weekend updates: disaster at the dry cleaner + a few ethical wardrobe additions + my new scented candle addiction


I nearly cried today when I discovered bleach stains all over my beloved $500 APC coat!  It came back like this from the dry cleaners.  I had it dry cleaned weeks ago but didn’t notice it until today.  I was so upset.  Recall how devastated I was when the same dry cleaners destroyed the hem line of my brand new Jesse Kamm pants. I’ve had battles with this dry cleaners for years.  The owner is very disorganized and seemingly has severe ADHD.  He’s also very annoying and talks too much.  I debated going back there to complain but the BF convinced me to just leave it alone.  Instead I wrote an honest review of the establishment on Yelp.  This dry cleaners is very close to my apartment but from now on I’ll walk 4 more blocks to more competent cleaners.  I googled “how to repair bleach stains” and learned that you can use permanent markers.  I was able to repair it to some degree with a green marker but the stains are still visible because the colors don’t match exactly.  SAD!


In other news, I’ve been staying on top of my Barre3 work outs, doing at least 5 videos per week.  On some days I only did 10 minute work outs because I got home late or just felt lazy.  The 10 minute work outs still work up a sweat though.  My favorite exercises involve the resistance band and ball, which target the core and butt muscles in ways I didn’t know possible.  I’ve been wearing cotton bike shorts and a t shirt for most work outs but when our heater stopped working yesterday I wanted to wear leggings to stay warm.  I searched all over my closet for a pair of leggings and realized I no longer own any!  I mean I do own two winter leggings from AA, but those are very thick and compressive, not really suitable for working out.  I bought 3 Uniqlo leggings years ago but one by one threw them out when they tore or became transparent around the knees and butt area.  I haven’t bought leggings since I’ve started shopping more ethically, and I was so shocked at how damn expensive ethical leggings are.  I was practically drooling over the Outdoor Voices leggings and crop sports bras, but I just could not swallow the $90 price tag for leggings (especially after what happened to my coat).  So I found some secondhand Patagonia work out clothes on Poshmark and called it a day.

Actually, it didn’t end there.  I also purchased a couple other secondhand items from Poshmark:  a Lauren Manoogian ribbed tee in cream and a pair of cream colored corduroy Black Crane carpenter pants — at like 75% off retail price.  I’m really excited for these things to come in the mail.  These were things that I had in mind for 2018 even before I found them secondhand.  So I felt like I really scored here.  I felt really good about the purchase because #1 it met my goals of adding higher quality and lighter colors to my wardrobe, #2 they were made from ethical brands, and #3 on top of being ethical, I got them secondhand making them even more environmentally friendly.

Ever since Christmas, I’ve been burning scented candles like crazy.  In the past, I could never really enjoy scented candles because to be honest, they are expensive and whenever I burned them it felt like I was burning dollar bills.  I would try to conserve the candle and couldn’t really let go and enjoy the aromatherapy.  But because I got a bunch of scented candles for Christmas and didn’t want them to clutter the apartment for too long, I burned them freely, all day, every day.  Then I realized that I really enjoyed them, it seemed to help me relax and fall asleep more easily at the end of the day.

Yesterday night I decided I wanted to learn more about scented candles and did some internet research and discovered a whole world of candle aficionados.  There a lot of people on youtube who review scented candles and they know an insane amount of information on candles.  They collect candles.  They have very specific vocabulary they use to describe aspects of scented candles, like “throw” and “cold sniff”, “high notes”, “base notes”.  And they remember limited editions scents produced by candle makers from 2004, similar to the way sommeliers speak of wines.

I also learned that certain scents have been shown to reduce peoples appetites.  Peppermint is one of them and I realized that two of the candles I had been burning non stop were peppermint!  I noticed that since burning candles I haven’t been craving as much junk food.  I’ve lost 4 pounds since Christmas.  It’s hard to know if this is because of the candle or if its due to my new work out routine and healthy eating mindset.

A lot of “candle-heads” on youtube rave about the 3-wick candles at bath and body works.  I haven’t tried them yet and honestly haven’t walked into a Bath and Body Works since my high school mall days in the 90s, and generally have a low regard for their products, but the candle heads were such big fans, that I decided I’d give their candles a try.  They were on sale for half off and I was able to combine the sale with a 20% coupon (with promo code:  DISCOVER20) to buy 3 candles:  rose, donut campfire, and eucalyptus (with mint).

