outfit: Frodo-chic in Black Crane carpenter pants.

black crane carpenter 2018-01-03 at 7.19.29 PM

Just got my Black Crane carpenter pants back from the tailor today.  Had the hem taken up by 2 inches.  I went a bit out of my comfort zone with this silhouette, but after a few adjustments in the way I think about shape, I think I like it.  I remember feeling very weird about the Elizabeth Suzann Clyde pants initially too but once I accepted an unconventional and bigger shape around the hips, I was hooked.  Initially these carpenter pants felt very much like Hammer pants, but now that the hem is taken up, they feel very Frodo Baggins, which is a huge upgrade in my book.

I’m kinda loving this effortless hobbit look right now.  The thigh width on these pants are huge, but the fabric, color, and texture elevate it enough so that they don’t look like sweat pants in real life.  I could probably get away with wearing this at work if I wear the right shoes.  The designers at Black Crane intended their clothing to be a reflection of their Japanese heritage, to be minimal, edgy, feel easy while being wearable to work.

My only complaint is that these are made of cotton and rayon.  I wished Black Crane would stick with all natural fibers.  The fabric blend has a dry hand feel, and feels more like cotton than rayon.  It’s very billowy, breathable, and forgiving of weight fluctuations, but will also make you look ten pounds heavier, which is a tradeoff made for comfort. Who cares about looking skinny anymore anyways.  I’m tired of that oppression. I’m wearing a size small, and could probably have sized down to an extra small.

black crane carpenter 2018-01-03 at 7.20.31 PM

I think these big ass pants will pair well with oversized linen tops for a big on top and big on bottom statement outfit.  I’ve never really thought about “drape” when it comes to pants, but I’m already imagining all the different ways I can get these pants to drape by layering them with tops of varying widths and lengths.

black crane carpenter 2018-01-03 at 7.19.40 PM

Of course with the bitter cold conditions right now, I can only where this outfit around the house.  Is anyone else dreading the “cyclone bomb” tomorrow?

I’ll experiment with wearing my American Apparel winter leggings underneath and pairing them with my work oxfords with exposed wool socks for an altogether over the top hobbit winter outfit.

Edit:  Bonus home tour of the designers’ beautiful home in Los Angles. This is my dream home.  My god.  Such great taste.

[outfit:  eileen fisher linen shell top, black crane carpenter pants, SAS relaxed sandals]


11 thoughts on “outfit: Frodo-chic in Black Crane carpenter pants.

  1. I bought a lot of groceries today. A college friend is in town so I’m going to brave the storm to go hang out with him. Snow day at school. Boston is in for a beating, but I’m looking forward to wearing my ski goggles and my balaclava if it gets that bad.


  2. love love love the look! Does the elastic waist make them ride up at all? I made a pair of linen shorts with an elastic waist but they rode up heaps – maybe because I made the band a tad too tight for it to just sit around my waist with a full belly. Anyway, they look so cute dude xx


      1. yeah fair. Thanks so much for sharing! I have yet to find a fashion blog that’s as real as yours, you know. It’s so refreshing!


  3. Those pants look awesome! You know I’ve been all about the baggy pants look and this post made me smile a lot. The designer home is gorgeous. I’d seen it before, but forgot it was for Black Crane – thanks for the reminder!


  4. love those on you!! i had a pair of carpenter pants many years ago – from their first collection maybe? and they were flannel, which was soooo good, but way too hot for texas, and i sold them . i too wish they would stick to natural fabrics and quit adding rayon to everything…frustrating…


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