outfit: for after work ( + my new disc bound notebook)

ootd 2018-03-28 at 7.25.45 PM

This is what I changed into when I got home from work.

The weather warmed up a bit and I was able to open the windows for a little while to air out the apartment, which felt so nice. I’m wearing a reversible sweater by ATM.  It’s inside out right now, but I left the tags on.  It’s a small tag and my hair covers it so I don’t think I’ll be taking it off.  I keep all tags on clothes nowadays in case I’ll ever want to sell them.

I was excited to pick up my new disc bound notebook at FedEx today. I was afraid the discs would look bulky and weird, which might distract my patients and lead them to ask me about it, changing the subject from them which I would hate to happen.  But in person, the discs are very subtle and I don’t think anyone will notice it as anything out of the ordinary.

ootd 2018-03-28 at 7.21.45 PM

I love that you can take pages in and out and rearrange them.  And when you use up all the paper, you can pull them out for archiving and replace them with refill paper, rather than buying an entirely new notebook. I love the color of this milky gray leather.  I’m excited to bring it with me to work.  I’ll use it to take notes for chart reviews and at the end of the day or week, I’ll shred whatever I no longer need.

Right now I don’t have a proper work bag that I could use to hold a notebook like this.  In the past I’ve carried additional canvas totes for the occasions where I need to carry extras.  But maybe now’s the time to get a grown up professional bag.  Still been thinking about that Dagne Dover midi tote, but feel very apprehensive about the weight of the bag.  M from WFHW says it’s not that heavy and she seems to carry lots of work bags for her job, so maybe I ought to stop fussing over it and give it a go already.  I hate the hassle of buying and then returning things though, and tend to think long and hard before I buy anything online.

I got an email today from my future employer in Los Angeles.  Happy to say that there are finally signs of things moving forward with the credentialing process.  It’s getting me really excited about moving back but also somewhat anxious about all the change coming up soon.

In LA, I’ll need a car.  I’ve been trying to figure out what type of car to buy.  It’s been so long since I’ve owned a car. I don’t really care about having a nice looking car.  I was going to choose the Honda Fit because it’s cheap and practical but my sister said that my mom would feel ashamed of me if that’s what I chose, lol, so maybe I’ll have to go with the Accord.  It’s a boring car, and everyone has one, but the consensus from people who knows cars seems to be that it’s the best one in its class and also happens to be one that my mom would find acceptable.  What car would you buy if you were to buy one today?

[outfit: ATM sweater, *black crane corduroy carpenter pants, birkenstocks, TUL junior sized leather notebook]

18 thoughts on “outfit: for after work ( + my new disc bound notebook)

  1. I used to have a disc journal with varying sized discs. Instead of buying refills I bought a punch (like a three hoke punch but it fits the discs) so I could use my own paper. I’ve been thinking of going back to it; sort of wish I hadn’t gotten rid of it all years ago!


  2. I drive a minivan right now because I have 3 under 3 and need tethers and anchors for carseats for days. I used to have a VW Sportwagen (gas not diesel) and loved it. Miss it. I like a back hatch (Fit, wagen, mini) for the flexibility! I will likely return to a small wagon when I can, and love the Fit!


      1. First time commenter here, love your blog and have been following you for a few months. I feel moved to comment right now and what I want to say is: GET THE FIT! My husband and I moved to the Bay Area after 20+ years in Brooklyn. We bought a used Fit and loved it, ended up giving it to my stepson when he moved to LA, replaced with an Accord. And we hated it! So big and less maneuverable, although I admit it was comfy inside. But just not worth the loss of driving ease. We traded the car back and bought another used Fit (we are fans of the early ones, they have nicer simpler bodies imo) and are so so happy. In the end, you have to drive a car that feels right to you no matter what it is, no matter what your mom says. And you are young and cool! The Accord is a grandpa/accountant car. I felt old driving it. (Hope I haven’t offended any Accord fans, but really. The Fit is the best.)


      2. Oh thanks! welcome to the comments section! Fit is still on the table. I keep hearing good things about it except for how noisy it is inside. I’ll have to test drive them and could still make the rebellious choice:)


  3. My mechanic told me to buy a Honda Fit when I was shopping for a replacement car earlier this year. Cheap, but a good engine and super reliable. I ended up getting a Toyota Corolla, because a friend was selling it, but I am thinking about a Fit for my post residency car!


  4. Happy car hunting! It can be fun to zip around in potential cars, but I know what you mean about the hassle. I ended up getting a car that I didn’t think I’d like, but I really like the way it “feels,” and I’m not some car person at all. It just works with my height, the console makes sense, there’s nothing that is such a design frustration that every time I look at it I think NO. And the cupholders are the right size and place for me, which does give me a thin slice of joy every time I use them. I end up thinking, “well, simple pleasures in life, right?”


    1. for me the interior functionality is really important.. that and safety. i really care about cupholders and the radio console. so many cars do it poorly.


  5. I was shopping for hybrids last year – the Accord was at the top of every list I read ranking reliable hybrids. Unlike most other manufacturers, the hybrid model wasn’t dramatically more expensive than the standard model – big plus. In the end I decided against a hybrid due to my garaging and driving habits (most of my driving is at higher speeds, and sometimes my car sits unused for weeks at a time). An Accord hybrid would be great for LA though! All that stop and go traffic, and lower speeds, you’d almost never use the combustion engine.


  6. That post work outfit looks super comfy. I’ve never used a disc notebook, but it looks interesting. I like the idea of being able to move around pages in the notebook.
    Since you know what’s going on with my car I can’t quite recommend Hyundai, but I do like my car a lot and think it looks much nicer than Hondas or Toyotas. If I were to get another car today though I’d probably go with a Mazda 3. They are good cars and look good too.


  7. Super cool notebook, and good luck with everything to do with the move! I can only imagine that there must be a lot of paperwork to do when moving states. My local job transitions have always been very quick, but if I were ever to move states I’d most likely need to take another bar exam, and file all kinds of paperwork to get admitted.


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