how to wear a top knot (on your bag!)

baggu crossbody brown

It took me about 6 months to finally decide to buy this cross body bag from Baggu;  I finally bought it when it was on sale for 20% off on black friday.   I almost never carry my laptop around with me so I didn’t need a larger bag than this.  For years I used my APC half moon bag primarily, but because my job now requires me to carry around a bag and I’m constantly digging around my bag for a pen, index cards to write notes, or to check my pager, the half moon bag with its stiff zipper became impractical.  For a while I used a vintage coach mini bag but that quickly deteriorated.  I learned my lesson:  I’m never buying vintage leather ever again.  I chose this baggu bag because it was the smallest size that was still big enough to be functional; it’s easy to open and close; there’s no frills; and the leather feels thick and buttery soft; I also love the thin round strap that tie easily into a top knot to create a cute short length.  I took a leap away from the usual black leather I’m prone to and went for brown.  I’ve been leaning toward light colors, tan, oatmeal, and browns as much as possible.  I think it reflects my desire to go back to California and be among the dry desert landscapes again.


In other wardrobe news, I’ve decided two out of the five pants I own that can be worn at work no longer work for me.  They are the two J. crew cafe capris that I bought pre owned for like $10 each.  They are simply way too cropped for the winter months.  I did get a lot of wear out of them so I’m not too bummed.  I’m going to keep them around to wear in the summer months, but need to put them aside for the next few months.  When I’m back in California, I’m sure I’ll be able to wear them year round.  I’m sort of having a crisis of not having enough bottoms to wear this winter.  I’ve been wearing my Clydes twice a week lately and people at work are probably starting to notice and even those pants feel awkwardly too cropped for the winter.  In search of more pants as we speak now.  I tried the realreal, but damn it, the measurements they post are so messed up and the photos are really crappy.  In some ways I prefer Poshmark because at least there you can ask the buyer to post more pics or ask questions.  Pants are difficult to buy pre-owned; maybe I should give up on that idea and just buy new when it comes to pants unless there is a specific cut that I already know fits me.  Perhaps I should focus my secondhand finds on tops, which I’ve had really good luck with this past year.  I’m expecting a couple other purchases to arrive in the mail this month:  the Everlane slim wool pants (which are supposed to be long and warm/good for winter) and Elizabeth Suzann Harper tunic in linen gauze.  If the fit is right, I expect both of these items to be major workhorses in my wardrobe.  And if I’m only in NYC for one more winter, maybe I can get away with wearing the EL slim wool pants everyday until it gets warm again.  Those pants are so minimalist and non-descript, maybe no one will notice?  I guess we’ll find out soon.  Stay tuned!

[outfit:  everlane wool-cotton turtleneck*; elizabeth suzann clyde work pants (cotton twill, old); madewell mules; baggu crossbody bag]

4 thoughts on “how to wear a top knot (on your bag!)

  1. I like that bag! I’ve got a vintage coach bag that I’m half-heartedly trying to replace. It’s a camel brown which I love, but I’ve stained it to the point where cleaners don’t work and it’s no longer suitable for more formal events. I’ve been looking for another vintage coach because I like the simplicity and brass hardware on a lot of the models. Curious why you’ve sworn off vintage leather?


    1. Not all vintage leather is bad but this one that was probably 20-30 years old was fragile even though it looked good on the surface. Leather is dead skin and it will decay (unlike synthetic), but there are environmental concerns w synthetics as well.


  2. Your new bag is super cool!

    Oh darn, I didn’t know that older leather bags could wear out that badly. It’s hard to say how old my used/vintage Coach City is. I used it heavily for about 4-5 years, after I bought it but I’ve switched to wearing other bags much more frequently, so it’s just been sitting in my closet for a while. (It was pretty worn when I got it through, so it’s always looked its age a bit.)


    1. For me the leather tab on the zipper ripped in half. The leather of the handle where it connected to the body broke. It was all very sudden. Leather can look amazing on the surface but be fragile underneath I’ve learned.


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