outfit: pastels (+ my google arts&culture doppelganger)

OOTD 1 16 18 elizabeth suzann tilda pants

Here’s a quick OOTD photo of me in pastel linens; something I can only wear indoors right now because of the extreme cold.  I’m dressed for my future fantasy life in sunny California.  I looked up the definition of pastels, and wikipedia described it as a group of colors that are “milky”, “desaturated”, “washed out”, and “near neutral”.  Something about pastels have always felt nostalgic to me.  Not all pastels are created equal though.  I prefer the extremely washed out, near white kind.  This is as far as I’ll go to adding non-neutral colors into my wardrobe.

Have you all looked up your fine art doppelganger on the google arts and culture app yet?  I’m not on instagram or any other social media so I generally have no clue, but NPR says it’s gone viral.  Anyway, most of you have never seen my face but google seems to think I look like this child, lol.  The eyebrows are on point.


[outfit:  *eileen fisher linen top, elizabeth suzann tilda midweight linen pants, very old american apparel corduroy jacket, SAS relaxed sandals, baggu crossbody]

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