outfit: too much drape

ootd2018-03-19 at 10.21.51 PM

This is what I wore today and quite frankly, I hate it.  This is the new cardigan I bought from PACT in my effort to build up my office wardrobe.  There is seriously too much drape.   It’s about one foot too long in the front.  The silhouette is so, so bad.  Maybe it would look better if I was taller. I really wanted to like it and in my effort to like it, I took off the tags and gave it a shot.  Not sure if PACT will let me return/exchange it at this point, but I’ll try.  On a positive note, I bought a couple pairs of leggings from the same company and really liked the smooth but dry hand texture of their leggings and if they allow me to exchange this cardigan, I will order two more leggings.

It was an extra insane day at work today. I worked about 11 hours straight, without any breaks, and was constantly interrupted by other people who needed my help.  Feeling a little burnt out right now but plan to get to work early tomorrow to get a head start on things.  Hope your Monday was better than mine.  I’m hoping for some better outfits later this week.  Stay tuned!

[outfit: PACT eco wrap cardigan, *eileen fisher linen top, everlane slim wool pants, hopp studios oxfords]

16 thoughts on “outfit: too much drape

  1. Waterfall cardigans are so tough, sometimes there’s so much fabric it feels excessive or suburban. I had good luck with Icebreaker’s bliss wrap, plus it has pockets and is made from Merino wool.
    Hoping the rest of the week isn’t as chaotic!


  2. I think it looks really good on you in that picture! The proportions are really flattering from the photo angle–though of course a lot of excess fabric can get in the way. Hope tomorrow is a less intense day!


  3. I wear a lot of waterfall cardigans (though usually ones with a little less volume in front) and they’re definitely tough, proportions wise. I’ve still definitely ended up with ones that are a bit unbalanced/really bulky in front, and often end up not caring as much that it would photograph terribly and sort of adds bulk in odd places under my coats. I find them warm and snuggly in my offices, which generally tend to be too cold!

    Hopefully the return goes smoothly. I had an unusually busy day too, though nowhere near as hectic as yours. I’d been slow at the office for a few weeks, so having a busier than average day was a bit of an adjustment.


    1. I like the wrapping ability. But when left to hang. Not great. Maybe one that’s less drapey.. hope your work week goes well too. It got a lil better. Monday’s always the worst.


  4. I think the cardigan looks nice. Maybe paired with some pants that have a bit of drape to them would even out the look. Hopefully you can return it though and get what you’d really like. I’m curious now about those leggings.


    1. Leggings are descent. Someone else said they are sheer but on me not sheer at all but I have no booty to speak of so maybe I’m just not stretching it out enough to turn sheer. I can talk more about the leggings at some point. Maybe after I wash them to see how they hold up with washing.


  5. Yikes, that is a lot of drape. Not that it looks bad, but just in terms of ease of movement (though I imagine it would be snuggly, like Xin said). I’m glad you like Pact’s leggings! I really like the material and the waistband but they are pretty sheer in the places I don’t want them to be sheer. They’re fine in my pj drawer, but I can’t really leave the house in them.


  6. If you want to order more leggings, maybe that can be a bargaining chip for the return? I’m not familiar with Pact’s policies, but I think plenty of retailers would be open to a return for store credit if you explain you’d like to buy more merchandise…


  7. I wouldn’t have looked at this and thought ew, but it also doesn’t seem very much like your style! I gave up on waterfall cardigans a few years ago for a lot of the reasons you call out above. There tends to be too much going on for just a cardigan. It starts being more of a statement, whereas I would like my cardigans to be more of a supporting character in an outfit.


  8. I have never been able to pull of waterfall cardigans. I think they can often overwhelm a smaller frame, especially when they are as big and statement-y as this one. It seems to me that this is a general problem with all kinds of structures. Ruffles, bows, peplum – all difficult for someone who is on the shorter side and has a smaller frame. Agree or disagree?


    1. This does enter the ruffles category in some ways.. maybe not as bad but similar. I can’t do ruffles, peplums, bows, or any non functional major embellishments. Maybe related to being on the shorter side, but I’m just not a fan of those things in general. I would add those bell bottom type sleeves on shirts, or those off the should tops with the big ruffled edges. Its all too much.


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