outfit: what I read and wore this weekend


On Saturday I read this little book about the concept of Wabi Sabi for artists, designers, poets & philosophers by Leonard Koren.  To be honest, it fell way short of my expectations.  It’s attempt to articulate the essence of wabi sabi was shallow and missed the mark on many points.  It could have offered a wealth of guidance for the creative process too but it didn’t cover that topic at all.  Why even give it the title it has? Thumbs down.  If you’re interested in this topic, I’d highly recommend the book by Andrew Juniper instead.

ootd weeknd 2018-02-04 at 4.11.55 PM

On Saturday I wore this outfit around the house.  I’m wearing my eggplant colored athletic workout leggings that I bought from Amazon.  It’s got a pocket at the side of the thigh that I use to carry my iPhone around the house while listening to podcasts or audiobooks.  On Saturday, I finished doing my taxes.  I owed the federal gov’ment money but got a tiny bit more back from the state.  I don’t think the new tax law did much to change things for me.  This year H&R block let’s you photograph your W2 and other tax forms and automatically fills the info into your taxes.  This saved a lot of time, but also made me feel a little paranoid about what happens to the photograph. Saturday night the BF decided to move furniture around again in the living room.  We moved the mirror and sofa closer to the windows and moved the dining table to the opposite side of the room.

On Sunday, we did laundry and made some hot pot for dinner.  I wore my vintage Trademark 4 pocket shirt and Trademark jeans (Trademark no longer sells clothes btw).  Both shirt and jeans are around 300-400 dollars retail but I got the top for $30 a few years ago at a New Orleans thrift store and bought the jeans for $25 at the real real.  I seem to own a lot of navy.  I need to stop buying so much navy.

ootd weeknd 2018-02-04 at 4.10.59 PM

I was seriously lazy and skipped Barre3  for 3 days straight.  To make up for it, I’m going to do a 60 minute workout tonight.

Are any of you guys watching the Superbowl tonight?  I’m not!  I’m morally opposed for all the major reasons, and I’m not alone anymore.  But I might tune in for the Justin Timberlake half time show to hate watch.  His new album is seriously bad.  Pitchfork wrote an on point critique of it here[update: JT’s performance was not that bad mainly because he didn’t sing any songs from the new album!  He probably knows how terrible it is!]

[outfit:  *everlane cashmere/wool sweater, amazon work out leggings; *trademark shirt, *eileen fisher linen top, *trademark jeans, new balance 999s, *=pre-owned]


6 thoughts on “outfit: what I read and wore this weekend

  1. Your taxes were for 2017. The new tax law is starting January 2018. You won’t see a change until you do your 2018 taxes.


    1. OMG thanks for pointing that out to me. You know the reason why I thought it would be reflected this year was because I saw something on the local news showing people crediting the new tax bill for lower taxes this year.


      1. What you probably saw was that people are starting to see bigger paychecks due to less being withheld in taxes due to the new law. My 2/1 check was a couple hundred bigger but it might have included a correction for January withholding still using 2017 tax table. Will know for sure on my next check.


  2. On the topic of Wabi Sabi, my partner and I both independently started reading books on it at the same time a few months ago. He picked up Juniper’s book and I ended up with Koren’s book. He thought Juniper’s book was a little long-winded on things like the history of the tea ceremony, but I agree I would’ve liked more detail in Koren’s book. I kind of liked it, but it left me wanting more. If the foreword is to be trusted, it is supposedly one of the first attempts to articulate the concept of wabi sabi to a western audience (but that’s the author making that claim). On your recommendation I think I will pick up Juniper’s book now!


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