outfit: new cardigan (+ some complaints about EF + what I wear to concerts)

ootd 2018-03-22 at 11.31.51 PM

This is what I wore to work today. I sent back the PACT cardigan yesterday and received this Marni cashmere cardigan from the RR on the same day. It came with a tiny hole on the arm but with a tiny bit of tear mender glue and a brown marker to cover up the whiteness of the glue, you wouldn’t know there was a hole unless you were looking for it. The design is simple, modern and a little bit boyish. I felt like myself in this and it sort of disappeared from my mind throughout the day, which is what clothes should do.

Yesterday night, I finally decluttered a giant pile of random papers in my closet. I decided I needed a more organized way to keep notes and discovered disc bound notebook systems. I ordered a gray leather notebook by TUL (Office Depot) to start. And if I like it I’m going to consider getting the hole puncher to fully commit to a disc bound system. The customizability is really cool. I wish I had this back when I was in school.

And as a side note: is anyone else annoyed by Eileen Fishers website? It’s so poorly run/designed. I’m shocked that they still use extremely tall /thin models primarily. To make shopping for our bodies even harder, they offer no detailed sizing info for each garment despite offering an expanded size range. With limited inventory and the relative success of the company, I am shocked they have not caught up with the the times in this regard. Especially since they seem to be so thoughtful about so many other things (the environment and ethical manufacturing).  I emailed a letter to EF about these issues, but there’s no response so far. Not holding my breath there, but it’d be interesting to see what comes of it.

Speaking of Eileen Fisher, I decided to change into my new EF tencel terry dress worn under my old military long jacket after work to go to the Men I Trust concert. I like to dress a little more “alternative” to concerts and it helps to wear big pockets so there’s no need for a bag that can restrict movement while dancing or moving through crowds.

ootd  2018-03-22 at 11.32.03 PM.png

This outfit probably shows a little more of my personality than the clothes I wear during the typical work week.  It’s a bit more hardcore but ultimately still quiet and serious.  I’ve decided, I will never  be that whimsical, cute-sy girl. It’s just not me. There’s so many well done outfit blogs out there with fun-quirky-colorful styles, but I can’t relate and find myself completely disinterested in them.  Where are all the plain Janes out there?!, lol.

[outfit: *marni cashmere cardigan, *cuyana scoop neck silk tank, EF easy pants; EF tencel terry jumper dress, old zara military long jacket, PACT long leggings, APC armelle boots]

12 thoughts on “outfit: new cardigan (+ some complaints about EF + what I wear to concerts)

  1. That military jacket is so cool looking. Love the triangle flap pocket!

    I’ve never actually browsed the EF website, haha. It is frustrating to me when designers don’t include meaningful sizing info tho. Are we just supposed to guess? And when there IS a measurement, it’s for like, one size, and for something random like the width of a single thigh. Meaningless! How hard is it to include waist, rise, inseam? It’s so basic.


  2. Thanks for teaching me about disc binding lol. I love all things stationary and yes that woulda been so helpful in school. Also looooove that military jacket!


  3. The jacket is perfect for concerts or other crowds! I think it’s pickpocket proof, with the buttons. Plus the pockets are so generous, they won’t look bulky with a wallet or phone or keys. (I presume it’s symmetrical, or is there only a picket on one side?)


    1. There’s pockets on both sides but it’s a little different on the other side. Yep pretty pickpocket proof. Although I don’t worry too much about that.


  4. The construction on that Zara coat looks great. It resembles the recent trend of indie industrial-esque wear more than anything there now. Such a pity—I still love and wear a 2010 Zara button-up cotton shirt, but don’t think anything from the interim has survived.


  5. EF confuses me too. Sometimes I can count on their sizing just being ‘one smaller than you think,’ but other times, like with tops, that’s simply not the case! There’s a store that’s just two miles away from me, thankfully, so it’s not the worst thing in the world to go in, but that happens to be the only EF store with snooty employees (ugh Pac Heights).

    Anyway did you see the barre3 sale? I don’t need another orange ball, but that’s way too good of a one year subscription deal to pass up on!


    1. Ooh didn’t see the sale. Thanks for the heads up. That’s so annoying about snooty sales people. What class do they think they belong to when working in retail sales.. not that anything should justify such snobbery. But I’ve had that experience too.


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