Another candle company that is to die for is the Brooklyn Candle Studio which is run by an African American female entrepreneur in Brooklyn.  Their candle scents are sophisticated and dreamy and I love their “minimalist” line of candles.  They are similar to the quality of Dyptique but without the insane price tag.  I just got the Rose Botanica and LOVE the smell of it, but do wish the “throw” (how far the scent travels when lit) was farther.  My nose is very weak though, so if you have a good sense of smell then you’ll love it.

I’m hooked on candles now.  No longer will I save them for special occasions or bubble baths.  I’m going to be lighting up candles day in and day out, and stocking up when I find good candles on sale.  It’s a whole new world, lol.

In other news, the BF re-arranged his office space and I think it looks really nice!  He’s going to be away at work tomorrow so I’ll try to sneak a few pics in to complete my apartment tour for you guys.  And my dog Freddy’s DNA ancestry test results are back and we were so surprised about what we found out.  I’ll post the results tomorrow as well. Stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “weekend updates: disaster at the dry cleaner + a few ethical wardrobe additions + my new scented candle addiction

  1. I am with you on the scented candles, but it’s been awhile since I’ve burned one (I have an Anthropologie volcano one in my closet, but no lighter yet). My college apartment was basically a damp, midcentury-modern treehouse and my roommates and I burnt many candles over the years trying to improve the scent. Always stuff like Glade and whatever we could find at Target, but I definitely went on a YouTube binge of candle reviewers. I liked “Hearth and Soul” even though he has some annoying mannerisms — fond memories of listening to a long string of his videos while at the gym.


    1. LOL, YES! I did watch a lot of Hearth and Soul videos. He is very nerdy about candles and that soul patch is priceless. Seems almost like an SNL skit waiting to happen.


  2. So sorry about your coat! That’s terrible. I’d have flipped tables and called the dry cleaning company and screamed until I was blue in the face and made them pay for it. That’s so unacceptable.
    I too love scented candles. Z got me a Diptyque for Christmas and it has scented half the house alone. I love their candles, but they are expensive. I found some from Target that were Tobacco scented and rather nice. They weren’t too pricey but the throw wasn’t nearly as strong as Diptyque.


    1. Thank you for validating my feelings! Oh well. I don’t think they would pay me for my coat just from past experience with them.. so not worth the battle. But generally I am a big complainer. Anyway, I was going to browse Target for some candles this week, so glad to hear they had some good ones.


  3. Ugh that sucks about the coat but I think the marker trick worked pretty well! I need to remind myself things don’t stay perfect forever, and each mark or flaw is a sign of life. But the dumb dry cleaner being the one who left the mark, that’s harder to swallow of course!

    I never “got” candles untili was an adult and now I actually WISH people gave them to me because they can be so expensive!! Would burn the shit out them, haha.

    And finally, nice job on the secondhand scores. I just had similar luck, finding the exact item that was on my list. This is why it’s good to plan out or wants and needs, so when the right thing shoes up you can pounce!


    1. I agree with you.. most of my clothes have small stains or flaws… but I’ve definitely spoke to people like my sister who gets rid of any garment with stains on them. Now all I want are candles so I can burn the shit out of them.. definitely more enjoyable when its not your own money lol.


  4. You were brave to use the marker method! It’s definitely an improvement. But still, obviously you would prefer to have your jacket in the same condition it was dropped off.

    I would have probably lost my cool if I’d noticed the flaw when picking up the jacket… I’d like to think I’d have the nerve to go back and demand a refund after noticing at home, but based on your description of the business owner, I might have just skipped it and found a new dry cleaner. It sounds like he’s the type who would try to deny responsibility, anyway. You almost need to find someone who has Yelp reviews or word-of-mouth that confirms they go above and beyond to fix errors. Accidents happen, it’s inevitable, but the value of a good service provider is when they accept responsibility and make it right.


    1. Yeah I think I would have been demanding if I noticed it at the time of pick up but I’m sure he would deny responsibility at this point. It was definitely an exercise in restraint and keeping things in perspective though. Oh well:/


  5. Ugh, I’m so sorry about your jacket. I totally get how you feel. I was buying some bleach and somehow splashed some on my brand new Harper tunic. Literally the first time I wore it after waiting 12 weeks for it to arrive. I also used permanent marker, and no, it’s not a perfect match – even in black. This happened the same week as Hurricane Harvey, and even though I admit it’s absolutely disproportionate in terms of having to deal with bad luck, comparing it to that was the only thing that made me feel better about it.


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