outfit: very blah

ootd 2018-02-22 at 11.22.24 PM

Quick outfit post here of what I wore to work today.  The outfit worked against me all day.  First off, it looks kind of blah.  It’s bland and uninteresting. The wide boat neck slipped toward the edge of my shoulders and revealed my bra strap; I found myself becoming self conscious and frequently re-adjusting my top.  Then during lunch I splattered tomato sauce all over it, and I didn’t want to dab it with water because it is already a bit sheer.  So I walked around with two red stains on my top all day. So overall this outfit was a dud. I almost didn’t post it, but I felt it was important to be real and show the not so great outfits too.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to certification course on treating opioid addiction with suboxone.  It starts very early in the morning, but I will hopefully get home early, while there is still daylight to snap an OOTD photo.  After the class, I’m planning on picking up a tunic top that I had tailored into a semi-crop top at the dry cleaners.  I hope it works out.. so stay tuned for that.

NYER CAP CONT Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.10.18 PM

And lastly, here’s what I submitted to this week’s caption contest in the New Yorker magazine.  Kind of lame, but ’twas the best I got, LOL.  Would love to hear any of your ideas for this caption contest.

[outfit:  *eileen fisher linen top, *vince cotton trousers, hopp studio oxfords;*=pre-owned]

9 thoughts on “outfit: very blah

  1. Great New Yorker entry! I think the outfit is cute — just maybe more suitable for summer with sandals? But I know what you mean on the outfit that feels fine and then starts becoming annoying almost immediately at work. I find it interesting that you’re taking a class on managing the opioid crisis, too.


    1. Thanks! You are right. I bought these pants for summer and now trying to stretch them out into the winter. Moving to LA soon where it’s never truly winter so didn’t invest much in proper winter pants.


  2. We all have those days! Agree with Amy that sandals might improve the look. But wearing sauce on your shirt all day can’t be fixed, sorry, haha! This is sort of the reason I avoid wearing straight white for the most part. Eeeeeverything shows.

    I like your caption, I hope it gets picked!


  3. I’m going to chime in that wearing sandals or just taking out the socks would make the outfit a little better. And, like Talia said, we all definitely have those days. There have been plenty of OOTD outfits I post and think: ew, I really wore that.


  4. I love that you posted an outfit you weren’t feeling. It really is so refreshing to read a blog that keeps it real, sounds so corny but I really appreciate the mirror selfie outfit shot. You’re actually inspiring me to do that for my blog posts. Anyway, it’s pretty impossible (for me at least) to find what I’m wearing every day to be exciting, some days you just really want to be comfortable and sometimes outfit combos that should work, don’t. It’s all about trial and error, even when I think I’ve got it all figured out 🙂


    1. Thank you yeah. mirror selfies make it easy to post more frequently, and let’s me share what I’m really wearing. It’s important to not just show the best outfits, I think. Looking forward to more of ur outfits!


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