outfit: Giorgio Beverly Hills

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I’m wearing the oldest thing in my closet today.

This is what I wore to work today.  Things warmed up, so alas I didn’t have to wear a puffer coat today, yay!  I dug around my closet to find a bag to carry my new notebook and decided to take this old vintage bag out of retirement.  I’ve owned it for 10 years, but haven’t worn it in 5 years. I bought it at a vintage store back when I lived in LA for probably $50.  It’s originally from a famous Rodeo Drive boutique called Giorgio Beverly Hills, which was really popular in the 1960s-1980s and eventually closed up shop in the late 90’s, and was replaced by the Louis Vuitton store as per this LA Times article I found about the owner of the original store.  I didn’t know anything about the brand when I bought it.  I just thought it was special because the leather felt very soft, thick and the jewels on it were borderline tacky but for some reason not quite.


All those colorful jewels along the edge make it look like something an 8 year old or an 88 year old lady would wear.  Sometimes I feel a little embarrassed to wear this bag.  And when I want to look more professional, I flip it over onto the non-bejeweled side.  But I held onto it because it feels special and I feel that it will become even more special as the years go on.  For the record jewels and gems are not my thing with this one exception. You all know how plain I usually dress.  For the past 5 years, I’d been using this bag as storage for smaller totes and sachet bags.  But I think it’s time to give it a go again.  It’s held up remarkably well.  It’s probably as old as I am, 32, and the leather still looks great.

[outfit: *john patrick organic scarf, old zara coat, french connection ottoman dress, pact leggings, hopp studio oxfords, vintage giorgio beverly hills bag]

6 thoughts on “outfit: Giorgio Beverly Hills

  1. Vintage leather is so much better than what’s sold today! My mom has a Coach bag from the early 1980s; it still looks like new. She put it away for at least a decade, when gold hardware kind of went out of fashion, but I recently saw her carrying it again. She used to be a Coach fan, but she was turned off when they started doing the canvas logo bags. I have stopped in at the Coach store a few times over the years; the leather handbags just aren’t the same quality as my mom’s old bag. It’s sad to see such a decline in material and craftsmanship. The leather on your bag looks like it’s untouched by age. I really like that deep emerald color.


    1. I have a vintage Coach bag that I adore. It’s a little worse for wear but has lasted me really well. Really durable construction and classic look. I have no interest in anything else Coach does, especially these days, and not interested in designer bags in general.

      This bag Michelle is delightful. When you know you know!

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      1. Totes agree. I had a vintage coach bag a while ago but the leather was fragile and it fell apart. Don’t think it was in the hey day of coach bags though.


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