The clothes I’m stalking now.

ribbed tee

I keep a running list of clothes that I want to buy.  And recently added a classic ribbed tee to the list.  I own a few high rise trousers that only work well with fitted tops and need some tees to go with them.  You know the kind that’s fitted but not too fitted, with a crew neck and fitted sleeves.  It’s actually pretty hard to find a good quality version made of natural fibers. 

They would look so good tucked into a pair of chinos or with Kamm pants.  I especially love the ones made by Une Heures in Los Angeles.  The price tag gives me some pause though.  Does anyone have any experience with silk yarn?  I’m worried it might be too much fuss to care for.  Alternatively I like this cheaper version from Need Supply, but wished they came in larger sizes.  I worry about bumps along my bra line showing if it’s too fitted.

I lost just a tiny bit of weight and now my pants are an inch too big.  Because my hips are small, I’m constantly pulling my pants back up.  I hate belts, but think I better invest in a good one or else I’ll need to buy new pants.  I’ve been stalking classic vintage coach leather belts sold all over the internets (TRR, PM, etsy, eBay, etc).  You can’t go wrong and the prices are so reasonable.

My vintage coach mini bag is starting to crack at the edges.  It’s not surprising; I’ve been wearing that thing nearly everyday this whole year.  I’m looking for a replacement that is bigger.  I really like the Baggu cross body bag for all its minimalist sensibilities.  It’s so simple, it will go unnoticed as I carry it around with me at work.  The magnet closure will make it easy to quickly pull my work supplies in and out throughout the day.  But I’m conflicted because I’m worried that as it ages, it will look too floppy.


And last but not least, I’m starting to realize I will need a fall/winter shoe with some height to it.  In the summer I wore my Kork Ease platform wedges, but what am I going to do when it gets cold?   I’ve been keeping my eyes on these old heel boots by Everlane.  I don’t wear heels usually, but sometimes it’s almost required.  Have you seen the “Boss” boots?  I am not a fan.  Those toes are way too pointy for my already long feet.  If I were a size 7, sure, but I can’t imagine those things working for bigger footed women like myself.


And that’s it.  I feel like these 4 wardrobe items will round out and complete my fall/winter needs.  But I’m always so reluctant to just go for it.  I sit around and procrastinate and by the time I invest, it’s already mid way through winter and I’ve suffered through frustrating mornings trying to put together outfits that seem to be missing that one thing.  Maybe I’ll feel better about it after I sell off a few things I’ve decluttered.

4 thoughts on “The clothes I’m stalking now.

  1. Hi Michelle!
    I have the boss boot and the modern heel boot (both in a size 10.5!) and I love the boss boot. I find it more comfortable and slightly more dressy. Surprisingly they don’t make my feet look a mile long! The leather on the modern heel boot is so stiff, I find it constricting on my feet. But I sort of sense the latter is more your style. Just thought I’d weigh in my 2 cents. Good luck on the belt search!


    1. That’s surprising that they are more comfy. But I trust you! It’s hard to predict when shoes will make feet look huge sometimes. Glad you understand my woes:).


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