outfit: death angel?

ootd all black 2018-03-14 at 7.31.10 PM

I wore this outfit to work today, except I also had on a black cardigan and was wearing black oxfords.  I changed into these sandals when I got home.  Patients rarely ever comment on my clothes at work, but this sweet 90 year old lady who I was called to see today because she was delirious and kept talking about wanting to die, took notice of my outfit.  When I met with her, she asked me very politely, “Excuse me but may I ask why are you wearing all black?  Are you my death angel?  Because if you are, please take me, I’m ready to go.”  I pulled up my dress to show her that I was wearing purple colored socks and therefore could not possibly be her death angel.  This made us both laugh.  Later, she kept referring to me as “hey lady with the purple socks”, lol.

purple socks ootdBut anyway, this is my first and only long dress in my wardrobe and I love it.   It’s the tencel stretch terry jumper dress from Eileen Fisher.  I tried on the grey version on a whim.  Really loved it and then decided to buy the black version for practicality.  The turtleneck part looks smart. And the large cut off arm holes let’s you change things up by wearing it over various types of fitted tops.  They look good with thin long sleeves and fitted tanks.  I’m wearing mine with a Spanx tank top that I usually wear when I don’t want to bother with wearing a bra but still want to be held in.  In this outfit, I feel like a character from the Adam’s Family.

This dress is one of those rare finds that look much better in real life and on average human bodies than on the tall super thin model. My good friend Joy (aka my dermatologist friend) recently bought the same dress or one very similar to it from EF, and I think she looks really good in it with a striped top!  You can see it over at her brand spankin’ new outfit instagram account, seejoywear.  I’m excited she decided to start posting her outfits because I’ve always admired her style, which always manages to be put together, modern, chic, but down to earth and relatable.

I will not follow outfit blogs/IG accounts where it looks like it took the person 10 hours to get dressed and do their hair and make up.  Ugh no thanks!

In other news, I’ve been procrastinating on my research projects these past few days and watching too much TV.  Is anyone else watching Queer Eye and/or the new season of Terrace House on Netflix?  Jonathan from Queer Eye is really growing on me.  And I love the decor in the new Terrace House.

[outfit:  new eileen fisher stretch tencel terry jumper dress, PACT long leggings, *kork ease wedges, HOPP studio oxfords, purple vietnam socks]


18 thoughts on “outfit: death angel?

  1. The dress is perfect for work; somehow professional and cozy at the same time… and I must compliment your quick thinking to make a joke about the socks. I would not know what to say if someone compared me to a death angel. I’d probably just back out of the room, slowly.


    1. It’s easier to get away with certain shapes at work when its all monochromatic. I purposefully wore purple socks to not look too scary at work, so when she mentioned it, I was like “oh but the socks!”. Never a dry day at work, I will say that.

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  2. OK first of all the death angel story!! I’m so happy you both had a laugh about it. I feel sad for the lady being ready to go and being stuck here though.

    Love the dress on you, especially the fitted tank peeking out from the sleeves look. I want to get more into this look this summer maybe. It feels avant-garde without being too envelope-pushy.

    Just watched the last QE last night and 6 for 6 I cried every episode. I love the parts especially where they go in the house for the first time and have fun playing with all the random stuff they find. Such a joyous group. Jonathan is probably my favorite. Everyone I know is initially turned off by him but grows to love him. I think he’s a lot deeper than he projects. Shooting everything around Atlanta is also exciting for me because I recognize so many spots. The QE loft is just down the street from me!


    1. Oh she’s actually quite a happy camper and only said that because she was temporarily delirious. The story ends well. I also cried during almost every episode of Queer Eye.. maybe I didn’t cry for the firefighter episode though. Definitely cried a ton for the first episode “ya can’t fix ugly”. So cool that you live right by it all.


  3. I love the outfit. That dress looks great with the fitted tank underneath. That dress is very tempting and I don’t even like dresses!
    The death angel story is fantastic and I love that you wore purple socks.


  4. Thank you for your encouragement! I’ve been really inspired by your blog and others in the community, and I’m pretty excited to have my own corner of creativity. It’s a nice outlet from the sometimes stressful world of medicine.


  5. The older lady sounds like she has a wonderful sense of humor! Good thing for your purple socks haha

    I am obsessed with Jonathon from Queer Eye. He is just so sweet and encouraging.

    Sigh, I used to think that people wanted to see the whole production (hair and makeup) for outfit photos and would always feel bummed that I couldn’t put the effort in. But honestly, that’s just not me and I’m so glad I’m over that.


    1. I don’t think she was kidding.. she was confused.. I get called to see confused people at work all the time. But anyway, I’m glad you feel the same. I think people are really just into the clothes anyway. they don’t care about the rest.


  6. I loved the new Queer Eye! I generally have a soft spot for makeover shows, and it’s a good one!

    Great dress and outfit. I was wearing a very somber-seeming outfit too, yesterday, black dress, black tights and shoes, and a dark gray cardigan.


  7. Just picked up the Hopp Oxfords since have been looking for a comfortable pair of shoes to wear all day long. I was curious if you sprayed them with any sort of waterproofing or how you have cared before wearing outside in the cold/salt (want to care for them well!).

    Love the purple socks story. What a way to turn a melancholy comment into something humorous. Haven’t seen Queer Eye (though it’s on my list), need to make it through Jessica Jones first!


    1. I probably should spray them but I’ve been too lazy to do it. Surprisingly however the suede is still perfect despite wearing these through snowstorms and the dirty streets of NYC. I just use a terry cloth towel to occasionally dust them off. The platform soles lifts it off the ground so they rarely get wet when the floor is wet out. Tell me what you think when you get them.. I don’t know anyone else with a pair so I’d be excited to hear. You’re in for a treat with queer eye.. although the first episode is the very best, then it kinda goes downhill, but still good.


  8. Mind if I ask how tall you are and which size you got in the dress? I’m super into it but I can’t find Eileen Fisher in person where I live (Canada) so I’ll be ordering online and likely won’t be able to return. I’m 5’2 so I was going to order an XS. I see they also have a petite version available..


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