Review: Everlane cashmere crop mockneck + my sweater care routine.

everlane cashmere review 2017-11-03 at 11.06.10 AM

Wasn’t this the week for sweaters?  It felt like autumn finally arrived!  To celebrate, I hand washed all my sweaters this week.

I soaked them all day in this gentle delicate laundry soap.   Rolled them up in bath towels and laid them out to dry a la Martha Stewart.  Did you know it’s actually better to hand wash cashmere than to dry clean? I was so relieved to learn this.  My sweaters looked and smelled better than they did coming from the cleaners.  Dry cleaning is so over rated.

Big news!  I received this cashmere crop mockneck as a gift from Everlane to review (a first!).  I had one bad experience with a sweater from EL, so didn’t expect much, but actually ended up really loving this sweater.  I’ve worn it three times this week already.

everlane cashmere review 2017-11-03 at 11.05.56 AM

The knit is light but warm, with an ever so slight dry hand texture, no itchiness at all.  The thin knit is sheer, but not too sheer.  And the length is good for my short frame, it doesn’t feel too cropped for someone my size.  Front tucks are convenient and it drapes nicely no matter how you wear it.  The fuzziness is slight so far and I don’t expect it to pill too much.  My old EL cashmere boyfriend cardigan in navy blue, on the other hand, pilled a lot within the first month.  It felt too mushy.

I de-pilled all my knits for autumn with either a razor or this electric depiller.  It was so satisfying.  It brought new life into my old beanie, knit gloves and 4 old sweaters.  It was like getting a whole bunch of new clothes at once.

everlane cashmere review 2017-11-03 at 11.11.58 AM

What were you for Halloween?  I dressed up as Steve Jobs (naturally) and wore a cheap black mockneck sweater that was made of a polyester blend.  I hadn’t worn synthetic fabrics in years and forgot just how terrible and suffocating they feel against the skin.  It felt so good to get back into my 100% cottons/cashmere/linens.

I found these new EL heel boots on eBay for $120– A steal! I probably would’ve bought them in black if I had paid full price, but I’m glad I went for the cognac because I don’t already have that color.  They feel comfortable for a heel but I do think they elongate my feet (this might be in my head), but I’m trying to ignore that and embrace my canoe feet.  As a trade off, I’m putting up my Nisolo oxfords for sale on PM.  I loved them; the soles were realy comfy; but they were just too loose for my narrow feet, even with thick wool socks.

I finally got these kamm pants tailored up 2.5 inches, but nearly had a heart attack when the tailor completedly fucked up the original hem!  They were able to salvage it, but still it’s not perfect, especially when you look at it from the inside, but whatever, I quickly learned to accept it (thanks Noah Rasheta).   Next time, I’ll write down specific instructions for the tailor.  I’m 100% certain he has ADHD.  He’s all over the place and talks my ear off every time I go in there.  And this is the third time he’s messed up my alterations!  I should have known better, lol.

[outfit:  everlane cropped mockneck cashmere sweater (gifted for review), jesse kamm ranger pants (size 6), levi’s wool socks, everlane heel boot*]

6 thoughts on “Review: Everlane cashmere crop mockneck + my sweater care routine.

  1. Ok, now I’m totally reading through all your posts and probably leaving too many comments, but I had no idea about handwashing cashmere! I wonder if Woolite would work, I already have that at home.


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