unsightly toe bumps that are more visible on the lighter colors.  i also knew i’d be using them to walk in the park sometimes and wanted something that wouldn’t show stains. they feel nice, but the insoles feel a little too mushy to me and it feels like it takes more work to walk in them like it would if you were walking in sand.  also my heels slip out of them pretty easily but they fit perfectly in the length.  i went with my regular size 9.  i was able to remedy these problems though with a leather arch support that i put in almost all my shoes and by placing stick on leather heel grips that i bought on amazon.  with these modifications these shoes have a good place in my shoe repertoire.  they fill a role no other shoe does in my collection.

a little while back i bought a pair of kate young for tura sunglasses secondhand online. they were heavily discounted but they didn’t work out for my very large head.  i put them up for sale and went on a search for another pair. i really loved the celine sunglasses i tried on at the beverly center.  they looked huge on the rack, but not so huge when worn on my huge head, lol. but i’m not one to spend 500 dollars on sunglasses.  on a whim i decided to try typing in ‘large sunglasses’ on amazon and found this pair for only $10. it’s a beautiful shade of brown. they feel like the celines. it’s got a very simple, classic shape.  the large size gives em a high fashion-y appearance but they aren’t so large that’d you’d draw too much attention to yourself.  i’m super satisfied with them and glad i didn’t spend a lot of money on glasses that i’d probably lose by the end of summer anyway.

there was an eileen fisher store right next to the apple store, so i decided to try some clothes on after i got my laptop assessed at the genius bar today.  i tried on two things for fun-zies, with no intention of buying. i had heard about this jumpsuit on a grechen’s closet recent post.  it looked really cute on the model but i think on my frame, it makes my already top heavy body appear more top heavy.  i also didn’t like the way the bottom edges kind of ripple.

ootd 2018-03-31 at 7.20.07 PM

i also tried on this kimono like long cardigan, which looks comically oriental on me. the fabric feels really nice though.  it’s very lightweight and feels like a nicely aged nubby t shirt.

ootd 2018-03-31 at 7.19.45 PM

hopp bootsi recently ordered a pair of hopp boots that i had wanted for a long long time, but never was able to purchase because they were always sold out in my size, which according to the website is a 9.5 (i’m normally a size 9).  recently they restocked and size 9 was available.  i knew they’d run small but decided it was worth the risk in case they did work out.  i got them today and sadly they are just a tiny bit too tight even without socks.  i could tell though, that if they fit, they would be the most comfortable heeled boots ever.  there’s nice padding on pressure points along the interior.  i sent them back the same day.  sad.

cluse watchin other news, my old watch battery died recently and i tried to change the battery on my own but ended up breaking the glass on the face of the watch in the process, doh! luckily cluse watches are pretty ubiquitous and there were tons selling for a fraction of the msrp on the secondhand market, so i was able to replace it for cheap. i replaced the metallic straps with a brown leather strap.  i actually bought the black faced watch by accident erroneously thinking i had ordered black straps to match, so was initially really hesitant about the color combo, but i think these colors actually look really nice together.

anyway, this was a long post.  later today, the bf and i are going to finally watch the movie lady bird and will probably take a night walk in the park since the weather is warming up a bit, yay.  hope ya’ll are enjoying spring time and this easter/passover weekend.


10 thoughts on “a few wardrobe updates + trouble with my macbook

  1. Your coat and sunglasses in the first photo look great, as do the Hopp boots (what a pity about the sizing). I’ve been thinking about buying them for so long—the price is still slightly putting me off, even though I know how comfortable their shoes are. But if they really are on the last production run…

    More importantly, so aggravating to hear about the macbook keyboard issue. The bottom shell on my older 2013 model has now been replaced twice due to mousepad issues; I can occasionally feel key trouble coming on. I feel lucky to have bought extended Apple Care, and to be dealing with those issues in Australia (where the consumer law regime is much stricter and thus somewhat incentivises businesses to be proactive).


    1. those boots certainly feel expensive to me too and i felt very hesitant to buy them for that reason but in comparison to other shoes in its categories and being made in the usa, they are actually a very reasonable price.. but i imagine in australia, everything costs so much more especially with the shipping costs. my old macbook lasted me much longer without any trouble and i didnt buy apple care then.. i hate the whole idea of needing to buy applecare. but if i had bought it for 270 bucks, it would have covered the cost of replacing this keyboard 330 bucks.. i guess apple does a pretty good job of charging you what they predict it will cost them to fix their crappy product.


  2. The Cluse watch looks great with the black back and brown leather. I’m always tempted to wear watches again, but I know I’d still instinctively look at my phone instead of my watch for the time. Plus, I’d probably play with the watch a lot on my wrist.


    1. really? when i wear my watch, i almost never check my phone for the time which is so nice because its inconvenient for me to take out my phone.. at work i have to check the time constantly so it makes a huge difference in my day.


  3. Cool coat in the first photo! Ack, too bad about the keyboard issue.

    My previous laptop (a 2011 Macbook Pro) didn’t have the particular issue you’re describing, but was remarkably failure-prone. I had keyboard issues/dead keys three times in three years (which still required replacing the entire keyboard and motherboard back then, I was told each time) while I was on Applecare. And then it died with another, more serious malfunction (the screen died, though the rest of the computer was running) about three months after my three-year Applecare expired for good, two nights before an exam. Despite all these problems (it was still a better and more worth-it consumer experience than my previous experiences with having serious hardware failures on two windows laptops in the same amount of time with no option of buying an extended warranty that allowed similar repairs), I still went back to Apple and buying 3-year Applecare, and have luckily avoided issues with my current computer, a 2014 Macbook Pro. That 2011 Macbook must have been a lemon…

    If it came down to actually paying for a repair versus buying a new machine, I feel like I’d generally also stick to getting a new machine. I’m not sure if I’ll go Windows or Mac next time, as the market is very different now from the last time I bought a new computer.


    1. wow i’m surprised the old model had that issue too.. the newer keyboards are so flat with little room to tolerate any dust so it clogs up very easily. i think apple doesnt have the right balance between beauty and functionality right now.. what good is a thin laptop when the keyboard breaks down every few months.


  4. lol, you jumped on the allbirds bandwagon 🙂 i can’t stop wearing my loafers, they’re so cozy and comfortable.

    and i love the EF jumpsuit on you, but i appreciate your concerns. i actually ordered it to try recently and will talk about it this week on the blog ! i love it ….but sadly it’s cooled off again too much to wear it.


    1. they are especially great when you add orthotics.. at least for me. i saw a bunch of slip on shoes at the vince store and was enamored, then kind of regretted getting the allbirds because maybe i wanted more structure like the vince ones.. and now i can’t justify it bc the allbirds already fill that ‘hole’. no biggie tho. re the jumpsuit, i think it does look cute, just not on me.. i can never pull off the dropped waist look bc all my weight is in the mid section on me. i think they could look great on you though …lookin fwd to ur review!


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