outfit: early signs of a wardrobe workhorse (+ my “mall haul” continues with some new clothes from A.T.M.)

ootd ATM CLOTHING 2018-03-09 at 10.14.15 PM

I wore this outfit to work today.  Nothing exciting here, except for some little details no one but us weirdos is ever going to notice. 

I know I stated earlier that I would not add any more stripes to my wardrobe, but I just couldn’t resist when I laid my hands on this top at Bloomingdales earlier this week.  When I found this top, I had just finished buying the navy dress I wore in the previous post.  I also had just finished touching everything in the James Perse section at Bloomingdales with no intention of buying anything (I just wanted to get a good sense of the sizing and fabrics while in the store so I could be better informed when I buy James Perse secondhand online).

I  was almost on my way out of Bloomingdales when I passed by the ATM brand racks.  I had never heard of ATM before but noticed a few minimalist looking tops on a 60% off rack and I just had to check it out.  Immediately I noticed that the fabrics felt high quality and there were subtle details that made each item special.  Like this top for example.  The blend of cashmere, wool, and silk was buttery soft but so light that it drapes like a good T shirt.  Here it is on the model for a better picture.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 10.29.31 PM

I also loved the raw rolled up edges and the extra long sleeves.  Something about that made it feel extra laid back and relaxed. I tried on the size xs, s, and m.  They all fit and the differences were barely perceptible.  In the end, I wanted a more garcon/tomboy loose fit, and went with the medium.
ootd ATM CLOTHING 2018-03-09 at 10.15.09 PM

ATM stands for Anthony Thomas Melillo.  He’s the lead designer who started the young brand in 2012.  According to the website, they focus on making a small collection of casual basics that feel personal.  I’ve never really heard of a designer talk about wanting their clothes to feel “personal”, but I can sort of see the message in the clothes actually.  He puts his initials on the inner arm (near the arm pit) of every shirt to match the tattoo he has on his own body.  It’s really subtle and no one is  going to notice it.  I thought it was a nice touch, even though usually I’m not a fan of visible branding.  It’s kind of like the Phantom Thread!  I think the small size of the collection lends itself to feeling personal too.  The collection feels very similar to other high-ish end athleisure wear brands like James Perse, but with a slight apocalyptic / military flavor to it.
ootd ATM CLOTHING 2018-03-09 at 10.14.42 PM

Anyway, I went ahead and bought the striped sweater, then on my way out the store again, I was drawn to a T-shirt that was laying in the ATM section.  It was the perfect heather-y, pale-est neutral gray beige color. I had never seen a color like that before.  The tag said the color was “flax”.  This got me really excited!  OMG, my favorite wardrobe color of all time.  Then when I read the little description on the tag about how ATM started with the intention of making the perfect T-shirt, I thought well now I have to try it.  I liked it so much, I ended up buying it at full price.  In the end, it’s just a basic T shirt, so I don’t want to get carried away with making it seem more than what it is.  I just happened to really like the color so much and felt that it was a rare enough find that I better buy it to avoid regretting it later.

Since Tuesday (3 days ago), I wore this flax T-shirt under this striped long sleeve  two times already.  Historically wearing something multiple times a week during the first week I purchased the item is a sure sign it’ll become a wardrobe workhorse.  Right now, however, I think these shoes wins the top prize for being a wardrobe workhorse. I continue to wear them everyday to work since I received them around New Years.  What’s your #1 workhorse in your wardrobe? What makes it special and how often do you wear it?

[outfit: ATM cashmere, silk, wool striped knit top, ATM flax t shirt, Everlane slim wool pants, HOPP studio essential oxfords]

8 thoughts on “outfit: early signs of a wardrobe workhorse (+ my “mall haul” continues with some new clothes from A.T.M.)

  1. Totally with you on the wearing something immediately multiple times is a good sign. I wish I could pay retrospectively – some things I wear nonstop for years were really cheap and other things expensive that I don’t use enough. And of course some in the middle. Totally with you on those items looking amazing/ the color flax. My most worn item is a plain striped T shirt dress that I’ve worn once a week for probably 2+ years now… and maybe paid $20 for.


  2. I really like that striped top – I hadn’t heard of this brand before, thank you for the introduction. My closet workhorse is a pair of high-rise Madewell button-fly jeans. I wear them probably 3-4 times a week (since I can wear jeans to the office) since buying them a year ago, or so.

    When it comes to tops, I have a black top by Free Label with a tulip back that I wear a lot. It’s bamboo so I can wear it to yoga, but the open back looks nice if I’m say, meeting friends for a drink. The tulip can also be worn in the front or the back. I like multi-way clothing.


  3. Thanks for the intro to ATM; I’m waiting for your t-shirt review! I need to replace a couple of white tees before summer and am looking for a new staple. I really love the tees I ordered from Zady a couple of years ago, but they’ve been in “out of stock” status since last Spring. I am hopeful since they are still up on the website, that the brand intends to produce a new batch. They are the best quality t-shirts I’ve ever owned. The white tee used to be a workhorse for me! I liked it so much I ordered another one to keep as a reserve, which is a good thing because eventually I had to transition the original to the workout drawer due to yellow armpit stain (isn’t that the death of every good white tee?). Now I’m on the last one and I’m reluctant to wear it too often; I want it to last as long as possible!!


    1. I’ll let you know what I think of the T shirt. So far so good. I have yet to buy anything from Zady but I occasionally browse their store for stuff. If that shirt is always sold out it must be really good! Not sure how ATM would compare, but my guess is not as good.

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  4. I love the slim sleeves, especially at the wrist – I love a striped top but so many are done with boxy sleeves which don’t always look good on me unless I cuff it so it hits above the wrist. The sleeves of your top would be what makes me look twice your outfit!

    Your mall haul experience pretty much sums up why I prefer real life shopping to online shopping – I need to see things, touch things, see what it looks like on me and fall in love with it before I buy something.


    1. That’s right.. I didn’t really notice that before but the slim but drape-y ness of the sleeves do make it special. I like to experience a brand in person to build trust, then for convenience I’ll do most of my shopping online.


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