A wallet upgrade + what I got for V-day.

square zip wallet everlane 2018-02-14 at 5.59.35 PM

I came home to an Everlane package at my doorstep today.  I used store credit to purchase the square zip wallet to replace my old unstructured leather pouch from Madewell.  Here’s a picture of what my old wallet looked like.  As you can see, the fabric on the interior is filthy.  It’s a stained a yellowish green! (your eyes are not playing tricks on you).

square zip wallet everlane 2018-02-14 at 5.58.31 PM

I emptied everything out of my old wallet and transferred them to the new wallet.  I decluttered out two credit cards (that I never used) and stored them away in a drawer.  Now there’s only one credit card in my wallet (the one with the lowest APR and best rewards points).  In addition, I’m carrying my state ID, subway card, and debit card.  I stored my health and dental insurance cards in the hidden pocket behind the coin purse.  There’s a few quarters in the coin pocket and some cash in the cash slot.  The cash slot is a bit stiff right now but maybe it will soften up with use.

square zip wallet everlane 2018-02-14 at 5.58.41 PM

As for the wallet itself, my immediate reaction when I opened the box was “wow, so pretty!”.  The silver color was less tacky than I feared it might be.  It’s very mirror-like, doesn’t really look like leather but it is?. The silver is semi matte, enough to look almost like a neutral. I love the compactness and structure.  The zipper is decent but could be a bit smoother, but that doesn’t bother me much.  I also don’t like how prominent the branding is on the front of the wallet. What bothered me the most about this wallet is how easily it scratches.  I noticed several squiggly scratches on the back side within the first 10 minutes of owning this damn wallet, WTF!!?  The only thing I did was fill it with cards and place it on the table to photograph for you guys.  At this rate, the entire surface will be full of scratches by the end of the month.  It’s almost a deal breaker for me but I like it enough.  That and the fact that I used store credit, means that I will grin and bear with it.  If I was paying with new money, I think I would’ve returned it for the scratches alone.  I wish it was available in black leather, but no, Everlane can’t seem to ever get their inventory right to stock up on enough black items.  Why is it so hard for them to predict that black will be the most popular color?!

There are many versions of this wallet from other brands like the iconic one from Comme des Garcons, cuyana, and baggu.  If store credit did not factor into this equation, I would’ve gone for the baggu version, for its discreet branding, the fact that they are a local NYC company, seems to be the best value out of the four.

And finally, for V-day, the BF gifted me un-dyed linen bed sheets! I had mentioned linen sheets a while back but didn’t think he’d actually buy them! Feeling very lucky and grateful for him and the sheets. It’s seriously the best material gift I ever received!  For him, I gifted him a 100% cotton long sleeved gray T-shirt after he mentioned his desire to bring back the whole long sleeved T-shirt look from the 90’s.  I have to agree with him.  They are very flattering on guys.

12 thoughts on “A wallet upgrade + what I got for V-day.

  1. I really like how compact the Everlane wallet is-it’s too bad that it scratches so easily. At least, the silver will be easy to spot in your bag. I’m currently using one of those Rebecca Minkoff pouches as a wallet. This makes me want to upgrade to one where I can see everything clearly haha.

    New bed sheets sound like the best gift. I love gifts that are based on conversations in passing. It sounds like both you and your BF were spot on.


  2. I’d love to hear which sheets you got and how you like them! It’s in the eighties here in FL, and I’m tired of waking up in sweat. This is a good reminder that it’s time for me to replace my wallet. I’m currently carrying a small crossbody bag, and I need a slim wallet to go along with. My bf bought me a Kate Spade one about five years ago that is just too bulky, and I’ve been using a cheapy wallet from Target that I bought to travel with a long time ago. It’s surprising how hard it is to find a nice leather wallet with a coin pouch AND a see-through ID slot.


    1. we got the merryfeel and kings linen brands from amazon. They are budget friendly, but I’m not sure how they compare to other brands… so far I like them and imagine them to feel much better after the first wash.. they still have that new linen feel to them and I imagine them to feel better once we wash them.. will keep you guys posted


  3. i just have to plug for comme des garcons wallets..i’ve been carrying one for about 14 years, my first one was one of the largest ones they make, long style, holds A TON, and i loved it so much, but when it started to show some age after about a decade i got the smaller square one because i wanted to downsize, and it is perfect. the coin pocket specifically gets tons of comments because it pops open flat, if that makes sense, which is really ingenious. i’m not sure if the everlane or baggu ones do that also?

    just saying 😉 they are absolutely 1000% worth the money, and will last forever. the leather starts to wear a little at the corners, and it starts to show wear over time, but not so much it ever looks grungy. and the leather is substantial, like wallet leather should be. no scratches on my orange one!!

    sorry, just gotta give a shout out to cdg! i will never buy any other brand of wallet, or small leather accessory (i also have a large pouch that’s 5-6 years old and doesn’t look like it’s ever been used – and it gets bashed around in my bag every day)

    and yay for linen sheets 🙂 i’d love to hear a review of them once you’ve used them for a while!!


    1. ahh sorry for some weird reason this comment went into the spam box which is so weird.. now I want a CDG wallet! I saw it at the steven alan store but didn’t touch it because it was behind glass. I really wanted a long wallet too but not too long because my bag is small. The linen sheets are good! I like the bed sheets more than the pillow cases. Its more cooling and less sweaty if that makes sense. They did stretch out a bit tho.. wished they were more fitted.. love the way they look too.


  4. Linen bed sheets are the best! They are so soft and comfortable. Let us know what you think of them!
    And I totally agree with the long sleeve shirts on guys. My husband has been rocking quite a few of them this winter.


  5. I’m curious about linen, too. I’m in the market for a spare set of sheets… right now I only have one set so I can’t be lazy about pulling them out of the dryer on wash day.


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