outfit: the same thing every day (+ January expenditures)

ootd 2018-02-02 at 3.41.06 PM

“Feels like” temperature today: 12 degrees F 🙄

There’s 6 more weeks til winter is over.  During the winter in NYC I wear the same outfit every day.  So sorry guys, not much variety here.ootd 2018-02-02 at 3.40.49 PM

The fabric on these Kamm pants feel dry and crisp.  It’s structured and hangs away from the body, leaving enough room for freezing cold miniature tornadoes to engulf your legs and turn them into icicles.  To prevent that from happening, I’ve been pairing these with my synthetic workout leggings. The shiny surface of work out leggings don’t cling to pants as much, so I do prefer them as a base-layer with pants that are a little on the tight side.

Here I am with my HOPP studio oxfords again.  I have a couple other options for shoes, but have not worn anything else on my feet since I got them.  They are seriously comfortable.  This past week though, I noticed an ache at my heel on the left side that I think is being caused from improper alignment of my foot.  I’ve been told the ligaments in my feet are weak, so I’m going to try using an ACE wrap to give it more support and slow down any further deterioration.  Ah, the joys of aging.

Anyway, I’m excited for the month of February because things at work will be a little more flexible so hopefully I’ll be able to share more OOTD photos with you guys here.

I finally did my personal finance homework today and tallied up all my expenses in January and made a bar graph of discretionary spending in each category.  This graph does not include regularly occurring bills for rent, utilities, loan payments, my subway card, etc.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 4.59.55 PM

I spent $400 on clothes in January, but I didn’t actually buy a lot of clothes.  The one purchase that drove up that dollar amount was the HOPP studio oxfords, which cost $245 with taxes and shipping.  For the quality and the fact that I’ve worn these shoes every day, I think the purchase was a good one.  The rest of the $400 was spent on inexpensive workout clothes and underwear.  Because I’m working out more, I end up taking showers every day, and needing more bras, athletic wear, and underwear to go with that change in lifestyle.  I see it as a one time investment that I’ll probably need to maintain about once a year.

In any case $400 feels like a moderate amount to have spent, so in the month of February I’m going to be a little more conscious of my spending in that category.  I think another area where I could cut back a lot on is home supplies.  I probably went a little overboard with the scented candles and other random amazon purchases this month.  Areas where I did really well on were in the “fun” and “beauty” categories.  I bought a pair of concert tickets to see Men I Trust in March; this went into the fun category.  The tickets were only $26 for both me and the BF.  I’ve been to a million live concerts in my lifetime and the best ones are always lesser known indie acts (rather than the mainstream trash you tend to hear on the radio).  These bands tend to play at small venues that are dirt cheap to get into.  Usually the ambience and sound quality is a million times better than anything you might find at an arena or stadium type show.

No big plans this weekend.  I’m going to file my taxes.  I better get to it soon before the identity thefts beat me to it.

Anyway, thank God it’s Friday!!  I hope you all stay warm and cozy on your days off.  And thanks for visiting me here.  I always love reading your comments and feedback. Stay tuned for more updates from me later this weekend.

[outfit:  xmas gifted beanie, pre-owned everlane wool-cashmere sweater, kamm ranger pants size 6, gold toe socks, HOPP studio essential oxfords, old everlane winter puffer, baggu crossbody]

10 thoughts on “outfit: the same thing every day (+ January expenditures)

  1. Ha ha! I did my taxes the day my W2s were available online (I think it was a couple of weeks ago?) I was so happy when I got the email acknowledging the IRS accepted my return on Monday. Now I’m just waiting to hear back from the state. I know it would be smarter to figure out my actual tax burden at the start of the year vs. authorizing payroll to allocate the highest percentage possible toward taxes… but I like getting a refund every year. It feels like a little savings account I set up for myself.


  2. I can totally relate to the workout leggings-as-layer. I’ve done so every day this week. I wear my leggings underneath all the baggy pants I have and even jeans. This winter has been ridiculously cold so I need the extra layer. I had on three today.
    We are doing taxes this weekend as well. May as well get them out of the way!
    I’m also so glad it’s Friday. It’s been a crazy busy week.


  3. I always want to do my taxes as soon as I get my W2, but I need to wait this year because the backdoor Roth IRA-related form apparently isn’t finalized yet and won’t be ready until almost a week from now, according to Turbotax. Because I’ve been I’m switching jobs and salary levels so much in each of the previous tax years, I’ve generally been due for a nice-sized tax refund.

    I’ve gone to a lot of awesome concerts at smaller venues over the years! Most of the people I see cost about $20-$25 per ticket. I’m usually kind of dependent on one of my friends who is more in the know to tell me about shows, though, so I haven’t been in a while.


    1. ah good luck on ur taxes.. i’m trying to work out my retirement plan with the change in employer coming up.. afraid things will get complicated next tax season for me.


  4. The cut of those Ranger pants looks fantastic on you! And I have to agree about winter; I find myself wearing the same thing all the time because I’m always bundled up in a coat, scarf and thermals anyway…so not much motivation to be fashion forward in the chilly months!


  5. I second Kat – the ranger pants look great on you.

    I spent the weekend working on my finances too. Reviewing 2017 spending category by category, setting spending priorities for 2018, etc. I manage my household’s finances entirely (money stressed my husband out to a degree that I just can’t comprehend), so this meeting is essential for me knowing the parameters of what he’s on board with spending wise for the year.

    Hopefully I’ll get to taxes this weekend. Although I think our tax situation is super simple (W2s, mortgage interest, student loan interest, and charitable donations), it seems to take forever before all of our tax documents arrive in the mail. I think we got the last of it on Saturday, but we’ll see when I sit down and look through everything.


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