outfit: just a t-shirt (+ how I’m wearing a watch again+ some music vids)

atm t shirt review

I wore this outfit today. 

I’m wearing that ATM slub t-shirt I bought two weeks ago.  Since then, I’ve worn it maybe 6 times! I love the delicate way it drapes.  Like all slub cottons, the fabric wavers between thick and thin.  That quality combined with the heathered flax color gives this t-shirt a subtle complexity (which of course no one is going to notice or care about but me, lol).  I like to fold up the edge and messily tuck it into my pants so that it drapes at the waist and has no hard edges.  The material is so delicate that it would probably wear down easily.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a few holes popped up eventually.  I’ll try to be gentle with washing.  Here’s a close up.

ootd ATM CLOTHING 2018-03-09 at 10.14.42 PM

In other news, I was inspired by Talia’s post about watches, and dug out my old Cluse watch today.  Longtime readers here will recall that I used to wear this watch all the time.  After the leather strap broke, I replaced it with a gold metallic strap.  That turned out to be a bad idea because it would occasionally tug at my little arm hairs (and btw, I am the least hairy person I know!).  I shaved my wrist today, and that seems to have solve 90% of the problem.  Regardless, I went ahead and ordered a leather strap because aside from the hair pulling problem, I think leather straps are overall much more comfortable and I’m more likely to wear my watch if it’s leather.  And when I wear my watch, I feel more effective at work and in life.  The added bonus is that I think watches, especially these large faced minimalist ones, look really nice with almost any outfit.

I scrolled through the HOPP studios instagram account today and saw a preview of their new wedge sandal with a built in toe ring.   I might consider buying a pair in the summer.  It would be nice to have a pair of comfortable low heeled sandals that I can wear to work.  But I’m anticipating a lot of expenses this summer, so I might not be able to.  We’ll see.  I’m also sad to see that their boots are going out of production.  They never had the black ones in my size.  Looks like I missed out.  Sad.

And now for some exciting new music I felt worth sharing.  Have you guys heard of the band Snail Mail?  I’ve been listening all week to their EP and getting really into it.  There’s increasingly more buzz around them.  I’ve been listening to Soccer Mommy too, another band with female vocals.  Both bands remind me of what it was like being a teenage girl in the 90’s.

Here’s the music video for Snail Mail’s song “Thinning”.  The lead singer is wearing a black mock neck in this one, which y’all know I have a soft spot for!

And here’s a morbid video by Soccer Mommy.

Were you a teenager in the 90s?  How did you dress back in those days?  How has your style changed since then?

[outfit: ATM school boy crew slub tee in flax, *black crane corduroy carpenter pants]


10 thoughts on “outfit: just a t-shirt (+ how I’m wearing a watch again+ some music vids)

  1. Both of those songs were very “90s”. I was a teenager in the early to mid-90s and I mostly remember shapeless layers of flannel, denim and grandpa sweaters. I did have a few denim or corduroy mini skirts, but they were ALWAYS worn over heavy tights and with Doc Martens. Looking back, I’m thankful that the predominant style of the 90s did very little to visually sexualize women, especially when compared with the preceding 80s or the aughts. I suppose that might be the reason why I prefer loose layers today. Back then, though, we were only looking for clothes 2-3 sizes too big, vs. oversized with a specific shape.


    1. I wore similar things. Seems like womens style in the 90s definitely skewed masculine. I remember when spaghetti straps were a thing, but you’d wear an open flannel on top.


  2. I love that kind of fabric for t-shirts. Unfortunately it’s a bit see-through most of the time. You’re outfit makes me long for summer. I’ve been collecting images on Pinterest and am feeling the all white look once the sun comes out. Although it would probably take me less than 10 minutes to stain it somehow.

    I was a teenager in the late 90’s and spent my evenings inline skating or skateboarding. So mostly oversized trousers and shirts. Combined with a short haircut I was regularly mistaken for a boy, LOL.


    1. That’s true, it is a bit sheer, but not so much that I would feel self conscious. I was a major tomboy too and still am somewhat. I wore flared jeans and sometimes flannels as outerwear.


  3. I remember dressing like a tomboy but also being into bold lipstick and dying my hair darker. I still dress like a tomboy but now wear natural colors or no make up and tend to lighten my hair color if I do dye it. I like those songs. Thanks for introducing them to me.


  4. I was a child in the early 90s and a teen in the late 90s, so one minute it was all Fiona Apple and Alanis, and the next minute it was Britney and Christina. I didn’t express myself in fashion at all though, because we wore school uniforms (with strictly enforced rules about how to wear them). I did know that wanted look like Sporty Spice of the Spice Girls in a track suit. Also wanted cargo pants like how All Saints wore it (the Brit girl band, not the brand).

    I was also very influenced by all the ckOne and ckBe ads for Calvin Klein, and still am. I still have a denim mini that I haven’t worn in like, 15 years, but I’m terribly sentimental about it.


    1. CK is making a come back. They are definitely good at marketing. I own a few undergarments by them. I was into Fiona Apple once but was snobby lil punk kid about Cristina and Britney. Until Britney shaved her head, then she was cool. lol


  5. I love slub fabric! It makes something basic just a little more interesting, adds some texture. I’m also a fan of this not-white not-gray flax color.


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