Boots with crepe soles are good for the winter.

apc armelle

I road tested these crepe sole boots on the snow/ice covered sidewalks of NYC today.  I felt very steady on my feet.  And love the sort of simple Americana-work-wear aesthetic of the design.  God bless Jean Touitou for designing a chic women’s ankle boot with a sensible wide toe box.  I normally wear a US size 9, but always size up with APC shoes to a size 40.  The leather is thick and soft and sewed directly into the the leather mid sole with a tan colored thread.  This tiny detail is key.  If the thread were a bright white, it would look tacky and would have ruined the entire boot.  The crepe (a cheap crude rubber material) is cemented in layers to form the sole and heels.  Eventually the rubber will wear down but according to Reddit, crepe soles can be easily replaced as long as there’s a midsole that’s still intact.  I’m very happy to keep this one boot while getting rid of all my other (three) boots.

[outfit:  levi’s 501ct jeans, APC armelle ankle boot]

p.s. I just started using the Joby Gorillapod flexible camera stand today and it really made taking outfit photos a lot easier, since it hardly takes up any space, I can just leave my canon DSLR camera out with the settings in place to take quick high quality pictures.  I’m hoping this will translate into more OOTD posts.  Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Boots with crepe soles are good for the winter.

  1. Those boots look great! I recently bought clog boots (by No6) and I LOVE the freedom to be able to wiggle my toes, it feels so good! I think that’s why I like clogs in general so much. I was a big wearer of Danskos during my college days, and wearing clogs again reminds me of how comfortable those were.


  2. Super cute! I admire your ability to swap things out when you buy new items. I find myself sentimental about things I like, even when they stop serving my needs efficiently or altogether. How do you manage it?!


    1. I think when things start going unused it irritates me and the thing feels like a nuisance. Shifting my values to really value empty space helped me change my ways.


  3. I just bought a very similar pair of crepe sole chelsea boots from Clarks. The full grain leather has been hard to break in, but I have noticed how nice and grippy the sole is. I’m hoping they’ll get comfy soon.


    1. I think I’ve seen those boots before. Yes very similar. Mine were pretty soft out of the box but whenever my shoes are stiff, i’ll protect my feet with the sticky mole skin sheets that you can custom cut and either stick to your foot or to the shoe itself.


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