outfit: four

ootd 2018-03-27 at 9.13.47 PM

I wore this to work today. 

It’s a bit radical but I decided to take a risk and went for it anyway.  I’m wearing leggings and a thin long sleeve underneath the EF jumper dress, with the ES harper tunic over top.  A co-worker took notice of my outfit, and asked if the dress was all one piece.  And I said no it’s actually four separate pieces!  I feel kind of like a buddhist monk-catholic nun-art teacher in this get up, lol.  If I were to do this outfit all over again, I would subtract the white long sleeved top to tone it down a bit.

I’m so tired of covering my ankles.  Can it be warm again please?! I’m envious of all my female coworkers who drive to work and can therefore get away with cropped pants, bare ankles, and skirts with regular hosiery.  Because I walk a total of 25 minutes on my commute and sometimes get stuck on the freezing cold subway platforms, I don’t have that option and it’s really crampin’ my style!

I get really annoyed when I see blog posts on “how to dress for winter”, and I see the blogger out and about in the snow, wearing cropped jeans, w/ bare ankles, an open wool coat, with a scarf and beanie. Please!?  What kind of fantasy world do you live in!?  That’s a blogger who cares more about looking cute for the camera then about her readers, and not being honest about what she really wears in the freezing cold. 👎🏻 I’m glad there are still some bloggers who are not afraid to be ordinary people, and not try for the look of magazines, or worse: catalogs.

[outfit:  everlane mock neck base layer, eileen fisher tencel terry jumper dress, elizabeth suzann harper tunic, pact leggings, hopp studios oxfords]

13 thoughts on “outfit: four

  1. Preach it! We know what people really wear in the cold! I drive to work and still wear leggings and thick socks because cold ankles are the worst. I hate having cold ankles in the office as well.


    1. Yes! And it pains me to see other people with cold ankles too. Sometimes I get the urge to approach women on the streets with exposed legs/ankles in 30 degree weather and be like “REALLY? WHY? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?”

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  2. I think I am going to copy that exact outfit this weekend – ES tunic over midi dress and leggings. Sunday is going to be cold and that looks perfect.


  3. Lol @ buddhist monk-catholic nun-art teacher. Maybe if the tee were black instead of contrasting white? It’s a cool look though.

    I take my OOTD photos before I put a coat on because otherwise I’d be a blue marshmallow in every photos. That’s the truth. I feel you on the bare ankle thing, I walk/train to work as well and I see coworkers in bare feet/open flats/no socks and am like wtf, how do you do it in 40 degrees. I need a baseline of 60 before I consider flashing any bare ankle skin, haha.


    1. same here.. i’d be an army green marshmellow in every single photo and then this blog would be even more monotony than what it is haha. I think my limit is 55 degrees.. but that would be just a sliver of ankle.


  4. Minus the snow, that’s my go-to winter outfit here in Florida! BUT having traveled and stayed in cities that have actual winter, I can definitely feel your pain and give you major kudos. I still can’t imagine having to dress in that many layers daily for months on end.

    I really do like this look – if I see that midi dress in store, I’ll probably try it on (though I’m apprehensive of how it will look on me). You’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it already, and I’m in need of one or two more workhorse dresses.


  5. I think the dress looks great with this shirt! To me you look like a young version of an art-loving psychoanalyst with Mao-ist tendencies. But that might very well just be because of one of my mom’s friends who dresses like that albeit more colorful. She is really cool. And the black and white color scheme makes your outfit more modern!


  6. Lol I totally agree with the “dressing for winter” thing! That’s my go to winter outfit for when I’m in San Francisco, but that’s only if it’s over 55, less than that and I’m covering those ankles, at least while commuting. And you better believe as soon as I get back to Tahoe and snow that’s not what I’m wearing. I won’t even unload the car dressed in that, I immediately run into the house to change into a parka and tall Sorels!


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