outfit: draped and twisted

lemaire twisted pants hopp essential oxfords 2018-01-06 at 5.38.38 PM

Does anybody else love Lemaire’s work?  His clothes are both beautiful and sensible.  I’ve been following his twisted seam pants throughout the seasons.  I feel so lucky to finally own a pair.

lemaire twisted pants hopp essential oxfords 2018-01-06 at 5.39.17 PM

The denim is thick and buttery soft.  It’s the most comfortable denim I’ve ever owned.  They would fit a range of body types and sizes well I think.  No one part of the pants feel at all constricting (I can’t say that is true about the Kamm pants which look amazing but are not forgiving of any extra flab you might have).  I love how they taper out like a wide leg and then ever so slightly taper back in.  It’s such a modern shape.  They run long.  I had to chop 3 inches off the length.  They look good long too if you’re looking for something that covers the ankle.

lemaire twisted pants hopp essential oxfords 2018-01-06 at 5.39.41 PM

I’ve finally road tested these HOPP oxfords and have to say I’m really impressed with the comfort.  They have fairly thick rubber soles which is important for walking through the dirty sludge, salt covered sidewalks in NYC (you can still see the salt stains in my photos here). I find myself walking even faster than I normally do in them (after 9 years in NYC, I walk pretty damn fast).

What do you guys think about me never showing my face?  Sometimes I really wish I could show myself but my profession requires that I don’t (I’m a psychiatrist).  I always assumed my readers would implicitly understand that but maybe not, so I figure it’s  worth explicitly saying here just in case.  It’s not that I’m shy or think I’m ugly.  I simply can’t do it.  I figure it’s not that big a deal anyway.  It’s about the clothes and my thoughts, not my face.  Although I can understand the value and desire in seeing the person behind the blog.

[outfit:  *eileen fisher faded lime linen top (the candle matches my top!), lemaire twisted denim, HOPP essential oxfords, thirdlove lounge bra]

15 thoughts on “outfit: draped and twisted

  1. Ha, I saw Archanna’s post too, and though I don’t personally have a blog, if I did, I wouldn’t show my face. It’s not because of looks, but because of privacy. I don’t know what about your job that requires you not to show your face, but I’m a lawyer and, like Xin from invincible summer, I fully understand that what I would theoretically write online could be used against me. It wouldn’t be worth the risk to out myself.


    1. In addition to privacy concerns with litigation, I have additional concerns about interference with the therapeutic relationship I have with my patients.. self disclosure should be minimal and only used if it benefits the patient, because it’s not about the therapist.. it’s about the client/patient.. there are obviously safety concerns as well since I have to manage high risk /dangerous situations all the time.


  2. The denim looks great; I especially like that the twisted seam is so subtle with the monochrome thread. You notice it, but it’s not jumping out at you either. A really nice detail. Did you take your normal size?


    1. It’s French sizing so I’m not sure but I went by the waist measurements posted and it fits perfectly with lots of wiggle room. It’s a size 38, the waist is 30”.. my waist is 29”, and it stays on nicely.

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  3. Professional obligation aside, I think it’s completely fine to not show faces. For me, its a little bit of a reaction to the vast amount of oversharing that happens on the internet and on social media specifically these days. Especially because I feel very indulgent sharing daily photos of myself already, its the least I can do to obscure the face. That said, I’m not necessarily militant about it because I don’t HAVE to be. It’s more of a preference than a requirement.

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    1. Totally feel ya there. I never felt like I had the option so didn’t give it further thought. But if I had the option, I think I might choose to be similar to you. Not showing my face most of the time. I think it adds a certain level of calmness to your blog and shifts the focus onto your content. At first I didn’t think I could blog without showing full on photos of myself but when I saw the rare blogger that didn’t do it, it felt fine.. it’s nice to see faces sometimes to get a sense of connection, but it’s not necessary in my book. It’s one less thing to worry about and if it helps people to post more, I’m all for it.


  4. The pants look great. I like the twisted seam detail that’s subtle but still there enough to notice. That 2018 collection you linked to looks amazing. There are several pieces in that I could see myself wanting. I’ve never really paid much attention to Lemaire before, but I’m glad I know about him now.
    I agree with Talia’s comment about the preference for obscuring faces. I don’t mind it at all. Just seeing your outfits and reading your words is plenty.
    On previous blogs I showed my face, but after a while I felt too exposed and while I wasn’t writing anything that would compromise me in any way, I didn’t want to feel so vulnerable making myself so open to everyone.


    1. Thank you. Lemaire is becoming a little more accessible too. The prices are still very high but occasionally you can find something second hand or discounted on need supply. The beauty is in the details.

      I think people have varying tolerance levels for exposure.. I think I would feel a bit vulnerable too. Being visually anonymous allows me to be more open and known in other ways. Appreciate your feedback =).


  5. I’m glad that the new shoes are working out! One downside with the LL Bean duck boots is that their soles are not especially grippy – my old rain boots probably had better soles for slushy, occasionally icy sidewalks. It isn’t enough to be dangerous: I have maybe one slippery moment on, say, a wet marble or tile floor in a building lobby, maybe once in every 4-5 slushy days, but it is an issue.

    And ooh, I like that we’re discussing anonymity in the comments on this post. It’s a random question that probably doesn’t get much discussion now since, well, “faceless” or “headless” blogging isn’t too common anymore.

    I know of a few more prominent lawyer-bloggers (both in terms of their seniority in the profession and the followings of their blogs) who are more open about their identities, and I think they’re very graceful and wise about it. With their first name, or full name (in the case of blogs designed to be a business in their own right), and the fact that they’re an attorney out there, it is relatively easy to match the blogger to their professional profile, but their blogs often don’t pop up too prominently in searches that are targeted for their professional profiles. So there’s a bit of natural segregation between personal and professional profile that way. Because I write about such personal topics though, it’s would never feel right for me. I can’t think of a circumstance in which I would decide to disclose my real name!


    1. That’s surprising the duck boots are not grippy. I did consider getting a pair but I feared it would look enormous on me. I think it’s probably wise to not be too identifying in your case. Most likely nothing would happen but it’s probably not worth the worry.. plus I don’t think it makes ur blog any less enjoyable. Your words not your face is what adds value.


      1. They Bean boots are indeed a bit clunky! I found them very stiff and heavy basically the first two years I wore them, though I’m used to them now. The rubber soles are a bit textured, but not enough to be particularly grippy (I think a typical pair of rubber rain boots is definitely better for being non-slip) and they start rubbing down until they’re smoothed out very quick at the heel area for me.


  6. The pants are very flattering on you! I understand completely about not showing your face or revealing your identity–you and I know how far people can go with Google searches. I’m not all that down with people taping over last names on name tags in wards, though that’s not the same as revealing your identity for a recreational blog.


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