outfit: twist and tuck

black crane carpenter eileen fisher linen

Quick lo-fi outfit post here.  The sun had already come down when I took this photo today.  Later I’d change into my HOPP shoes to go out with the BF to the bar across the street.  I received this pre-owned Eileen Fisher linen top in the mail today.  I am constantly stalking EF linens in the secondhand market.  This is my 4th top of that type and I have not been disappointed yet.  Even at a size small, it’s huge.  I’m embracing the top to bottom baggy look lately.  Was able to get all the extra fabric to tuck in all sorts of ways and spontaneously discovered the twist and tuck method that you see here.  It creates such a beautiful drape.  I’m so comfortable in this.  It makes me feel at home.

[outfit:  eileen fisher linen top*, black crane carpenter pants, SAS relaxed sandals]

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