a few links

eucalyptus and carnations

  1.  I love this new song from Men I Trust and love the je ne sais quoi of the woman in their new music video.  That black mock neck and those wide leg jeans!  The lyrics are also really amazing.  “I dream about my future, remote from time bounds, becoming myself without any end”  … wow.   Lots of buddhist undertones.
  2. I updated my blog roll and think you should check out Ethel Grace, brand new personal style blog by Talia with old school OOTD posts and tasteful mirror selfies.
  3. I’ve made this authentic Chinese chicken recipe many times from Mark Bittman of the NY Times.  It’s one of my favorite.  You will never eat chicken more tender than this.  And you might never cook chicken the same way again after you try this method.  I usually use two large chicken breasts with bone in and leave out the cucumber and tomato garnish.  If pressed for time, you can also just use plain white rice instead of cooking it with broth like the recipe calls for.

[photo:  eucalyptus and red carnations in my living room]

4 thoughts on “a few links

  1. The New York Times Three Cup Chicken is also quite good, and fairly simple. (The only ingredient I have trouble keeping on hand for it is the Thai Basil which, alas, does add a lot of nice flavor to the dish. It’s still good without, though, and I add 1-2 dried bay leaves at the same time as the ginger and garlic to try to make up for the omission. That substitution may not do much though, alas.)

    Also, Talia’s blog is great! Thank you for the recommendation.


    1. Thanks! I was actually looking for a good stir fry recipe. I’ll definitely try it. You read my mind. It’s hard to get thai basil in NYC… back in California, it’s easy to get year round.


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