What’s in my bag?

bag contents

Prototypical ‘what’s in my bag’ blog post here.

I’m working on a research project today.  It’s very tedious. I got bored and decided to unload everything from my bag onto my desk to write this blog post.

What’s in my bag?

  1. A 6 year old leather wallet from Madewell that holds my cards, cash, and coins all in one pocket.  I’m really unhappy with this wallet.  It’s quite dirty inside and the two card slots are too small.  Because everything is in one pocket, I find it takes a long time to find the card I’m looking for, which I’m sure irritates the hell out of the New Yorkers waiting behind me in line.  I should probably replace it with something more functional and structured.
  2. A 4 year old key chain from Madewell with my house keys.  Very happy with this.  It’s functional and the furry texture of the key chain makes it easy to find in my purse.
  3. My work pager (it hardly ever rings anymore, thank god); battered from the many times I’ve dropped it, held together with scotch tape.
  4. A pill box for random OTC meds that I use on an as needed (PRN) basis
  5. A cheap pen
  6. Cerave healing ointment for lips.
  7. Dr. Hauschka rose day cream –  I no longer use this on my face because of all the botanical ingredients that I’m actually trying to avoid, but I need to use it up so now it is delegated to hand cream that I keep in my purse.  It smells amazing; nice for freshening up the stinky air inside the subway on my commute.

Not shown are my ID badge and headphones, both of which I usually wear on my body while commuting.  I tend to carry bags on the smaller side.  There are times where I need to carry larger items, and for that I take along a canvas tote or one of those netted french market bags.  I’ve had mild scoliosis since puberty which has never given me any problems but when I was diagnosed with it at age 12, my pediatrician warned me to never carry a big purse because that could make it worse, so I never did!

6 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

  1. I miss carrying a small bag. I always have two pairs of prescription lenses with me, though, so I don’t even both trying to minimize when I leave the house. Sometimes I toy with getting a backpack for the airport (where I’m sitting right now) or day trips, but I’ve never found one I like. Carrying a crossbody bag seems to help distribute the weight more evenly, but I know a backpack would be better.


  2. I know what you mean about not having a good Wallet. I converted from a pouch to actual structured wallet with card slots and it really is a game changer (no more frustrations!). Maybe you can find a good used one on the RealReal or ebay?


  3. Six years is a pretty good lifespan for a wallet! I’ve found a small card case-style wallet (though one that’s more substantial than those really thin ones that are just a credit card-sized leather sleeve with, I need to have at least one zipper or button compartment to hold cash and a few coins) to be very practical for me. I find it pretty easy to stay organized with those, as long as there are at least two separate card slots and that larger compartment.

    You may have inspired me to do a what’s in my bag post! (I was also having a more slow, tedious day at work, and I’ve had a bit of writer’s block.)


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