outfit: commuters incognito

commuter incognito style 2018-01-30 at 9.19.11 PM

Today while taking this OOTD photo, I discovered the iPhone’s photo editing mark up feature and was able to use it to stay incognito and still be able to show you this beanie I got for Christmas.  It’s hard to find a beanie with the right proportions because my head is very large.  I’m like a lollipop.

commuter incognito style 2018-01-30 at 9.20.27 PM

I also used it as an opportunity to show you some outfits that caught my eye on my commute to and from work.  I love this woman’s insulated coat.  You can’t see it here but she’s also wearing wide leg cropped pants with all white converse high tops with gray socks keeping her otherwise exposed shins warm.

commuter incognito style 2018-01-30 at 9.17.33 PM

I love this charming modest outfit on this young lady.  She’s wearing turquoise velvet trousers with a patterned hem.  It’s not something I would wear myself but I admired it on her.

The trains have been a disaster lately, lots of delays or trains that skip my stop.  Loud speakers that are either way too loud or don’t work at all.  Extreme crowding.  Bad bad smells.  I couldn’t get on my train twice because it was too full.  The one upside to commuting here is getting to witness all the crazy random stuff that happens everyday, with the occasional cool outfits along the way.

[outfit:  xmas beanie, old street vendor scarf, uniqlo knit top, old everlane winter puffer, elizabeth suzann twill clyde pants, hopp studios essential oxfords, baggu crossbody]

6 thoughts on “outfit: commuters incognito

  1. I like wearing a beanie during cold, windy spells. Honestly, it was a cute look when my hair was longer but I’m less confident wearing a hat with my chin length bob. At that point, I’m stuck with an inch of extra hair lying flat pressed up against my jawline.

    If it gets cold enough, though – (20F or below), I can set aside aesthetic concerns and wear the beanie regardless. I’m thinking about growing it out another inch or two so I can pull back in a ponytail more easily.


    1. that’s interesting, i’m a little opposite.. I like beanies more when i have short hair than when its long. My hair is so unruly, the beanie actually helps tame my hair before I get to my office. Right now tho, the beanie is a requirement as you say.


  2. I love people watching and seeing how others dress. I’m not brave enough to take photos though. I always feel like the person will catch me taking a photo and get angry/upset.
    NY is one of the best places for it though. I know someone who takes lots of photos of New Yorkers in her area (Sutton Place) and posts them on instagram.


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