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I was sent home from occupational health today for flu like symptoms.  Whatever plague disease I have has caused my ear drums to bulge, my throat to turn red, mouth to break out in sores, and my lungs were not clear to auscultation (TMI? sorry).  It all sounds a lot worse than I feel though.  The NP gave me a handful of pseudoephedine and an albuterol inhaler.  I’m waiting for the flu test results now, but if they come back positive I’m banned from work until Tuesday.  There was a system wide email sent out advising everyone to wear masks at the hospital.  It’s pretty bad I guess.  I’m grateful for occupational health being so available to us, so I didn’t have to wait for hours in the ER.  Plus hospital staff get free medications, so they just handed them to me without a prescription or a trip to the pharmacy.  It is a rarely used, but nice perk.

Back to talking about what I’m wearing.  These are the Black Crane carpenter pants in corduroy cream I got from poshmark yesterday.  They feel substantially different from my other carpenter pants in navy, which have a flannel like feel to them.  The corduroy versions are more structured.  My navy ones are a size small and look very baggy.  These are a size XS and look a lot less baggy.  They are snug to get around the hips (my ectomorph hips are 36″ for reference) but once they pass the hips, they sit nicely at the waist.  It’s been so long since I’ve worn corduroy.  What I don’t like is how easily lint sticks to it and how easily it retains wrinkles.  I had to iron these out before wearing it here.  I probably won’t be wearing these pants much until the spring time.  They might be too warm for summer.  So they might be more suitable for lounging around at home which is what I’m doing most of the time anyway.

This post made me think about the idea of working from home going forward.  Telepsychiatry is a growing field and given my homebody introverted tendencies, I should give it more serious consideration.  There are a couple of bloggers I follow that work from home, and that idea always appealed to me.  Maybe in a couple of years.  We’ll see.

[outfit:  *organic by john patrick tee, *black crane carpenter pants xs, arizona birkenstocks; *=pre-owned]

8 thoughts on “outfit: sent home from work wardrobe

  1. Oh man I was just thinking about this. SFGH is overrun with sxs like this—feel better!! (I didn’t get a flu shot this year so am consigned to wearing a mask, which doesn’t make me feel better.). I’ve been mainlining Kick Ass Immune and pouring Purell on things—ugh communal tap go computers. Are you thinking about Inpathy?? I’ve always wondered about it. I’m afraid I’d get sad or upset more quickly if I’m all alone, at home.


    1. Turns out I have RSV, not the flu. The vaccine is not working all that well anyway. Be careful out there. I hadn’t looked into telepsych much yet, but thanks for introducing me to inpathy.


  2. I’m always interested in how different fabrics work with the same silhouette/style pants. The corduroy does sound a little high maintenance! With linen I think wrinkles are expected and almost part of the look, but wrinkly corduroy doesn’t seem as appealing. All that said, they look good on you! The carpenters definitely have a baggy look normally, but I can’t get over having to shimmy too much to get into any pants. It makes me not want to wear them. So I guess baggy it is for me!


  3. Oh darn, that sounds like a pretty serious case of the flu! I don’t think it’s going around at my office,though, ack one unfortunate side of some law firm workplaces is that people don’t seem particularly inclined to take sick days, even when they really should.

    I love having the flexibility to work from home at my discretion (which one has at some biglaw firms, but not all, depending on the people one works with). I’m not always able to be productive when working from home, depending on the task, but if I have the flexibility to choose when to do it, I improve my productivity that way. My ideal schedule would probably have me in the office only ~3 times a week, ha! Sadly, that’s not in the cards for me in the foreseeable future, as the new place doesn’t have work from home flexibility.


    1. I’ve historically gone to work when sick because there’s an unspoken expectation and you don’t want other people to take on more work for you.. But this week I’m working in a settings that’s pretty easy going so it’s not a big deal. I still feel guilty though for not being there. It must be hard to revert back to working in the office all the time.. I’m going to have to work in the real world for a while but hope I can transition more to working from home.


  4. I hope you don’t have the flu! If only the virus had better timing, you could have stayed at home when it was so cold.

    My favorite things about working from home: no commute (saves me probably 6 hrs/week), multitasking personal chores(I can do laundry during the day while I’m working, make quick grocery store runs during off-peak hours, etc.), setting my own schedule (work and personal), and the leisurely pace of my morning routine (I get dressed right away each day but usually take my time with skincare, hair, etc. My least favorite part about going to the office is having to cram all of that in at once before leaving the house).

    Annoying things about working from home: even with a dedicated office space it’s hard to “turn off” at the end of my normal work day, friends/family/neighbors assume I should always be available for errands or other help at a moment’s notice, I put pressure on myself to be hyper-productive so no one questions whether or not they’re getting their money’s worth out of me, and I have developed a bad habit of eye-rolling and other dismissive gestures after spending thousands of hours communicating with people by phone vs. in person. <<– This one I worry about a lot. When I attend in-person meetings with clients or co-workers, I'm constantly self-monitoring to make sure I don't sigh or snicker when I hear something I don't like. I no longer have a game face.


    1. Sounds like the pros outweigh the cons.. thanks for the break down! This makes me want to do it more especially because I hate rushing in the morning and that’s what I have to do. I also hate dress codes. I’m so tired of it.


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